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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Santa Fe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bucobuco Posts: 49
    Besides the considerations you mentioned, I'm only looking at the 08 because your battery, tires, etc. on an 07 are a year older and deteriorated from a lack of use.

    Price is one thing, service in this new company to the USA is something to take very seriously... ask, google, etc.

    In price the vehicle... remember you have no idea what the dealer is paying nor receiving from the corporation... on an earlier Dodge I saved $5,000 by just shopping.

    Then bite the bullet and don't look back after you make up your mind in this "auction"

    This website is wonderful; I haven't bought yet because the 08 crash tests are not in yet and the 09s are on the way.
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Posts: 146
    Marty, good luck in your negotiations. I posted the message about buying under invoice. I bought an '08 SE for $1300 under. Another dealer had offered me an '07 SE for invoice less $1500 rebate and $500 more off the price.

    If your dealer is physically moving and they are a high volume seller, they have some room to make a deal. If they are a smaller dealer, they may look to max their profit. They don't get '08s until the '07s are gone.

    Let us know how it goes
  • orzecaporzecap Posts: 10
    I had a very similar and very positive experience as dtwicks.

    My car had a scratch (actually a couple of scratches) that I did not see until the next day, but the dealer (Gregory Hyundai in Chicago) completely took care of me and the car. They repainted the entire fender and completely buffed out a door scratch.

    They also took care of the dome light problem and the Auto-climate control problem and reset the door locks to lock when driving during the viist while letting me have loaner for 2 days to complete all the work.

    While I'm not crazy about the initial issues, I am very pleased with Hyundai service and the car has performed great for us. :)
  • kmr120kmr120 Posts: 1
    I am also looking to purchase a 2007 SF Limited with third row. I have found two options in my area and I am not sure which the “better deal.” is

    Option 1: New 07 SF Limited w/ 3rd row. No other upgrades (no moon roof, rack, etc.) The dealership quoted me an "out-the-door" price of $25,557.00

    Option2: Used 07 Santa Fe Limited w/ 3rd row. No other options. The car has 15,000 miles, remaining 5 yr 60,000 mile warranty and is at a Dodge Dealership. The sales person said it was traded for a Durango. I have not begun negotiating a price. Their internet price is $21,800.

    How low do you think the Dodge people will go and is this the better option?
  • yiwuyayiwuya Posts: 3
    I go to dealer today, he gives me an out of door price on basic modle plus popular option, which is almost same as MSAP price, I am at PA, the tax is 6%. Is a good deal? thanks
  • todd80todd80 Posts: 6
    I'm looking to pick up a 07 Santa Fe before the end of the month.
    This is what I've been quoted at one dealership:

    07 GLS, FWD, automatic
    Includes Touring AND Premium Package
    That price includes the current rebates.

    I'm going to check around at other dealers to see if anyone can beat this, but I'd like to see if this is a good deal.
  • martyhmartyh Posts: 11
    Last week I read all the posts here related to the '07s and compiled a list of the best deals to help me in negotiating my own best deal. $22,500 for touring and premium is excellent! Its among the lowest reported. You won't do much better unless...Since Hyundai just in the last few days increased the rebate to from $1000 to $1500 on remaining '07s - if as you said, your deal includes the latest rebate, its still a good deal. If not, you might be able to dicker it down another $500. In that case making it a really GREAT deal. Best wishes on successful negotiations.
  • martyhmartyh Posts: 11
    Has anyone negotiated a killer deal on an '08 LTD yet? I am looking for the Limited with the touring package. That package seems to have increased in price dramatically from last year and now comes with NAV. Based on the invoice prices and Fitzmall prices (if I'm reading them right), I think I'm looking at $25,000 to $27,000 now for LTD with touring as opposed to around $22,500 to $24,000 based on the best reported deals here on the '07s for LTD with touring and premium packages. I posted earlier asking for negotiating advice on the '07 LTD with touring only but my wife drove an '08 over the weekend and now she wants the latest, greatest and freshest - with the Infiniti and sunroof. Any thoughts from the group on what I should pay for the '08 and if its worth the extra dough? Thanks.

