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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Santa Fe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • "why not buy from who has the best price and take it in for service at the best service dept?"

    Run, don't walk, from a dealer who sells only on price and does not offer good service facilities. Just something as simple as an oil change will cascade into a nightmare. Our car was damaged during a simple service visit for an adjustment. As I indicated, a sizable door ding was 'repaired' by a contractor who operated out of the back of his truck.
    The interior was damaged by an untrained tech who attempted to remove a jammed CD from the player.
    All in all, our 2004 spent more than 50 days in the shop for repairs to the damage done by a dealer staff who sold on price only. And yet, we bought a 2007. So we like the car, but are very wary of the dealer.
    Hyundai has improved a bunch since then, but there are still incompetetent dealers out there, so don't buy on price only.
  • flwonderflwonder Posts: 33
    Thanks Skagswaypilot. Good advice but I don't know any real
    good way to check out the service depts until you try them.
    I live in a heavily populated area and there are several
    Hyundai dealers. All are big and have full service depts.
    The good thing about this is that if you have bad luck at
    one the warranty allows you to go to another. You are
    not tied to where the car was bought.

  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    It has been my experience that most if not all dealers give you invoice less some amount if you contact them over the internet (as opposed to walking into the showroom). Salesman hate internet sales as they make no money on you, but you save that commission for yourself :-). Best way to do this, is get on Research the SF you want and ask (online) for quotes from the local dealers. You can chose to be contacted via phone or email if you prefer. Good luck.
  • dave_h2dave_h2 Posts: 100
    Thanks for the advice, rick2456.

    I will try this approach.

    I'll get back with what kind of results I get.
  • oceang2oceang2 Posts: 40
    Thats the dealer I was using. email me with your phone number and I'll call you about the info. my email is I was out of town for a few days and saw this tonight.
  • klamathklamath Posts: 6
    I am trying to make a decision on which SUV to purchase. I have test driven the Santa Fe and the Tucson among lots of others. I thought that it was narrowed down to the Escape/Mariner or the Santa Fe. Today while I when for another test drive in the Santa Fe I also drove the Tucson. My wife and I both like the Tucson and the Santa Fe. We have an elder parent living with us now and I think the Tucson would be a little easier to get in and out of.

    When I came home I checked the Tucson and Santa Fe discussions. While there are lots of discussions on the Santa Fe there is almost nothing on the Tucson. Is the Tucson a popular small SUV? It's reviews are pretty good and KBB expects it to hold it value. Any comments?
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    The Santa Fe has quite a bit more cargo volume than the Tucson. Is the Tucson big enough for your need? Is it comfortable enough for you? Does the 2.7L (or the 2.0L) give you enough power for your driving style?

    If you say yes to all these questions you can go with the Tucson. The reason the discussion is quiet on the Tucson side is that it was introduced almost 3 years ago while the new Santa Fe is still quite new. While popular in Canada, the Tucson did not catch so much in the States. We are used up here to smaller cars due to: Higher prices, more taxes and gas price.
  • dave_h2dave_h2 Posts: 100
    Taking the internet route (what can I say, I'm an "internet guy" and much prefer it as a communication medium) I sent out quote requests on a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe
    SE 4dr SUV AWD w/XM (3.3L 6cyl 5A) to two separate dealers today (both in Nassau County - Long Island, NY relatively near my house).

    Dealer one came back with a simple quote: $24,114. This is an "special internet pricing quote" - which expires in 7 days and not valid after months end. I understand this is standard procedure.

    Strictly based on the quoted number, that looks pretty good to me.

    This site right here shows MSRP @ $25,845 Invoice @ $24,544 and "what others are paying" @ $25,319.

    I am requesting no "optional" equipment, as all the standard features at this trim level seems to be all that I need. FYI - I'm moving away from 10 years and three different minivans (two Dodge Caravans and the current Mazda MPV ES) - to the "family friendly" SUV.

    What does anyone make of the quote I just received?
  • flwonderflwonder Posts: 33
    Not enough information to decide if this is a good
    quote or not. The reason it is good only for 7 days
    is that the current $1000 rebate expires at the end of April
    (7 days from now). Is the price OTD including tax, tag,etc.
    If so it's good. You need a detailed quote to properly

    My experience with internet quotes isn't particularly
    good. Recently sent out to several and only foundone
    dealer willing to cooperate. The rest played all the
    normal games and won't get serious unless you come into
    the store.

