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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Santa Fe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mdutchmdutch Posts: 2
    After eliminating several vehicles in my new car search, due to price, financing factors, etc. my choice had come down to a Santa Fe or an Escape (both with the second highest trim levels - with moonroof and several other similar options). With the discounts being offered in my area, they are very close to the same price (monthly payments less than $50 per month difference.) So I need some feedback from anyone out there with some experience to give me any more info to help me decide. (I am leaning slightly towards the Santa Fe as it is more highly regarded in Consumer Reports.) Thanks for any opinions!!!
  • bcohn21bcohn21 Posts: 10
    There are still 2008's out there. I saw a FWD advertised in my area for 17,500. You can also get a great deal on an AWD as well.
  • bobmc3bobmc3 Posts: 8
    I thought I might add this info that may not be known concerning buying a 2008 model. Hyundai is offering a $1,500 rebate on all 2008 models. The stipulation is that you must be a current owner of a Santa Fe. Good news to anyone wishing to up-grade! This runs through Feb. 1, so will need to move soon. Also, I read that they are enticing new 2009 models with leasing to buy back the car and pay the purchaser any depreciation costs if they run into financial difficulties, such as job loss, etc. and can not make payments. I am an owner of a 2003 and am looking at a demo, Limited, for $19999 (sticker) with 5500 miles on it at my local dealer. It may be that Hyundai may come up with other incentives to help move the 2008 and 2009 models as times are rough for them as well as other manufacturers.
  • how do I contact you?
    Oregon Mastiff
  • I'm in North Carolina and just bought a new 2008 Santa Fe GLS FWD automatic with mats, cargo net, mudguards and wheel locks for 18,500 out the door price. That included state sales taxs, tag fees and title fees. I had no trade in. My experience with the car and the whole buying process was fine. When you are negotiating I would recommend specfically saying that you want "out the door" prices quoted. When I went in I did not and he quoted me a very low number which was great but then there was a "dealer fee" tacked on on the end. This is just a tactic to get you to come back by having a very low price quoted. And don't fall for the stupid visor tags that claim you can buy the car for 13,000. All that means is that you can buy the car for 13,000 with a 7000 dollar down payment or trade in. The only time I was going to walk out the door was when the finace guy gave me a "great interest rate at 6.8 %". I told him he was nuts. I did not bother to get pre approval from the bank but you can get 5% easily from the bank with good credit. he dropped the rate to 5.5 and took 300 off the price to bring it to an equivilant rate of 5%. I did not include the 300 off in the price I paid b/c you should be able to get 5% from anyone. Point is don't take their intrest rate if it's over 5% and you have good credit. I don't know if I got a good price but I was happy with it.
  • The rebate when I bought the car on Jan 10th was $2500 on the 08 and the "assurance" program (i.e. can return car if lose job or life) was also extended to at least the new 08 models.
  • bcohn21bcohn21 Posts: 10
    We got a rate of 4.7 through Bank of America. The dealer got us that rate. My wife and I do all of our banking there so that helped us. Because we did not finance through Hyundai we got an extra $1000. This was a month ago.
  • tpfilm1tpfilm1 Posts: 25
    HMMA has been producing 2009 Santa Fes since late summer. Well, actually, they have been building about 5 Sonatas to 1 Santa. The '09s are on storage lots across central AL and in central, eastern GA. For some unknown reason they aren't releasing them yet. HMMA will begin building test 2010 Sonatas and Santa Fes in the next month or so. They began retooling one line in late November to the specifics needed for the 2010 models. They will then stop production of the '09s in May, retool the 2nd line and begin producing 2010s for consumers. So, the '09 build year will be the same, just the time out to public will be short. Of course, there's also supposed to be hybrid versions for 2010 Sonata and, I think, 2011 Santa...
  • In a reputable Hyundai dealer a service loaner is actually a new vehicle used by service to provide to service customers. Its a program by Hyundai that allows the dealer to offer a complimentary vehicle to service customers. As opposed to a rental car that the customer pays for like most Toyota dealers do. In order to participate in the program the Hyundai dealer has to keep the unit in service loaner status for a minimum of 4 months. Sometimes due to circumstances they end up in service loaner longer - driving up the miles.

