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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Santa Fe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got 1,000 cash back from hyundai, and 1,000 cash back for financing through hyundai.. go to use that as your guide. pick atleast three dealers in your area and when discussing a price always talk out the door price. never talk the car price because they will make up for it in fees. when you find three dealers in your area go to one of them and make sure you like the vehicle. tell them you want to take the car overnight. if they won't allow it tell them you are walking and I gauranteee they will let you. use email only and let the dealers out bid eachother. when I bought my 2011 sonata se i paid 20,800.00...after 14 months I got 19,700 for my trade. not bad. the reason I traded in my sonata is I wanted an suv. nothing was wrong with the car. had a couple of issues recently with the push button start would not work. while it was getting fixed thanks to the great warranty you get with these cars I was looking at the santa fe's and ended up getting a great deal. I was paying 6.5% interest and by buying a new car could get brainer...get more car for the money since my credit score has gone up. Buying a car for some people is a rough experience. I you want let me know and I will tell you how did get the best deal. good luck to everyone.
  • where do you live.. you should be able to get a 2011 santa fe limited fwd with leather and sunroof for minimum 25k out the door.
  • oh yeah sorry. i live in virginia..sales tax is low. 3%
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    I am in San Francisco, CA. Sale tax is almost 10%. One really wonders why CA still has $10 billion deficit when taxes are so high. I figure tax + all other fees will add about 10% to the selling price of the santa fe. It will be great if I can get 25k OTD on a SE with FWD.

    Japanese auto makers have supply shortage. Dealers are selling toyota and hondas close to MSRP.
  • vfrpilotvfrpilot Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    2011 Santa Fe GLS V6
    MSRP 26,425
    Includes Remote Start, Carpet Floor Mats, First Aid Kit, Ipod cable, Cargo Net
    Invoice 25,536
    TMV 25,324

    Sales guy was the best guy I've worked with. I needed the car fast and got exactly what we needed. I will be going back to this dealer to purchase another Hyundai in the next couple of weeks unless it turns out I got screwed on an unpublished rebate!

    Sales Agreement
    MSRP 26,425
    - 2,500 dealer discount
    = 23,925
    OC CA Tax 1,858.45
    Total Cash Price 25,838.45
    License Fees 275
    Registration/Title 89.00
    CA Tire Fee 8.75
    Subtotal 26,211.20
    - 2,000 rebates (Hyundai Motor Finance and Customer Cash)
    OTD 24,211.20
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    Thanks for the info. What are the name and location of your Hyundai dealer?
  • eloyrodeloyrod Posts: 1
    Just purchased a new SE. Had a great buying experience at Allen Hyundai in Laguna Niguel, Ca.

    MSRP of vehichle $27,775
    Discount of $2,275.00
    Doc prep $55.00
    Sales tax $1,980.52
    dmv, license, ca tire, etc $304.75
    Rebates of $2,000.00
    Net Price before financing $25,840.27

    The overall "discount" on the vehicle was $4,275.00 (2,275 plus 2,000 in rebates) with the only stipulation being that I must finance at least $7,500 with Hyundai Finance. Finance rate is 2.9%. I was told I could pay off my loan balance after I make at least 6 payments without a prepayment penalty.
  • pilot25pilot25 Posts: 24
    Does anyone have a dealer recommendation for the NY/NJ Area? Looking for a Santa Fe SE AWD. Thanks~
  • pilot 25...Lester Glenn in Toms River NJ is a great...great dealership...great prices, service and support...well worth the trip...I live in NJ and traveled an hour for their deal.
  • rppautorppauto Posts: 28
    avoid brad Benson dealership.

    Google for the reviews. I could not believe that i could relate every comment online to my experience.

    Avoid NY city dealerships. They have low inventory and lie to an unbelievable level.

    I bought awd SE v6 for 23.5k + tax.
  • pilot25pilot25 Posts: 24
    Which dealership did you buy yours from?
  • rppautorppauto Posts: 28
    I bought from Brad Benson.
    They are harsh and rude. Online reviews about them are very true.

    Pls be careful on ...

    Our price = Negotiated amount + tax

    They agree to it, but they do it this way..

    MSRP + tax - negotiated discount.

    This way you pay more.

    They sneak in VIN etching fee.
    They lie that this saves on insurance. But, truth it only saves you on Comprehensive insurace
    (thats just few dollars)

    After hours of negotiation, you agree on the price. When you goto the Finance Mgr,
    they show you a different pricing documentwhere they can easily sneak in a pricing component.

    Finance mgr would easily lie to you that you have to buy Service agreement + Loan insurance etc.
    Hyundai financing does not mandate above purchases.

    See the car in day light before you buy. I trusted them i found next day morning that it had a
    giant scratch

    Visit dealership post lunch. Assume the process will take 5 hours.

    Make sure you get the sticker from the car. Make sure you double check the accessories are installed.

    Santa FE has vent problems for few years now. rear vents throw cold air for about 20 mints in Winter
    and hot air in Summer.

    Don't buy Hyundai. Spending few thousand dollars more on Toyota or Honda are worth the quality of the
  • Go to Dealer and look at Lester Glenns rating, it speaks for itself. Benson had numerous negative experiences.
  • gooddealmarkgooddealmark Posts: 2
    edited September 2007
    I was offered a FWD (or 2wd)Sante Fe GLS (standard base) for $21,000 out the door price(this does not include state taxes and fees but i do not consider that the price of car at dealer)

    This includes my rebates and incentives, no trade in.

    Is this worth it? I was hoping to bring him down to 20,500 he said no way, 21k is a great deal?
  • pilot25pilot25 Posts: 24
    A dealership in NJ is quoting me 27,379 OTD with all fees, tax, plates.