    BTW - just to make sure the Santa Fe was IT for us, this weekend we drove a Pilot then immediately went down the street and drove the '08 Santa Fe again. Did the same test last week with '07 Santa Fe Vs '08 Highlander and '08 CRV...Guess what?? In ALL cases - NO COMPARISON! Hands down, We prefer the Santa Fe - it rocks!!
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    It's tough to evaluate the number unless you tell us how much the rebates are. (They can vary depending on location.) The best way to evaluate a price is to compare the purchase price (before factoring rebates, taxes, and registration) with the invoice price of the vehicle (as shown at You should be able to buy for around $1500 UNDER invoice, less rebates, plus tax and registration.
  • todd80todd80 Posts: 6
    The included rebate is the $1500 end-of-the-month rebate on 07's.
    I can't find the invoice price for 2007 models on Edmunds. Maybe someone can help me. I can't seem to generate the invoice price with options on the 2007 Santa Fe. I can find the invoice price on the base 08 model, but the touring package that I chose for the 07 GLS isn't available on the 08 Santa Fe.
    Based on my guess of the invoice price on the 2007's, I'm still several hundred short of $1500 under invoice.
    Does anyone have the exact numbers for the 2007 Santa Fe invoice prices?
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    "Does anyone have the exact numbers for the 2007 Santa Fe invoice prices?"

    Unfortunately, Edmunds has taken 2007 Hyundai pricing off their web site.
  • slateblueslateblue Posts: 110
    You can find some pricing on the '07 at carsdirect, they are showing a price of $22804 for the GLS optioned as you indicated with the $1500 rebate. As martyh said $22500 looks like a good price.
  • bucobuco Posts: 49
    If buyer or seller writes on this list that $22,500 for a 2007 lowest model Sante Fe, with whatever options... after the 2008 model was available for less, who do you think is posting that kind of information on this list?

    And some other manufacturers are already showing 2009 models!

    Everywhere statements are seen that dealers are desperate to get rid of 2007 Sante Fe models... in my opinion in this market $22,5000 ... Buyer beware!
  • slateblueslateblue Posts: 110
    Gosh, I don't know, why don't you just tell everyone who you think is posting this kind of information? And at the same time put your money where your mouth is and
    enlighten all of us as to where a lowest model 2008 with the appropriate options can be purchased for less. I'm sure todd80 would appreciate the information.
  • Both you and dtwicks are very fortunate to have good dealers to handle your issues. You are also fortunate to live near the dealer so you could just take the car in and leave it. We live about 400 miles from the delaer that sold us the car and about 225 miles from the nearest dealer. I would have to drive there, get a motel room for two days, buy 2 tanks of gas and miss work all for a $186.00 scratch. In fairness the dealer did agree to have us get it repaired in our home town but would not guarantee re-payment after I paid out of pocket. I have since filed a formal complanit with the Better Business Buerau in the location of the dealer. Turns out they have had several complanits about this dealer yet Hyundai USA refuses to get involved or investigate this dealer. This just smacks of backroom "good ole boy" tactics on both sides of the fence. I have said it before, I believe there are far more "good" dealers out there than "bad" dealers. But if you think that Hyundai USA is there to back you up then you are delusional. I challenge anyone out there. Just call Hyundai Consumer Affairs and ask them "If I have a dealer related issue regarding my car is Hyundai USA going to help resolve the issue?" (800) 633-5151.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    While I can certainly empathize with you, I can't help but question the wisdom of buying a make of car for which the closest dealer is 225 miles away from home. Sorry, but that makes no sense to me.
  • The answer is simple. The nearest "large" town (population of 20,000 or more) is 180 miles away. We live in town (population 5,000) where the only brand of cars sold is either Ford/Mazda or Chevy/Toyota/Honda. And even with those choices the selection is very small. Usually the local dealers have to go find a car and have it shipped here. If you want to buy a Hyundai or any other model you have to travel or shop via the internet. Either way you are going to travel. It's the price you pay to live in Paradise. As far as service goes, you can always plan a shopping, medical, visiting relatives trip around getting your car serviced. It's a local joke that we live in a place where people that live in the city's save thier money all year to take a 5 day vacation and come here only to say "How can you live here with no shopping malls, no freeways, no 16 screen movie theater". I have never saved money all year to take a 5 day vacation and go to L.A. or some other large city. Urban dwellers just don't get it. And that's O.K. To each his own. It's what makes the USA the USA.
  • tedextedex Posts: 1
    I was in the market for a '06 or '07 Hyundai sedan in the 10k - 12k range. My trusty 'ol '95 Eagle Talon had blown a sparkplug, and with 177k on it, seemed as good a time as any to start looking. I got a rental '07 Rio to drive while the Talon was being repaired, and the Rio seemed a bit better than I had expected. Not a bad fit and finish, and plenty of power for it's size. Handled rather poorly, but I figured that was mostly me being used to a low slung coupe. I decided to keep lookin for a Hyundai.