    A used Hyundai loses the 10 year / 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. Since a service loaner is still new, it retains the 10 / 100 warranty. It may have miles, but it has never been titled so it is still a new car and still gets most new car financing and incentives.

    Some peope prefer a new car with few miles, I do. But for some folks buying a Santa Fe with a few thousand miles and a deep discount is their definition of a good deal.
  • c2008c2008 Posts: 17
    Hi, Did you purchase a Santa Fe? I am in Twin Cities and thinking to buy one. Can you share your experience? Thanks.
  • we bought our car in Greshem, Or ...I love the car..its a deal.
  • slateblueslateblue Posts: 110
    Well, the car has 8,000 miles on it which is more than a few and like I said it is a used car. Just because the dealer never titled it hardly qualifies it is brand new, with or without any warranty or sales incentives. That's 8,000 miles of tire, brake and other overall wear and tear and don't think that all those miles are put on as a "service loaner".
  • Two points here...

    The "Service Loaner" is actually a Hyundai program. It’s not a title the dealer made up to fool a customer as you implied earlier. It’s a program for offering complimentary vehicles (as opposed to charging for rental cars) that requires us to keep a vehicle in service loaner status for a minimum of 4 months. Then we can turn it over; order a new group of loaners. Sometimes, depending on conditions that are usually out of our control, we are forced to keep cars in loaner status too long. We just discount it further. We tend to turn out loaners at 3K to 4K miles. Any wear and tear has been discounted out of the vehicle.

    "New" and "Used" is quite significant in the Hyundai business since a truly used (previously titled) Hyundai loses the 10 year / 100,000 mile power train warranty. The second owner doesn’t get the 10 / 100. So being un-titled is quite beneficial to the buyer. With most other makes this is not the case. Any GM, Toyota, Honda, Ford, etc doesn’t really lose anything once the vehicle is titled. The warranty clock starts running - but you don’t lose a huge portion of the warranty. The used Hyundai does - it loses a lot.
  • slateblueslateblue Posts: 110
    Spoken as a true Hyundai associate. This car was "used" by the dealer for 8,000 miles which are applied against the overall warrenty and offered at an inflated price. The point being it was not a good deal then and is not a good deal now as another poster also pointed out. Hyundai warranty or not.
  • miffedmiffed Posts: 36
    I would like to share something on this service loaner issue. In October 08 I purchased a 09 Sonata it was a dealer trade with 2000 miles on it. The only reason i considered it was because it was silver blue and had a grey interior. which is exactly what I wanted. I know I asked was it a service vehicle or a rental the dealer told me no it was not 2 weeks my free xm radio went out. So I callled Hyundai customer service and they told me it was a used vehicle that it was previously owned. That I am not eligible for the 10 year warranty because it had more than 500 miles on it. My purchase agreement said "new car". They told me that they could not tell me who the previous owner was but I should conatact the dealer. the dealer new car sales manager Mr butt face told me he would investigate and call me back but he assured the car was not owned previously. He also told me again it was not a service loaner or a rental. 3 days later he called me and told me it was a service vehicle I told him I wanted 1 of 2 things a lot more money off or a new Sonata with less than 500 miles so I could get my warranty. He said no. I then received a voice message from the territory manager from Hyundai and he said that Hyundai would honor the 10 years. I called him back to talk and explain what was going on and he never called me back. We can call him Mr [non-permissible content removed] Hyundai guy.
    Right now the attorney general for the State of Iowa is involved and I hope they Kick both Mr [non-permissible content removed] sales manager and Mr [non-permissible content removed] Hyundai territory manager In the naughty parts and close these crooks down. So if any of you are looking for help from Hyundai it probably will not happen. :cry:
  • miffedmiffed Posts: 36
    You are correct in the explanation of a service vehicle. But it is considered a used vehicle by Hyundai if it has more than 500 miles on it. Just call the customer service people at Hyundai they will tell you. If it has more than 500 miles you get the remaining 5 yr 60,000 warranty only. I found out the hard way. Make sure that if you answer these blogs you tell them the whole story. Because it just aint so... :)
  • isn't the darn warranty TRANSFERABLE????

    i thought u got the remainder of the warranty on pre-owned/used cars
  • Somewhere in this story something is wrong. The only way the 10 / 100 warranty goes away is if the vehicle has been titled. Now some states may have goofy laws about dealer tags and titling vehicles. So it may be that in your state a service loaner or demo has to be titled to the dealer (or some owner) to be driven by the dealership. In that instance the power train warranty would not carry over because the vehicle has been previously titled. My state doesn’t. We use a dealer tag on our service loaners and demos and title the vehicle once we finally sell it to a retail customer. But it makes no difference how many miles are on the vehicle when you buy it - IF it has never been titled.