    The Hyundai inventories are stacking up. Everywhere I
    went had tons of Santa Fe's in stock. I'm waiting till
    May to see if the rebate gets increased.

    Good luck.

  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    "Our car was damaged during a simple service visit for an adjustment. As I indicated, a sizable door ding was 'repaired' by a contractor who operated out of the back of his truck"

    my dealership uses these same kind of services. our touch-up people, dent repair guy, headlight repair, and other things like that are done by contractors on our premises (we don't have an on-site body shop). Now if its something bigger than they can do here, they will take the car to their shop.
  • "my dealership uses these same kind of services. our touch-up people, dent repair guy, headlight repair, and other things like that are done by contractors on our premises (we don't have an on-site body shop). Now if its something bigger than they can do here, they will take the car to their shop."

    And when they don't match the paint, or the door ding isn't quite removed, or the remote body shop does a crappy job, everybody shrugs their shoulders and says that they did the best that they could. And you don't have a salesman, sales manager, of GM who give a crap because they did not get enough money on the sale. And, money drives it all. So, you may save on the front end, but, as happened with our purchase, the dealership will leave you hanging. You saved on the purchase, but they've got what little money they'll get from you and they'll move on to new customers. Been there, done that. We may have paid a little more at our full service dealer, but they bend over backwards to make sure that we are happy. For the few dollars more per month, I'll pay the extra to gain some dealership support. They want my business in the future.
    I don't choose the professionals who provide the things I rely on by the cheapest available. That includes my doctor, my dentist, and the folks who service my car. I don't want to be ripped off, but I do want quality professional work at a reasonable price. Perhaps I'm painting with a very broad brush, but my experience with our previous 'discount' dealer was so awful, that I will shop for more than just price in the future.
    And, no, I'm not affiliated with a dealership - I'm just a customer who learned an expensive and unpleasant lesson. :sick:
  • dave_h2dave_h2 Posts: 100
    Thanks for the feedback, flwonder. Especially about the rebate expiration date.

    Yeah, I know there isn't a lot of detailed information there. But the bottom line is still the bottom line (as long as the vehicle quoted it the one I drive off the lot).

    The $24,114 price tag does not include tax, title, or license fees. Price includes all applicable rebates.

    My experience with internet (and fax prior to that) salespeople is that its a better starting point then just walking in the door and doin the whole song and dance. Plus, its far less time consuming. You already have a much lower established number to work with.

    My experience has also been that once you get this number, though - there is very little negotiation room. Since these internet sales managers claim they are already giving you the best price possible (they certainly do come in lower than the floor salesman who start much higher and then are prepared to "do battle" - hey its their job).

    I recieved a second quote from another dealer (via internet request)

    A lease on an AWD Santa Fe SE with everything in the payment except 1st month and DMV fees is $434/month. The cost to purchase the vehicle would be $24519 including the factory rebate. These prices are good until
    April 30 2006.

    I'm sure the 2006 date is just a typo :P

    As you can see, the purchase price of this quote is $400 higher. No doubt the dealer adding in a bit more profit for himself.

    He does mention the "tax" in the lease, however. Of course that is how I would do it. Everything in the monthly payment.

    I'm glad to read the inventories are stacking up. I too am going to wait until the end of May to make my deal.

    Please keep posting your thoughts and experiences here in this forum, though. Reading your messages have been a big help.
  • Go to FitzMall,, and find a comparable car then take the numbers to local dealers. My experience is that some dealers will reject the offer out of hand but that others will accept the offer. I recently purchased a Sante Fe Limited at Fizt's price from a local dealer. Take a copy of part of the Fizt ad when you go shopping.
  • rye2rye2 Posts: 3
    I'm a new-comer when it comes to buying a car, and negotiating a fair price.

    I've got my eye on a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.3L GL FWD w/ Leather Package.

    The starting MSRP for this model in Canada is $31,445.

    I visited a dealer today where I was more so interested in comparing some of the different models available, but to give me an idea he costed out the model above.

    He took the MSRP ($31,445) and added:
    $1,595 for delivery and destination (freight)
    $100 air conditioning tax
    $75 gov't fuel tax
    $4560 tax (14%)

    ... for a painful grand total of $37,775! Yuck?!

