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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Santa Fe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I did it, bought the 08 Limited Santa Fe and LOVE it so far. Cant wait to figure out the mpg' s as soon as I need the first tank of gas. But who wouldn't love a brand spanking new car?! My only minor problem is my tire pressure light is on and when I was thru with signing paperwork, all tech's at dealership had already gone home so I'll have to return car to have them remove/fix warning light. Dealer is even throwing in pin-stripping and free window tint. all for $23,500. I hope mpg is decent, will have to wait and see.
  • Well I did it I bought the 08 Santa Fe Limited. Their's just NO comparison when you drive it and compare to Rav 4. Much smoother, quieter and just plain out more more more for your money. I like the 18 inch tires, sits up high, the600+ watts stereo with 6 disks, xm, stereo. rear air, standard sunroof,homelink, leather etc.... I just hope mpgs will be decent. Now if I can just figure out how to program the homelink to my garage door, I will be quite HAPPY! Haven't even tried yet, maybe this weekend. Sante Fe just has the look and I love it!
  • I love my Santa Fe but am really disappointed with the gas mileage. I've had it for 6 months and 5000 miles but so far the best gas mileage I get is 16.9 mpg (even on highway). I left it at the hyundai service dept for 3 days when I got the first oil change and they thoroughly checked it out and said it met factory specs & they couldn't explain why it wasn't getting the 17 to 24 mpg that it was supposed to.
    I'm curious as to how other new Santa Fe's are doing on gas mileage.
  • God that's awful! I hope mine does better, I've been reading the blogs posted here and seems like the peple are getting anywhere from 14 to 25. My sales rep at dealership says alot of it depends on how you drive. So I'm babying mine and driving real easy and slow. i will not keep it if I do not get at least the 17 mpg. I put 10k down so I will have no trouble unloading it if I need to. But I LOVE the vehicle so I'll keep my fingers crossed on the mpg.
  • For your $23,500 Limited SF, was that FWD? ?Any optional packages on it? Navigation? etc. Sounds like a good price for a FWD. thanks for any info for my price hunting.
  • I've had my 08 Limited FWD for a little over 1 week and have been getting 14 mpg city driving only. One thing I would like to point out that most people don't know is that if you are buying gasoline that is an ethanol blend, you will get 3 mpg less than regularly blended gasoline. The gas pump you use should have a sticker on it declaring it an ethanol blend but they are not required by law to have the sticker so it could still be ethanol blended and you wouldn't know.

    I just filled my tank last night with regularly blended gas and will be watching this next week to see the gas mileage. In the city where I live, the only regularly blended gas stations are Chevron.
  • I've heard that you don't get a true idea of gas mileage until the car is "broken in" at about 2000 miles. At 5000, mine is well beyond the break in period with no improvement. Most of my driving is in the suburbs and I take it easy and stay within the speed limits. The mileage improves slightly when I drive on the highway.
    Otherwise I love the car and spent many months shopping around and checking out the competition (RAV4, CRV, Outlander, etc.). Since I only put $2000 down and have a 4 year loan, I'm stuck with it since all cars depreciate in value the second you drive them off the lot... so I'll just keep driving my little Silver Blue Santa Fe and hope gas prices go down.
    Keep me posted how yours is doing on mileage... good luck!
  • wow, I thought all regular unleaded gas was the same... Is the decision to sell an ethanol blend vs. a regular blend determined by the oil company, the gas station owner or the state or city? I would like to find out more about this.
    I live in Maryland near Wash. DC and usually buy my gas at Shell or Citgo.
  • The price is just the base limited SF, I believe the only other options extra I got were tinted windows, floor mats and cargo net. No nav,. I didn't want that, I just wanted the best price on a limited no extra's to keep it cheaper. Also so far my avg. mpg according to the car's trip computer is 20.8 mpg. I'll know more after a little more driving considering the car is not even broken in yet.
  • The refineries that make the gas are the ones to decide if they want to make ethanol blended but the government gives them incentives to make it. I believe that the govt. is going to start requiring it soon. I'm sure there are many web sites regarding this issue if you want to google it.

    All the gas stations in our area use the ethanol blended except for Chevron. The local refinery makes their gas to their specs without ethanol. I know this because my husband works there. The only way you will find out if your gas station has ethanol is to just look at the pumps to see if they've posted a sticker stating it.