    There is a number for XM's customer service when you have a problem. Hyundai can’t turn it back on for you. But when you call consumer affairs they can look at the history of the vehicle and tell if it has been RDR'ed (the process we use to tell Hyundai that a new vehicle now has its first owner and will now be titled), who the original dealer was, how many times it was serviced, how much the warranty has paid out on the vehicle, etc, etc. The same information any Hyundai dealer can get through the system. If your vehicle had never been titled, if you were the first owner, if the dealer processed the MSO when you bought it you should get the 10 / 100 power train coverage. The ONLY way that doesn’t carry over is if the vehicle has been titled to a previous owner.

    Now I know you were told something different; and some on this forum are going to tell me how wrong I am. But based on the several million dollars I have invested in my single point Hyundai store, I know how this works.

    So one of two things happened here -
    1) You got someone on the phone at Hyundai that was incompetent. That is completely a possibility.
    2) The dealer you purchased from wasn’t totally honest about where the vehicle came from or the status of its title. We get this a lot from used car dealers selling Hyundai’s telling the customer it has the 10 / 100 warranty when it really doesn’t it.
  • miffedmiffed Posts: 36
    I know I'm not wrong. The car came from Missouri on a dealer trade to a dealer in Iowa. that dealer used it as a service vehicle but the dealer in iowa did not title it. I guess since you own a dealership that you must be correct about the warranty? Sorry bubba you don't. i called 3 customer reps and talked to a customer service manager they all told me that it was a used vehicle even though it was never titled just because of the mileage. The only way I got the longer warranty is because the territory manager knew the dealership screwed up. He obviously has the power to grant it for this car. I can tell you another way the dealerships can screw up. Lets say someone is really interested in a vehicle and the dealership thinks they will buy it. They take it off the new car inventory and act like it is sold but the dealer holds it in their used car lot. The dealer will tell hyundai that that vehicle is sold so they get the kick back for selling a car from hyundai. Which makes it looks as if they're selling more cars then they really are. This way the dealership gets more operating money and more cars to sell from Hyundai. The problem is I got caught up in it when I purchased this vehicle and i have been fighting ever since. They do not title the car even though it was sold to the dealership. It's a scam. You are wrong about the mileage call them hyundai's policy is if the vehicle has more then 500 miles it is considered used and the warranty is only the 5-60 If you don't believe me call them. You may get a shock. i know not all car dealerships are like this but the one I dealt with was. That is how I figured this all out. Once the xm radio gets activated it would have had to be a sold vehicle. the dealerships are not suppose to activate it when they do this. I have learned a valuable lesson. Look at the BBB and see what kind of complaint history the dealership has if they have a lot of complaints don't buy from them. hopefully they will then go out of business. That would be my wish in this situation. If it does happen before they close down I may go back and just smile and laugh. : By the way when they do this the warranty starts ticking. I had another dealer hyundai look up my vehicle ID number at it showed only one dealership had the vehicle but my new invoice that was on the window shows it went to a missouri dealer first then to Iowa. I purchased the vehicle in Otober of 08 Hyundai shows i owned it in June of 08. Explain that one Hyundai dealer?
  • miffedmiffed Posts: 36
    The only portion that is transferable is the 5-60. That is only for the remainder of time that is left from the original purchaser. Don't let anyone tell you different.
  • Thats absolutely right. "...from the original purchaser." If the vehicle has never been titled there is no "original purchaser" so you get the full warranty no matter how many miles are on the vehicle. The vehicle would still have an MSO - the document the manufacturer gives the dealer when the dealer purchases the vehicle from the mfg. If the vehicle has a title, it has a previous owner, therefore the 5/60 is all you would get.

    Hyundai now has a strong certified program. So if you buy from a certified dealer they replace the 10/100 that you would otherwise lose. But you have to buy from a Hyundai Certified dealer.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter is looking to talk with consumer who bought a Hyundai in January and was "assured" by the Hyundai Assurance program. Please send your email address and phone number to today, February 4, 2008, if you fit the bill.

