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Dodge Journey Problems

I purchased a 2011 Dodge Journey in July of 2011. I loved all of the little extras that came standard with the vehicle. Now I am left feeling very disappointed! The surpentine belt (as of today) has broken 3 TIMES! Each time it has to be towed to the nearest dealership for repairs! I am wondering if others have encountered the same issue. We are beginning to think we purchased a lemon! If you are looking at the Dodge Journey think long and hard. The perks are SO NOT WORTH IT! I bought the vehicle because we had a baby and wanted something dependable. If you are looking for a dependable vehicle do not choose this one! If it had the perks and actually didn't leave me sitting along side the road waiting to be towed I would love the vehicle. It is roomy inside, the seats are very comfortable, I love the computer system for the radio, I love the heated seats. From a womens perspective it had everything! It is also beautiful from the outside. I am beyond disappointed. Now we are thinking of trading it in for something different and risk losing the money I have already put into this one but.... for a dependable vehicle I do not have any other options!


  • shadow50shadow50 Posts: 1
    You are lucky that is all that is wrong with it. I have a 2010 and it has spent more time at the dealers than at home. The key sticks in the ignition, it get stuck in the on position and the starter just grinds away, i have lost ALL my lights inside and out,my horn cuts out so does my radio. I did sight the lemon law and won but, it dosent make up for the fact that i cant trust my car. i agree with the good things you said but it just dosent make up for the rest.
  • Just one thing to remember there's good and bad in everything!
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