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2012 Toyota Corolla LE daytime running lights

econfusedeconfused Posts: 6
edited August 2014 in Toyota
I just got a 2012 corolla LE. I'm wondering how the daytime running lights work. The headlights comes on automatically in dark places. But the dashboard light doesn't come on. I called Toyota and they said headlights/dashboard lights should come on automatically in dark places. I called a dealership and they said only headlights come on automatically. Who is correct?


  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Toyota is right, dealership is wrong! Perhaps the intensity switch (brightness) is turned all the way down. Look in your manual to find where this switch is, and make sure the brightness is all the way up.
  • econfusedeconfused Posts: 6
    I checked the intensity switch and it's adjusted to the full brightness. What about the rear lights? Should that come on automatically as well?
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    What do you mean by the rear lights? If you mean the rear seat lights, that's switched by the light itself by the slide switch on the light.
  • econfusedeconfused Posts: 6
    I mean the tail lights. I can't believe the dealer told me that it's working the way it should when it's not. Don't they check the car first before selling it to people? It was obviously not working before they sold the 2012 corolla le to me.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    If it's dark outside and your taillights and dash lights did not come on automatically then I would say there is either a problem somewhere or they might have done away with that feature for 2012 to make them manually switched on. I highly doubt they would have taken away the auto feature though. If you can't find any info. in the cars manual then I guess you have no choice but to drive back to the dealer and ask them how they go on.
  • jlsextonjlsexton Posts: 302
    Since you seem to be familiar with the 2012 Corolla, my wife purchased a 2012 S model. I would like to add Mud Guards, Toyota provides NO instructions with their add-ons. The parts department sent me the instructions for the door edge guards at 8 pages long, when all I wanted to know was the correct height since they are NOT full door length.

    My question to you & all, do I have to remove the plastic fascia on the rocker panels to add the Mud Guards, I'd like to know BEFORE I start.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    Nope, I did not remove anything except a few of the push-in fasteners that the instructions tell you to remove. The instructions are included with the mudguards I bought. They are Toyota OEM parts. You can find the instructions on the net if you want. I am not sure why you did not recieve instructions. ALL the Toyota parts, including 3 sets of mud flaps for 3 different Toyotas, have come with instructions, so it is not Toyota, it is your dealer or whoever sold them to you.

    I will say you must remove the rear tires, unless you use a right-angle screw driver and drill.
  • I'm also experiencing the same problem with the dashboard lights. I used to own a 2009 LE Corolla where the dashboard and the headlights would automatically turn on or off with the outside light intensity.

    I now have the 2012 LE. I noticed the daytime running headlights would be on but the dash lights are not coming on automatically. If I want them on, I'm forced to manually turn the lights on.

    Anyone know if this is a factory set default now or is mine also screwed up?
  • jessicanjessican Posts: 3
    edited August 2012
    Just called Toyota. For FYI, I was told that it's a feature that's available for the LE model WITH the upgrade package which I have. Apparently, it's not available for every model/package

    Going to go into the dealership to see why that wasn't set automatically when I got the vehicle.
  • This seems so odd.. We are on our third Corolla, always have had daytime running lights. We bought a 2012 S model and no daytime running lights. There is no "sensor" on dash .. Went to dealership and he seemed surprised but said that I guess they dont have them any longer. I cannot believe a safety feature like that would be removed from a new vehicle. When we turn on the car, no lights at all. We are in Canada if it makes a difference..
  • jlsextonjlsexton Posts: 302
    DRL's are standard on all 2012 Corolla models according to Toyota's brocure, listed under safety & convenience. They come on when one starts the car, if yours do not, you have a problem & a complaint to Toyota. I am amazed how ignorant these dealerships are. I wanted to order a Corolla with all the accessories BUT was told I had to purchase or the 0% financing would be over, either a lie to move their inbound vehicle or total ignorance....either way they tick me off. In the end Toyota lost money BUT the dealership sold their inbound car.
  • I totally agree about the dealer comment! It is on the American Toyota site but I dont see it on the Canadian site..
  • econfusedeconfused Posts: 6
    edited August 2012
    I called Toyota also and went to my dealership. By the way, my dealership(expressway toyota) is very rude. They said only the daytime runnings will be on. Dashboard lights won't be on. My 2009 corolla has both on automatically. Toyota said dashboard lights and daytime running lights should come on at night automatically. Toyota and the dealership are saying different things. My 2012 corolla has only the daytime running lights automatically on.
  • Yes, I'm also on my 3rd corolla and did have this feature available on the previous two models (2005/2009). I'm annoyed both at this change and at the attitude of the dealership. When I got the car in, the agent explained that the sensor was working properly and the dashlights would only come on when it's night outside.

    It appears that a lower intensity daytime running light comes on automatically. But if you want a brighter one AND the dash lights on, you either have to turn it on manually OR it has to be street lamps on/pitch dark outside. This is backwards. Instead of having auto dash lights during the day, it's now manual. See the wiki entry for daytime running lights in Canada for some interesting info related to increased warranty costs on bulbs.

    Wiki entry

    When I said it was a safety feature and asked if I can enter in a suggestion/complaint, I was dismissed and the rep claimed he had no avenue to lodge that information in their department.

    I ended up calling Toyota Canada to lodge my suggestion/complaint. The rep there did appear to take my issue seriously and apologized for the dealership's behaviour. I'm not 100% certain if that went anywhere tho.

    I'm basically done with this issue. There's nothing further I can do about it. Guess I'll blame my poor eyesight and lift my lazy hand to turn the darn lights on manually. At least the vehicle has a warning beep when I forget to turn them off before I leave.
  • mercurybcmercurybc Posts: 1
    i think both are right, i have a 2001 corolla, exactly like your situation, i am 100% sure there is a light sensor on these corollas..the car knows when it gets dark or is night !!...daytime headlights are always on when car is running, but dash lights and tail lights are off daytime and they come on exactly when it gets dark...i am sure it is not a problem or factory mistake , but planned on purpose...i am trying to find where that light sensor is !!
  • jlsextonjlsexton Posts: 302
    Just curious, would it not seem logical to have ALL Toyota models perform identically ? I have an 06 Avalon Limited with a mileage guage in it, whenever I fill up the MPG goes down to 0 & then increases to an average. My wife's Corolla started at 29 MPG on a trip to Florida, never went over 30 MPG & never decreases with a fillup. When I asked service why, I was told they were 2 different cars, excuse me, SO WHAT, should the guage not work the same way. I was told I had a MORE expensive vehicle, so mine gave a more accurate reading. " Stupid Is As Stupid Does".
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    You are exactly correct about running lights. The sensor is located on the dashboard near the windshield of the driver's side.
  • If this is still an issue for you econfused and anyone else on this forum or viewers, I recently bought a 2012 Corolla LE about two weeks ago and my night lights wouldn't turn on either, but my day lights were always on. So I played with it the other night. I'm not good with car terminology so bear with me.

    The stick to the left of the steering wheel that drivers use to turn on their blinking signals and normal light. You have to PULL it forward and set the light arrow to the middle setting. If you notice, when you try to switch your bright lights on it won't turn on, it will give you that steady light, however, if you pull the lever in more, and even brighter light will be visible. I took that as my normal and bright lights. I assumed I wouldn't get a clearly distinctive brighter and separate set of lights if my bright lights were originally on.

    That stream of light is WAAY brighter than the day lights, but not as bright as my bright lights. So now I can see and not guess at night (my neighborhood has no streetlamps whatsoever, I usually drive painfully slow) or risk getting a ticket.

    This car was a gift for me from my wonderful mother (she helped me pay half the balance) to send me off to college. :D

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