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1999 Subaru Forester After Market Manual

I have a 99 Forester. I'm looking for a manual, such as Chilton or Haynes for my car but none exist for the 99 and earlier Forester.
Does anyone know of a repair/maintenance manual for the 99 Forester and where I can find it? My other though is to purchase the Haynes manual for the 99 Legacy. I'm guessing that the engine and many other compenents are very similar even if they aren't located in the exact same positions. I'm probably not going to do a major overhaul but I'd like something to guide on projects that are beyond replacing spark plugs or flushing the coolant system.


  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 11,152
    I'm trying to think what major changes occurred on the Forester between '99 and '00, and I cannot think of any. I'm sure there is a Haynes manual that covers 2000-2006 Subaru vehicles.

    I want to say that the 1999 Forester used the EJ25 engine with SOHC. The Legacy and Outback still used the DOHC version of that engine in 1999. In 2000, all went to the SOHC EJ25.
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  • I'm doing work on a '99 Forester that was bought in the summer, and like you I could not find a manual for a reasonable price. There is an eBay and Amazon seller who prices the genuine Subaru ones like gold. I found a source online that had a downloadable manual available here: :)

    For $10 I have it in a file in my computer in .pdf format, so I can read and print sections or pages any time I want. It is getting me through a timing belt change!
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