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2013 Ford Escape



  • LOL. Thanks, Steve. But I'll bet you've noticed by now that I'm relatively active on these two topics, especially about fuel economy. I appreciate you grouping them over there, and, as I said, I post because someone has to represent the large silent portion of owners that aren't seeing issues with fuel economy, lest all the others believe that ALL these cars return lower-than-rated numbers.
  • Update.... just got the car back from the dealer for the 1.6L engine fire recall on December 195h. They said they reporgrammed the liftgate to fix it.

    How is it now? Just as BAD. About 50% of the time it latches when it closes... the rest... you have to push it closed to latch it.

    Anyone at FORD able to fix this? Please???? I am paying for something new that is broken.

    Sign me... a very disatified Ford customer... and disatified means very unlikely to purchase OR recommend your products to anyone else... in any social media.
  • pzampzam Posts: 19
    I have the same liftgate problem. When it is warm and/or a window is open (to let the air pressure out), then it closes just fine. When it is cold with the windows up, it fails to completely latch unless given an extra push. I haven't had it serviced for this problem yet. I thought I'd wait for other problems before bringing it in for my 7th service visit in 4 months. The service manager says he hasn't seen the lift gate problem before, and they'd have to play with it to figure out how to fix it. Great. Odds of a first time fix are probably about zero.
  • I find that sometimes when I close the gate with the button on the gate itself it does not close completely but when close it from inside it latches properly. Sometimes when I get in car to start it while the hatch is closing it doesn't latch properly either.
  • That's interesting. My experience above, the first attempt was using the dash button. That's why I had to get out. The second (also failed) attempt was using the hatch button, but from midway open. For the third (successful) attempt I waited for it to fully open, then again used the hatch button. Those have so far been the only two times that it has failed to latch, but I have used all the various methods available to open / close the hatch successfully.
  • I just got back my escape SE 1.16 fixed due to the recall. Nevertheless, I noticed thant i can shift speed even in Drive mode. Before the selectShift speed was enabled only in S mode.
    Is it normal ?
  • We bought a 1.6 Escape last June. Sel the first one on the dealers lot. Purchase was for my wife. She loved the vehicle, great to drive and she got about 26mpg with it in mixed driving. It was in the shop 2 weeks for the first recall. They repaired the first 3 issues this time. Took it back for the 4th recall in which they reprogamed the computer supposedly to keep it from "catching fire should it overheat" While they were at it they found it was seeping oil from around the valve gaskets but did not have the parts to repair it. I have bought several new vehicles in my life and I can't remember having so many issues. All of the problems we had were around the 1.6 engine. No complaints about power or mileage only the fact that it wouldn't stay together. We ended up working with the dealer and traded up to titanium with a 2.0 engine. I have a 2011 f-150 and haven't had a moments issue with the ecoboost engine/ part of the reason we bought the 1.6. I am hoping That we won't have anymore isues. Time will tell. Even though the dealer gave me a great deal, it was an expense we weren't planning on.
  • The chrome around the air vent is reflecting in my side mirrors. It happens on both the driver and passenger sides. This is both annoying and dangerous. Has anyone else noticed this and do you have a solution? Putting your hand over the vent or putting the window down prevents the reflection from appearing. My thought is that if the chrome piece around the vent was black instead, it wouldn't reflect.

    I called Ford and they said to bring it my dealer. I've only had the car for 2 weeks now.
  • How are you seeing the reflection of the chrome in the side mirrors? I can't see anything inside my car with my side mirrors adjusted correctly. I'm trying to imagine this, but failing. Is there any way you could link to a picture somewhere of the problem?
  • When I put the side window down, I don't see it. So it must be a reflection onto the side window and then reflecting onto the side mirror. I will try to take a picture, but I'm not good with technology. I'm retired and rely on my adult kids to help me with such.
  • same here. wife can sit on a 5 and still thinks its not working right. her volvo s80 has three settings: pants on fire, tattoo my butt, and electric chair. i just turn off the seat warmer when i drive her car. it hasn't really been cold enough here in new england to use the seat warners anyway.