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  • Hello,
    After getting stuck 2 or 3 times, I have decided to upgrade my FWD CRV with an AWD car. I think Santa Fe may be a great option, so I decided to check the prices for SE AWD model. I have 4 dealers in my area (Birmingham AL, actually, Hyundai Montgomery plant is only 2 hrs from us), and here are some strange things I hear from all of them.
    1. "SE AWD is very hard to get. All AWD models go to NE region, WA and so on. It will take a long time for us to locate one for you", "we only have FWD models".
    2. All of them have quoted me THE SAME price, which is MSRP, like Saturn dealers did before. One actually said "EVERYBODY knows, that invoice starts at $25600, so price $22,577 is just impossible" after I told him that Edmunds says "What Others Are Paying: $24,500 + destination charge $750 - regional adjustment $173 = $25,077, minus rebate -$2,500 = $22,577"
    Don't understand me wrong, I'm not biased towards Hyundai, but I didn't expect that they don't even consider Edmunds and charge about the same as Toyota for their Highlander AWD (60 months 0% APR btw). I know Santa Fe is a good car, but do people really pay MSRP these days? Is it really hard for a dealer to get AWD, or they are just playing? Is $22,577 + ttl for SE AWD is an impossible price?
    Thank you
  • Here is some food for thought...

    Hyundai has an allocation process. We don’t actually get to order cars from Hyundai even thought the factory is right down the road. The AWD models get sent to Oregon and other places where AWD models sell better. My store has had quite a few customers wanting an AWD that we just simply couldn’t get our hands on. And we don’t have the option of calling the plant and getting one sent to us. It just doesn’t work that way.

    The Santa Fe has $1000 AND 1.9% on a GLS/SE model and $1750 AND 1.9% (60 months) currently. But you to give up the $2500 rebate to get that (you’re better off taking the low APR).

    I did some snooping this morning on the locator and the closest AWD to Alabama is Arkansas. And it’s not a package 1, it’s a Popular Equipment package (+/- $600 option). Actually, every GLS AWD in the country (254 total) is a Popular Equipment package. That puts MSRP at about $26K give or take.
  • Thank you so much for your prompt answer, and for your help.
    "Hyundai's production plant in Montgomery, Alabama, will have 11 days cut off from its remaining schedule for 2008. Due to decreasing demand of the Santa Fe crossover SUV and the Sonata passenger car, the Alabama plant will switch to a four-day work week, beginning this Friday" - and I need to go to Arkansas from AL to get AWD Santa Fe!!!
    I hate to go with Toyota, but Hyundai gives me no choice - it is not Ferrari or Lamborgini to pay MSRP. Toyota dealers keep emailing me about going under invoice for RAV4 and Highlander, and Hyundai dealers want MSRP or just can't deliver me what I want. OMG, OMG
  • Check out Fitzmall if your serious about a Hyundai, they have 42 Santa Fe Limited AWD with the majority of them priced well below what you were quoted for an SE.
  • Thank you so much! I don't want leather in Limited, and can't find one without it, but they have a nice SE AWD for 22,583.00! Thanks again
  • I'm about to close on SF SE AWD $24.770 OTD in Alabama. They will be delivering it from Arkansas, I think. Fitzmall price is about $900 lower, but when you add driving to MD from AL, plus time-off at work, plus hotel, plus all the possible problems to deal when you have to sign or go home with nothing, I think I'm better to do it at home. My wife hates me for trading in my 2006 LX CRV 2WD for $11.000 - "I will call your Mother and tell her that you are an idiot!" - but with 50K on it I'd better do it before the warranty expires - it is hard to explain to a woman how you can loose $3K of trade-in value in a year anyway...
    Guys, what do you think about that price? It is without special financing - still have to fight for a good APR. Thank you
    In Canada GLS AWD 2.7L 2009 now sells for $21,995 with destination incl. (CAD I guess, which is $18,000 now), with 0% APR for 48 months. Do you think we can wait for better deals in the US than what we have right now?
  • newcrvman....I just want to let you know that I bought a SF from Fitzmall in Maryland and had it delivered to my front door in Florida. the cost was $550 and was rolled in to my purchase. You may want to consider this option and try to dump your CRV at CarMax.
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