    MSRP is around 29 k and with all the discounts total is 27,379.

    Is this a fair deal?
  • Did you check the dealer out on dealer If you're buying a car there's more to it than price if you ask me. How's their service area, is it clean, big, any customer complaints? Do they have loner cars?
  • jajj04jajj04 Posts: 2
    May I ask what dealer you used? We are looking for the 2012 Sante Fe 4 cyl base model. Couldn't find one for that price! Looks like you did get a good deal!
  • We are in the Midwest area (Kansas City). Yes I think we did get a good deal. We ended up getting remote start already on a base model and walked out the door for 20,600. That is without KS taxes. It helped that we went into three dealerships plus called three more to get a bidding war going...
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    I get the feeling that you are not happy with your Santa Fe. Aside from the terrible service from the dealership, what do you think of the SE AWD you bought?

    Also, what was the MSRP? dealer discount and OTD price?

    Thank you for your comment.
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    For some reasons, not a lot of people know about this downpayment matching program from Motozuma and Hyundai. Please read more about it on

    sign up free account on this web site:

    I bought a Santa Fe from a dealership in San Jose, CA. This program is real. Just put $500 into your motozuma account and hyundai will give you $500 (total $1000) for downpayment when purchase new vehicle.
  • Sticker price was $28340 for 2011 Limited which was the same as the price posted at on the "build your own" tab. Two rebates-$1000 each-one for using Hyundai Motor Finance-(1.9% on 36 mos). The price of the car on the Bill of Sale showed 26,830.94 plus the taxes(953.07), title(16.50), and a hefty doc fee (399.50)then they subtracted the rebates. Total out the door:$26200.00. I offered $26,000 OTD but they wouldn't budge. Purchased middle of August and the selection was very limited but we got what we wanted. There were a lot of black ones still left around the state but that was about it for the Limited.
  • I bought it in Houston for 23,00 OTD. 21500 + tax/fee etc.

    They don't have SE left but there are still GLS and limited. Negotiated the price on email first. It was very simple - they offered 26K OTD with some nonsense package. I told them my price and they got back to me in a day with my price.

    I did finance with them at 1.9% (so this price includes that 1000 rebate)

    No additional option except for floor mat, cargo stuff and the glass are tinted.
  • We just picked up our 2011 Sante Fe Limited that listed for 28305. and we got it for 23884. We did get a rebate of 1000 for using Hyundai Motor Credit. We used the Consumer Reports/Zag buying service and the dealer did not even make a comment, or try to up the price because of the buying service. I showed them the CR price and they honored it and even took the 1000 rebate off on top of the CR price. I kept waiting for the floor to fall out from under me, and on top of that we got a free 32" TV. I am still driving the car with caution because of all dealer distrust. I can say that the dealer was great and helpful.
    I hope the rest of my service and experiences go just as well.
  • Hi ssquare,

    I hope you meant to say 23,000 OTD.

    Are you sure it is SE model with v6 engine? According to Hyundai web site, santa fe SE has MSRP 27,000 without any accessories. It is incredible the dealer gave almost $6000 discount on this suv. Could they sell at a loss?

    I was looking at the Rav4 and honda CRV. Local dealers practically want to sell right at MSRP.
  • hi mjgirard,

    Does your limited santa fe have 2.4L or 3.5L V6? Does it come with any additional package?

    I don't know which state you're at; and state sale tax varies. What is you OTD?

    I read in certain states, people has to pay $400 for dealer doc fee. But they have lower tax rate. In CA, dealer preparation fee is only $55. Yet sale tax is 9%.
  • Actually it was the limited Santa Fe and the price with the 4 cylinder was 23884 plus 3% sales tax and 499. fee (Unfortunately) which meant otd was 25282. We too looked at the CRV & Rav4 but the top models were way too expensive to be within our budget, around 28000 if not more with tax and fees. The thing that totally amazed me was that we did not have to discuss, fight over price. They accepted the CR price report and we are pleased so far.
  • Our limited is the 2.4L and the only things added were little things like mats, cargo tray & cargo net. It did not have and we did not want the navigation system,(Garmin's are so much cheaper). The sales tax is 3% in our area and unfortunately a $499. fee (totla rip-off) . We even tried to negotiate this because we did not have a trade in. Our 2006 CRV was totaled so had good down payment. OTD was 25282 which was cheaper than a CRV or RAv4.
  • I'd glad you had a smooth experience buying the santa fe. I went to a local hyundai dealer. the sales manager was so rude when I offered my OTD to him. He asked me to never go back to his dealership again. I almost gave up buying the santa fe and looked into rav4 or CRV.

    Do you recall the msrp of your santa fe limited?
  • Yes, I still have the sticker and the MSRP was 27195 plus del for 795 and the options were a total of 315 which were carpeted mats, cargo net, cargo tray and 1st aid kit. I had the same rude experience with the toyota dealer even after telling them we needed to replace a totaled car.
    Good Luck,MJGirard
  • Yes it is SE with V6. I don't believe SE comes with anything other than V6. The v6 really is great specially in a stop and go situation. I drove v4 and it is just very very different feel (again in a stop and go situation like going to drop off kids, picking up stuff locally.. on highway probably not a big diff).

    The dealer in houston - ron carter - had number of them and generally was haggle free as we settle the price on email in one/two days.

    6000 discount from MSRP includes some sort of financing cash back to dealer from hyundai and probably some other cash back. As far as Texas go, 23K OTD price is not that great for SE V6. Literally I spent may be 1 -2 hours emailing back and forth over and no other effort was needed. If you are in Texas and picking up from Houston is an option, I feel you can get a better deal with more effort
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