    The following Saturday was "Car Shopping Day" for me.

    After attempts by a couple of regular car salesmen to ramrod me into well used 2 yr. old Rios and Accents for the price of a new one at two of the well known dealerships, I decided to try the closest "one price" dealer. Didn't see anything on the lot in my budget range besides well worn PT's and an Alero.

    As we were walking out, I noticed a shiny red something stuffed between a couple of newer Xterras. It looked RED red. Just like the Talon, but even brighter. Dazzling, almost. No price on it yet, as the salesman explained, they had just received it as a trade-in the previous day. I inquired further...

    Ended up driving off with the 2003 Santa Fe LX, 3.5l FWD, 8100... yes 8100 miles and looks as if it had hardly seen the light of day for the past 4 years. Not a scratch besides a small ding on a rear quarter that the salesman promised he would have taken care of by the paintless dent repair guy, and he did.

    Out the door for $12399, with 9 months on the factory warranty and a freebie 3 yr/50k dealer drivetrain warranty on top. I couldn't have purchased a new Rio with auto and A/C for that price. In fact, I was surprised to see how little the low mileage actually added value, as Autotrader and others list the same model with 55k to 65k for around the same price or $1500 more.

    Had it for two weeks now and couldn't be happier.
  • todd80todd80 Posts: 6
    Yes, I (and I'm sure many others) would like to know where the 08's can be found for that price.

    Slateblue--thanks for pointing me towards I'm going to be buying another car later this year, and I'll have to read up on that site.

    I'm still searching for the perfect iPod solution for the Santa Fe. As silly as it sounds, I sometimes think that if Hyundai included some sort of integration package (or even an aux port) I would have already bought the SF weeks ago.
  • bannodbannod Posts: 24
    Amen to that! I also live in Paradise, which happens to be a town on the WA coast with one blinking stoplight. My Hyundai dealer is 2 hours away, half of it through the mountains.

    My dealer gives loaners when a vehicle needs servicing, whether it's for a couple of hours or a few days. Unfortunately, the loaner I got was a Taurus and it felt like a step down!
  • bannodbannod Posts: 24
    I've found that I don't miss my iPod at all since I have XM radio. If I did, I'd burn the songs to a CD.
  • rugzyrugzy Posts: 16
    Anyone on the east coast looking for the best deal on a LTD AWD should check out Fitzmall. They have a few 08 Santa Fe's going for $26,361. Thats $2838 under invoice. And one of them even comes with Floor mats, cargo tray, mud gaurds and a tow hitch. :)
  • rugzyrugzy Posts: 16
    Can anyone tell me The highest volume dealer on the west coast, ie: Washington - California?
  • The so called highest volume dealer in Calif. is the dealer I'm having trouble with, Roseville Hyundai. Many, many complaints against them including formal complaints with the Better Business Beaureu. Don't confuse biggest volume dealer with best possible purchase. Any dealer can find the exact car you want. It's all in what they charge you plus their reputation for honesty and good service. That's worth something all by itself. Good luck and good hunting.
  • bought at yesterday(1/31/2008)! 2008 GLS FWD sliver, 4 spreed automatic trans, with popular option. out of door for 22120$ (inclu tax,title...) at PA
  • bucobuco Posts: 49
    Please will you share the options and dealer name/locations?

  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    I hope this reference is allowed: still has pricing for the '07 Santa Fe under the heading of new car prices.
  • gjp52gjp52 Posts: 3
    Bought our Santa Fe Limited/XM Ultimate pkg. on the Jan.31.Never believe salesman when they say its best they can. Walked out because they would not come down on there offer. They called me at home, after 3 last best offers from them we made a deal.
    I am sure it is not the best deal, but it is all I could get. They wear you out.
    $28300 out the door. No trade in. Took 0% finance for 48 months.

    $26842 Limited/XM Ultimate pkg, mud flaps,first aid,cargo net,etc.
    $ 1457 TTL
    $28300 total.
  • $22,900 for '08 SE FWD - only add-ons were rear cargo mat, floor mats, and first-aid kit.
  • rugzyrugzy Posts: 16
    Is that FWD or AWD and where did you pick it up?
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