    Now, I know that's just a high starting point; but I really don't know what price range I should be targeting from there.

    I was hoping to benefit from this month's "blue ribbon event" where they claim to give a $500 credit on Santa Fe FWD vehicles, and are also offering 0% financing for a 36-month payment plan.

    Anyone have any advice?? This is my first new car purchase ever... :confuse:

  • slateblueslateblue Posts: 110
    I used a similar approach when purchasing a Santa Fe Limited FWD, except I went thru Carsdirect. The contacting dealer gave me the usual spin that the car quoted was not available but had one with AWD and not my color choice. Told him his price was too high and I could do better at Fitzmall. After checking their site he claimed there was no way they could sell at those prices but wanted to talk to his sales manager. He called back a day later and said they had located the exact car I wanted intransit to another dealer and would match Fitz's price. ;)
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    This car is in high demand in Canada. Try offering $30K before taxes and rebates. This is as good as you are going to get up here. We are getting close to month end so the timing is good.

    Good luck!
  • rye2rye2 Posts: 3
    $30k before taxes and rebates; would that be inclusive of the freight as well? Or would have to add that on top also?
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    You still have to add the freight on top. $1500 off MSRP is probably as good as you can do here.
  • dave_h2dave_h2 Posts: 100
    Glad I'm not looking to acquire a Santa Fe as a Canadian resident!

    That is a huge differential in price.

    I don't get it - Korean boats can't find their way to Canadian shores?
  • ccacpccacp Posts: 117
    Actually it isn't even a boat issue. Santa Fes are made in Alabama of the US of A ! Most Canadian branches of the big auto manufacturers have not adjusted their prices down with the ascent of the Canadian dollar and thus there are huge price differentials between US and Canada on many cars and SUVS. Canadian dealers also limit supply artificially and also have less competition all factors that make us pay almost MSRP on most vehicles up here !
    Canadians can purchase a Santa Fe in the US and probably save about 5000 dollars !
  • sunnyboysunnyboy Posts: 6
    Hi, guys

    I got offered $26,200 from local dealer after $1,000 rebate. It's Out The Door Price of SantaFe Limited Fwd with Premium Package and Floor Mat.

    Is is a good price to buy? or Do I need to contact another dealer? $1,000 rebate will be gone on April 30th.

  • That sounds high to me. In March, we bought a FWD Ltd with touring package and mats for $22,800+ taxes, title, and license. That was in Texas. Price with taxes, title, and license came to about $24,500. When we were shopping, the dealers called frequently near month's end to try to get our business, usually with a claim that the rebates might not be extended. It seems that the rebate is still around. I'd be surprised if it went away in May.
  • slateblueslateblue Posts: 110
    You don't mention what your otd offer includes. Fitzmall has the same car for $24176 plus $99 processing fee plus taxes. If your offer includes taxes and dealer fees it looks like a good price. Rebate will likely be extended into May. Good luck.
  • sunnyboysunnyboy Posts: 6
    Yes, my OTD includes everything, advertising fee, processing fee, dealer fees, and tax(6.25%). Dealer said Hyundai holding back in $800 and I cut it down to $150. I will put more detailes later.

    Thanks, Slateblue.
  • klamathklamath Posts: 6
    Hi, I am reporting what I just paid for a Santa Fe SE FWD in Northern California. I paid $24,994 for the car with touring and premium packages floor mats and a dealer installed tow bar. I could not find a Limited in a light color and just fwd. So this one has just about everything I wanted but the leather. This is the price before tax and license.
  • eadlertxeadlertx Posts: 20
    rangersrock, where did you buy your SantaFe?
  • klamathklamath Posts: 6
    I bought it Tracy Hyundai. All in all not a bad experience.
  • I purchased mine at Allen Samuels Hyundai in Ft. Worth.
  • tcwiklatcwikla Posts: 7
    Thanks to this forums and edmunds in general, I purchased mine in Chicago at Gartner two weeks ago. Price for the limited FWD was $23385 with Premium package, mats, and cargo tray. Price is before TTL.
  • flwonderflwonder Posts: 33
    Does anyone have any information about the Santa Fe
    rebates for May '07?

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