    I drove my car today with the Chevron regular gas in it and the gas mileage reading showed I was getting 17+ mpg. With the ethanol blend it never got above 14. And the Chevron gas was only 0.03 more than the ethanol at the Super Walmart but that station is also in a ritzier part of town so that may be why they were charging more.
  • My local dealer gave me a quote (in-person) of $26.1K for a Limited AWD with no additional options, except mats. This price included the $3.5K incentive Hyundai is using right now, and was before any taxes, fees, etc. Looking at other prices on this board, that does not even seem close to being in the ballpark. He claims the invoice was $29675, which does not match up with Edmunds or KBB, which I was seeing closer to $28.8K.

    Just want to get everybody's opinion on what price should be reasonable given the market right now and what they're seeing from dealers. This dealership had around 50 Santa Fe's on the lot, so there definitely should be some incentive to get rid of them.
  • for the exact same vehicle in Dec. 07. That's when the rebate was either $1000 or $1500. If the rebate is $3500 now, you should do better.
  • It would help to know where you are. We purchased an 08 SF AWD Limited with floor mats, cargo tray, mud guards, and Bluetooth in late July from Fairfax Hyundai in FairFax, Va. After discounts and rebates, we paid $23189 + $389 processing fee (another name for profit) + TTL. That was a far better price than we could get from any dealers here in south-central PA. And it helps that we have some family down there, so we made it a day trip. ;)
  • You can do better, keep shopping, go to other dealerships and one of the easiest ways to get a quote is via email. Email several dealerships you can do business with and tell them what you want and let them email you a quote. I did this and had lots of good responses. Good luck! I'm in the Houston Texas area and limited can be had here in the upper 22k range (like $22,900). Probably a little more for awd but I wouldn't pay too much more.
  • Keeping shopping --- $26.1 for Limited AWD is too high. >>>According to newspater ads in Oregon, $8000 off MSRP on ANY 08 Limited is a given and the start point --- maybe the ending point for those dealers but I am still trying by email and their websites. ?????? You said, "dealer had around 50 SF's on lot" ---- What city & state has these the overloaded SF dealers??? Thanks.
  • Either you need to find a new dealer, or buy yourself some hip boots - because it's gettin' a little deep where you are. All those figures are waaaaay off. A Limited AWD with no other options should be buyable for UNDER $23K after rebate.
  • This was in Des Moines. I went back today (closed on Sunday's) and counted 48 on the lot, so my guestimate was pretty close. I did see one reason the invoice price quoted by the dealer may be off from Edmunds, due to the fact that they added a paint protection and mud guards for $385 & $85 - neither of which I would find worth paying for. Nevertheless, they appear to be way too high, and I will look at the Kansas City region if they are unwilling to come down significantly. Looks like there are about 5 Hyundai dealerships down there.

    Thanks for all the input on the pricing!
  • I just purchased a silver blue '07 Santa Fe SE AWD with 9k for $18,000.00 before my trade in. I traded in my '04 Pontiac Sunfire with 75k. The dealer gave me over KBB for my trade in...I was shocked! The grand total came out to be $14,700.00 after taxes and motor vehicle fees. No car payments for me! I have been averaging 16 mpg combined city and highway (I was hoping to get a little better fuel economy).
    I purchase the car through Lester Glenn Hyundai the number three Hyundai dealership in the country and the number one Hyundai dealership in NJ. Lester Glenn does not play games like other dealerships and always give their best deal. My family has purchased three cars from Lester Glenn in the past five years and I recommend them to anyone.
  • I just purchased a 2008 Santa Fe Limited FWD no addtional options.

    Steel Gray Black Leather

    $20,999 + $99.00 Dealer Processing Charge =$21,098

    Of course tack on tax and tags.

    I live in South Florida and purchased the vehicle from Fitzmall in Maryland. The price was so good I'm paying a freight fee of $550.00 to get the SUV to my home. Fitzmall does not offer all 2008 Limited's at this price. the Sales Guy (Cool Guy not pushy at all) stated that the only reason they were able to offer this vehicle at this cost was because it was on there lot for a longer period than the other limited's. They do have one left at this cost, it is a Platnum Sage with Beige leather. here is the link. - -20T01:05:40.447

    Good Luck!
  • How did you reconcile the catch-22 with the lemon law?

