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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Santa Fe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mtjc521mtjc521 Posts: 26
    When will the 09 SF Limited come out for sale, if it is not already out?? Any feature and option differences compared to the 08 Limited?? Pricing increases or decreases?? Thanks for help ---- I am trying to decide whether to buy 08 Limited now or to wait a couple of months for a 09 Limited... In our tight car market and tight economy, with hungry dealers, it may be wise to wait... One guy posted here that his door post showed that his 08 SF was made in mid-2007!!! Thanks.
  • danprtrdanprtr Posts: 25
    09's started manufacture in July at the Montgomery Al. plant but reportedly are being held back until the "glut" of 08's are sold. Things to consider:
    - Santa Fe's currently have the highest rebates offered by Hyundai for any of their cars.
    - They are an outstanding value with current rebates and dealer incentive compared to even smaller SUV's (CRV's, RAV4's, etc.).
    - The current excess inventory won't last forever (Sonata's also made at the same plant and capacity is already being shifted to those so fewer Santa Fe's are being made).
    Why wait?
  • Frenchman - you can get a Limited for that price which already has the optional features included but also has leather interior +. That's why I went for the Limited - the rebates are higher on them than on the SE or GLS so if I can get a nicer car for the same price, it's a much better value for me.

    I'd look into the Limited.
  • wtnlvrwtnlvr Posts: 10
    I just picked up my Limited 8/26 and love it. They took 6k off the sticker price. It came with a few small options and a bigger option of the chrome wheels. They are so desperate to get rid of the 08's it's rediculous-LOL. I'm in Mass.
  • srz948: Which dealer did you buy from? I'm looking to buy one too. Thanks.
  • wtnlvrwtnlvr Posts: 10
    Herb Connolly in Natick. It's the 3rd Hyundai I've bought from them- they are great! Their stock is getting low though and the rebates end 9/2/08 I think. They have their inventory posted on their web site. Good Luck!
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 68
    Valley Steam Hyundai, in Valley Stream, NY. Great people to work with.
  • mtjc521mtjc521 Posts: 26
    Apparently, the 09 SF Limited is being held back by Hyundai until the herd of 08 Limited is thinned out/ sold off.
    (1) Anyone say what new features the 09 Limited will have over 08 Limited--besides the MP3 jack?
    (2) Anyone know if the 08 Limited rebate will continue passed September 2nd, just the July Limited rebate was held over into August?
    Thanks on any help to compare pro/con of 08 Limited vs 09 Limited. Let 'er buck.
  • TTL stands for Tax Title and License. They are usual fees that are paid for legal paperwork for your new or used vehicle.
  • I've looked and looked. Edmunds does not have anything on Cash Incentive of $1,500 that some of you are mentioning. I see $2,500 rebate for Santa Fe but how is anyone getting below invoice? I've been researching and talking with a couple of dealers in Austin, TX. I've got a quote for $19,986 for Santa Fe GLS FWD Auto with CF(Carpet Floor Mats) and Cargo Tray and Mud Guard as an option. That is after the rebate which is well below invoice. I think it's a pretty good deal but if I'm reading correctly I could save even more. I don't know how to approach some of the prices I've seen for GLS. Any comments, suggestions or Advice will be appreciated.
  • jiminyintxjiminyintx TexasPosts: 49
    I can't answer your questions about '09 features, but I bought a year end '07 Santa Fe last September, and the rebates increased -- I got another $500 off.
  • I just purchased the '08 SE with the premium package. I also have wheel locks, floor carpets, carpet tray and it's powder white pearl. Other than sales tax the total cost was $21,624.00. Is that a reasonable price? I though it was but then doubt sets in.
  • I priced a Limited from Valley Stream Hyundai and first of all they said they had NO Limited that were not AWD. They offered an AWD Limited with a sticker price of about $30k and offered to knock of $3,500 (the rebate) from that. I only wanted a FWD Limited why pay that much more for the AWD? Besides why negotiate from the sticker down instead of starting from the INVOICE price? Valley Stram is only okay to me with sales. Great with servicing your ride but sales is sad!
  • I looked into the limited yesterday and the salesman checked his computer and found a grand total of FOUR between Mass. and W. Virginia. I live in NY and there seem to be none. The limiteds that are available are all awd with various options already included.
  • Not sure if it is accurate- but take a look at antwerpen in maryland. No experience with them though- maybe someone else can chime in.
  • Or Fairfax, or fitzgerald or ...........
  • Thanks for the feedback. It seems there is 11 in the North East corridor, according to Fitzgerald. The cheapest price listed is $22,630. That is more than the four cited by the Towne Hyundai salesperson. Yet it still a limited selection. I purchased an SE with the premium package. I won't get the leather seats but otherwise I'd fine. MY point I guess is that the 2008 Limited with FWD are not readily available.
  • I'm counting 30 at Fitz alone. Obvoiusly- some with some options. If I had to guess- I suspect particular dealers don't want you to look elsewhere.
  • The 30 that you're referring to are in ALL regions. In the north east region there are 11 at Fitz.
  • Sorry about that- I clicked the Northeast area- I must have double clicked.
  • There are tons of FWD Limited's available in Texas. I guess they mostly ship AWD's to the northern areas because of all the snow.
  • player4player4 Posts: 362
    So i might be gettinG a new car soon (within a month) since my old car is acting up.