    This may be the funniest post of the year! Dang- there's coffee coming out of my nose!
  • pzampzam Posts: 19
    Yep. I see it too. It bothered me a little during the first couple of weeks I owned the car, but I've gotten used to it so that I don't even notice it now. I've just added it to my mental list of things that I would have thought someone noticed before the car hit the showrooms (although this bothers me a lot less than all of the bugs in the various electronics).
  • Mine exhibits the same behavior post recall and I must say that I found it useful in tonights snowathon.
  • We have a 2013 Ford Escape Titanium and are also experieinceing excessive fumes. We have the 2.0 Ecoboost engine. The longer you are idle the worse the fumes get. It is definitely a concern as I am in the vehicle commuting over 1 hour each way every day. My wife has been driving the vehicle since we bought it in July. I just started driving it last week and I noticed immediately that something was not right. I saw the comments on this site over the weekend and took the vehicle to our Ford dealer on Monday 12/31/12. The service writer said he had not heard of the problem and would check with his service manager today. I will keep you all posted.
  • I've had no such issue. Although, if you are idling, and you have the heat/ac on, you will be pulling in air from the outside which may contain exhaust fumes.
  • smellsfishysmellsfishy Posts: 7
    edited January 2013
    :lemon: Update on the exhaust smell in the 2013 escape.
    The vehicle has now been in for 5 weeks! The dealer is now saying the oil leak is due to a manufactured defect in the valve cover. The new valve cover has to be shipped from Poland to the U.S. before it can be shipped to Vancouver. They would not have one shipped direct. (great service). No idea when the parts would arrive. The engine recall issue cannot be addressed until this is fixed. Not impressed.
  • The exhaust smell is caused by the oil that leaked all over the engine. The fresh-air intake is located under the hood. If you are moving, the fumes are vented by the air flow, but if you are just sitting in traffic the fumes build up and get sucked in.
  • 2013 Ford Escape. Two weeks out and I got a screw in the side wall. There is no road hazard warranty on Continental tires when they are sold with a new vehicle. If you bought them as replacement tires there is a road hazard warranty. Ouch!
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Two weeks out and I got a screw in the side wall.

    ...and that is Ford's fault how?
  • I didn't say it was Ford's fault. But it is interesting to know that road Hazard warranty is readily available from most tire manufacturers. Just not with new cars.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    But it is interesting to know that road Hazard warranty is readily available from most tire manufacturers.

    Actually the road hazard warranty is from the tire dealer, not the manufacturer.

    I've heard of several people going to a tire dealer with a new car and purchasing a road hazard warranty.
  • I had a similar experience a few years ago with a Michelin tire. There was no road hazard warranty but my local tire dealer worked with the Michelin rep for an "adjustment" on the price of the new tire (ie prorated for miles). We paid less than half price for the tire. Try this approach with your local tire dealer.
  • issue was service tech error............I had our 2013 Escape in for the first service last Friday, 12/28/2012, the technician did not put my dipstick back in so I had oil coming out from the dipstick location....fortunately the dipstick was still laying in the front of the engine compartment and I was able to take care of it......I have cleaned up everything I could get to and hopefully my issue will be tech must have been having a bad day as he also did not rotate my tires which I paid for!
  • I have noticed this issue as well........the more I am driving it the more I am getting used to it and it does not bother me as much.
  • I hope you called them on that! Have them at least give you a free steam clean and a free oil change!
  • You got that right.................going back in on Saturday morning!
  • Update: 2013 Ford Escape exhaust smell. Time in the shop.. over 6weeks! The dealer finally got a replacement valve cover and was going to try to have the vehicle ready this week. Surprise surprise, the new valve cover is damaged.
    Ford Quality is Job One! do they still use that? probably not.
  • Ever since my 2013 Ford Escape received its recall and software fix my car has major issues knowing what to do when the gas pedal is pushed. It tales 5-7 seconds before it starts to hum and then lurch and drag down to a slower speed. Very nerve wracking when driving on interstates through the Colorado mountains and you get out from behind a runaway semi with flashing hazard lights and your Ford loses speed from 60 to 45 in seconds while you are trying to speed up. Imagine this scenario playing out for almost an hour. Just glad to be here to tell about it. The dealership in Glenwood Springs. CO cannot duplicate the problem, therefore it doesn't exist. Just ask Joe, he has been there 35 years. What else could we possibly expect him to do? Anyone else experiencing something similar? We need to let Ford in on it before someone gets killed. Paula
  • usa1fanusa1fan Posts: 68
    This sounds a lot like what the EcoBoost trucks were seeing with condensation problems causing drivability and acceleration issues (bad ones!). Yours is the first report I've seen of this type of problem with one of the four cylinder EcoBoost vehicles, but I was wondering if it wasn't possible when I read about the trucks.

    It sounds pretty serious, and I'd keep on the dealership until the problem is verified, and hopefully, if possible, corrected. And please keep us informed!
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,930
    So far, after just under 3300 miles my wife's AWD Titanium is averaging just under 22 mpg.
    In my experience, it will take up to 10k miles before the drive train is broken in.
    All three of the vehicles being currently driven locally have just had their worst fuel mileage, two since last winter due to the cold weather.
    The 2013 does not fit a wheel chair as well as the '09 my wife drove before that.
    Electronics are working out great.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
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