    Florida:Vehicle must be purchased in FL.
    Maryland: Vehicle must be registered in MD.

    I am also thinking of purchasing from Fitamall in MD as they have AWD models in stock. I do not want to loose the protection of the lemon law. It looks like a vehicle purchased in MD and registered in FL will not be protected by either state.
  • I never factured in the lemon law. Something I need to research.
  • We're considering buying a 2008 Santa Fe Limited FWD service loaner with just under 8K miles - khaki exterior, black leather interior, no navigation, no touring package, from a dealer in Tuscaloosa, AL.

    Price from dealer is $23,312, OTD ($22K car + TTL), with full new-car factory warranty; the loaner has not been titled before. Checked Carfax for lemon law/manufacturer recall report - both clean.

    I haven't mentioned our trade-in yet; wanted to see what dealer's lowest price was first.

    We will be trading in a 2006 silver Camry LE, cloth seats, no sunroof, with 13,500 miles that we own outright; will not be financing the difference between the trade-in and the Santa Fe.

    Edmunds/KBB lists Camry trade in at about $14K ...

    Santa Fe OTD price: $23,312
    Camry trade in: $14,000
    Current difference: $ 9,312

    Anyone have thoughts on the lowest difference we might could get the dealer down to? My husband wants to offer "around $8K" and see how low the dealer will go.

    Much appreciated!
  • A service loaner is another name dealers give for a used car, but try to sell for a new car price. For gosh sakes it has 8,000 miles on it. Your Camry has only 13,500 miles. It's puzzling why you even want to do this.

    My thoughts are insist on a brand new Santa Fe with less than 100 miles and yes, you can do better on price. Go to another dealer if you have to. Do more research and read previous posts here.
  • You should be able to do WAYYYY better than that offer. At the end of July, we bought a new 08 Santa Fe Ltd AWD with mats, mudguards, cargo mat and Bluetooth for $23321 + TTL and $389 processing fee (dealers profit basically). I don't have the exact details here, but the MSRP was somewhere around $31K. You shouldn't be paying that amount for a "new" SF. Work that dealer hard. He can do much better if he really wants to get your business.

    FYI, I just checked the website for the dealer I bought from ( and they have 08 SF Ltd FWD around $21900 or so. Like I said before, you should do better than the deal on the table. ;)
  • I am thinking of buying a 2008 Santa Fe GLS - Auto trans. with no other options. I have read that this model could be purchased around 18k, Sticker is 23k, should I start at 17k or lower. Does it matter if I want to use the 0% financing instead of the rebate? Thanks in advance for responses.
  • Bankrate dot com offers a nice calculator for this purpose. Check it out.
  • Wow, you are all getting some real killer deals. I thought I got a great deal but not like those mentioned here. I can see why though, fairfax lists over 100 Santa Fe's in stock. My area dealer (in Mass) only has 13 and I only had 4 limiteds to choose from. Not many of them left on dealer lots around here, but they are still dropping prices in anticipation of the 2009's.
  • We have a 2003 Santa Fe with about 45000 miles and a brand new transmission. We are thinking of selling this car and possibly leasing the newer 2008 model which has been substantially changed for the better! We travel about 10 miles both ways to work, and travel little except to Chicago once in awhile (300 miles round trip). What are the pros and cons about leasing?
  • Finally pulled the trigger on a new Limited AWD Santa Fe (No DVD or Nav) today. Got a decent deal at $24.2K, but know that others have gotten better. The biggest impedient was the fact that we were looking for an exact color specification (exterior & interior) and thus, only could find one dealer in a 300 mile radius that had one that we were looking for. So, most dealers that said they would locate one would not go below $24 since they were factoring in the extra costs of getting it and trading for it. The dealer I bought it from was very nice, and overall I am content with the price I paid. So far, after one day, can say that I am very happy with the Santa Fe and am looking forward to driving it more. In total, I contacted about 15 dealers, 4 or 5 which responded with true interest. Of those, 2 came down to $24K for their price of locating the vehicle from another dealer. But, ended up going with the dealer that actually had it on the lot and I left happy.
  • glad you found the color combo you desired... but that price should have INCLUDED the Navigation. you should have qualified for at least $9k off the sticker or $6k off PLUS 0% interest program.
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