    How much should i pay for:

    2008 Limited AWD Touring Package with Navigation?
    MSRP: $33,995
    Invoice: $31,917

    or a Limited AWD with Navigation?
    MSRP : $32,395
    Invoice: $30,429

    How much off MRSP or invoice?

    Id like to have an idea of what everyone else is paying so i know what to ask for when i go to the dealer.

    Thx inadvance guys...
  • My husband and I purchased a 2008 white Hyundai Santa Fe Limited with black interior (no navi or touring packages) for $22995 from Van Hyundai in Carrollton, TX today. We also traded in our high mileage 2000 Dodge Durango 4WD for $3000. Our trade-in value matched the amount listed on Edmunds web site. We emailed several dealerships early this morning and had 3 offers by 11am. Each dealer was willing to match the lowest offer. It all came down to how much we could get for our trade-in. We spent less than an hour at the dealership doing the paperwork. We got a loaner car for today and will pick up our new car tomorrow. The dealer had to trade with another dealership to get the car we wanted. I thought the salesman at the dealership was great. Thanks to this forum we saved several thousand dollars. Special thanks to hondamom6 for posting her experience. It was a big help knowing what someone local paid for their Santa Fe and internet car shopping was terrific! We have a baby and we would not have lasted through the typical car buying experience.
  • In Oregon, current ads saying $8k off of MSRP, so $24,395 for the 08 Lmtd AWD with just NAVigation is a given, unless I am missing a dealer magic trick not listed in ad. Generally, Oregon dealers want/demand $250 for doc prep fees, and DMV fees [no sales tax here]. Thanks, and luck with dealers. Some say get the bottom line purchase price by phone/fax/email BEFORE stepping on the lot.
    ??? Does anyone know when or if the $3500 factory rebate for any 08 SF Lmtd will end as planned today Sept 2nd, or be extended for more time??
  • ??Anyone have good or bad experiences with Oregon or Soutwest Washington Hyundai dealerships? ??Prices paid for SF Limited AWD or FWD in Oregon or Washington? thanks.
  • I' m considering purchasing an '08 Sante fe limited no nav, fwd, quoted me for $22,500. Houston, texas area. any one been quoted less or think I can get better? They are also offering me $12k for my '07 Elantra on trade which is awesome!!! My credit union is offering 5.9% financing which I'm not too crazy about. reply soon, i 've been car shopping for a while and it's getting old. I am debating also on purchasing a Rav 4 limited which costs $2500 more,from toyota and they are only plus only giving me $10k on elantra trade. Main reason is gas mileage, HELP me decide.
  • Great price on your Santa Fe Limited. The interest rates went down on September 1 and we got 4.49% for 36 months. Here's our credit union's car loan rates: Of course, they fluctuate based on credit scores. Good luck with your car purchase.
  • That's a great price on the Limited and on the trade. I didn't test drive a Rav4 but I did a Honda CR-V. You just have to decide if you like the Limited better than the Rav4.
  • it's all about personal perference when it comes between the santa fe, rav4, pilot, mitsu, etc....

    i test drove all of those makes/badges... for the money, the santa fe is hands down the winner.. you get sooo much more for your dollars. the rav4 and pilot were extremely utilitarian in ride and amenities

    the santa fe currently ranks 3rd on our short list of cars to get, behind 2 luxury brands which were trying to nego... but if they fall through, the santa fe will be in our driveway
  • Santa Fe Limited FWD with Blue Tooth, Cargo Mat, Wheel Locks, First Aid Kit for $23,648 + TTL. Bought saturday in Cincinnati for what I figure to be $871 under invoice. It was too easy but they only had one of what we wanted (most were AWD with others having NAV) and my wife liked the color. Didn't want to prolong the search any longer. I'd recommend Columbia Hyundai but figure on preping the car yourself as the antenna wasn't installed, tires had 45-50#'s (vs. recommended 32#'s) and glue on the clear plastic headlights. Oh well, glad it's over.
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