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2013 Cadillac ATS Lease Questions



  • sullijossullijos Posts: 4
    Hi, I was wondering how often residual values change? I assume it's monthly but I wanted to double check. I'm considering a lease of an ATS but I'm not sure if I should wait until April to see if they extend EVA to nephews and nieces like they did in February, which would save me about $25/month.

    On that note, is it possible to have a direct relative of a GM employee cosign on your lease so that you can get EVA in addition to preferred pricing?
  • I'm not sure about the GM employee question, but the end of the month is a good time to buy a car ... check this week and see if the offer is good ... you can't know until you know
  • robtroxelrobtroxel Posts: 103
    Usually when you get nearer the end of the model year, the residual does go down. That said, Cadillac seems to be very aggressive in getting the deals done so I'd love to hear what you guys are seeing for deals.
  • robtroxelrobtroxel Posts: 103
    That's a "Wow" deal!
  • What offer did you get?
  • sullijossullijos Posts: 4
    I'm in Metro-Detroit and just received a quote for the 2.5L ATS w/ sunroof, CUE, heated front seats, and polished wheels:

    Term: 36 Months
    Miles: 16,000/year
    Total Out-of-Pocket: $668
    Per month: $324 + 6% MI sales tax

    I'm going to pull the trigger if they are able to give me what I owe on my 2010 Focus. Hopefully they will work with me knowing that I will sign the lease if they do.
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    Thanks, just couldn't pass it up.
  • acncacnc Posts: 2
    Can you share the details of your deal; i.e., msrp, discounts, incentives, etc.? Also, what's the option level - base, performance, luxury, premium?
  • sullijossullijos Posts: 4
    Sure, the details are:

    2013 Cadillac ATS 2.5L w/ Sun and Sound package and heated seats
    MSRP: $36,440
    Conquest Rebate: $1,500 for competitive lease in household
    GMS pricing including EVA: Not sure but EVA was an extra $1,000

    Does that help?
  • snaabsnaab Posts: 72
    edited March 2013
    I'm from the Metro-Detroit area and have a deal on the table waiting for my go ahead:

    ATS 2.0T AWD Base (Black on caramel) with heated seats, cargo mat, emergency roadside kit. MSRP $38,390

    The lease is coming out to $296 including tax with $700 due at signing (includes plate transfer). This is a 36 month /12k lease.

    I have GMS and also have conquest with a Mercedes Benz lease.

    So cash incentives are working out to
    $1000 (GMS cash offer)
    $1500 (Conquest)
    $800 (program cash)
    $3300 TOTAL

    As a side note for the select few that it might apply to: there is a new incentive that popped up this week if you're a direct GM employee. They'll match your down payment up to $500. Sadly I'm getting my GMS discount through my dad who is a retiree so the incentive can not be applied. Oh well.

    What do you all think of my deal? It took a few days going between dealers but this is as low as I think I can get it. Will take delivery this Friday. Pretty excited!
  • snaabsnaab Posts: 72
    edited March 2013
    Looks like we're from the same area. I'm supposed to hear back from a few dealers tomorrow morning on a different car than the one I just posted on but similar to yours (although it's a 2.0T vs your 2.5). Here are the details:

    Black on caramel
    2.0T AWD base with following options:
    CUE with surround sound
    Heated seats
    All weather mats

    MSRP $40,785.

    I told them $315 including tax / month for 36 month / 12k with $700 will make me sign the papers. I'll let you know what I hear back tomorrow morning.

    Not sure if you're a current GM employee but there is a down payment matching incentive going on right now as I mentioned in my post above.

    By the way the 2.0T is well worth the extra $$ over the 2.5. Not sure if you drove one but I'd recommend trying it out.
  • sullijossullijos Posts: 4
    Thanks for the information, it certainly helps from a comparative standpoint. That sounds like a very solid deal, but my issue is needing 16k miles a year. That will add $67/month to the payment, which is a little more than what I was hoping to pay.

    However, upon arriving at the dealer last night he told me the car we had discussed was sold and is now trying to find one identical at a local dealership. If he can't find a similar one I may be forced to go to the turbo.

    What are the benefits, other than the increased horsepower and torque?
  • ahh I missed the 16k a year.

    Maybe it's more of a personal thing but to me the 2.5 felt kind of under powered for such a good handling car. Also it is only available in RWD which will be tricky in the snow. I have a RWD 2007 Miata as my daily driver and it's useless without snow tires in even a dusting of snow. However, once I put the snow tires on it it's driveable as long as the snow isn't too deep. I've made it work for 6 winters so far but only with snow tires.

    The Cadillac website has a pretty good vehicle locator. That's what I've been using when working with dealers. Here's the link: ode=48098

    I heard back from a dealer this morning on the 2.0T AWD with Cue, heated seats, and sunroof: $310.48 36/12k with $842 at signing. Waiting to see if another dealer can beat it and will pull the trigger.

    Good luck with your search. I know the 2.5 RWDs aren't that plentiful around here.
  • robtroxelrobtroxel Posts: 103
    You are Smart to pay the miles up front as long as you use them! You get the nifty dual exhaust tailpipes on the Turbo and V6. You should consider the V6 as well since it provides effortless power and very little if any mileage penalty. Don't know about any cost differential though.
  • Which package, which dealer?
  • snaabsnaab Posts: 72
    Black on caramel
    2.0T AWD base with following options:
    CUE with surround sound
    Heated seats
    All weather mats
    Cargo net
    and of course the ipad

    MSRP $40,845.

    Settled with $307.00 36/12 with $842 due at signing through Ally. Suburban Cadillac Buick in Troy, MI. Picking it up this Friday.

    You in the market? In the Detroit area?
  • That's a really good deal ... I'm in NYC, looking for V6 performance package with Nav, Cold package, and Sunroof

    I got $489 for that with 1st month ... I got $463 for Lux pack with same options
  • neil22neil22 Posts: 27
    the 310 sounds like a good deal...would you mind giving the details..MSRP, purchase price, any incentives you used (GM card, conquest etc) , and name and location of dealer..also does the 310 include sales tax .

  • msheikh25msheikh25 Posts: 15
    3.6 AWD Premium w/ sunroof, cold weather
    MSRP: $50425

    $485 with 0 down (all fees and taxes rolled in)

    VA tax is 3% on entire vehicle purchase price so this comes to a $445ish monthly for the depreciation and rent charge and $40ish for the taxes.

    I called GM marketing (800-333-4223) and was able to receive a $1000 private offer from them since I didn't qualify for any of their other current offers (the conquest or loyalty). I do currently own an RX but since it wasn't leased, they couldn't give me conquest. Not sure if that's why they offered it but I highly recommend everyone calling to see b/c it sounds like they will offer you atleast $1000.

    I had another deal worked out for 3.6 AWD Performance with 18" machine-alum wheels, cue w/ nav, sunroof and cold weather (so essentially the same car except performance instead of premium so I would miss out on the Heads up display). That deal was worked out the same way with 0 down and all taxes etc. rolled in but it was for $470 because that car had an MSRP about $500ish lower. That dealer was emailing me all day trying to get me to give up the premium and go with So that car/deal is available in the DC/MD/VA area if anyone is insterested.
  • adiaz2331adiaz2331 Posts: 15
    Do you have to have a GM card to be able to get a private offer? I have received offers from Ford but not gm, and I've never owned a Ford lol. What was the selling price of the car before all the incentives were added and what incentives were applied. I'm attempting to get a 2.0 premium rwd manual lease with cold weather and sunroof but can barely get below five hundred here in NY. Thanks
  • msheikh25msheikh25 Posts: 15
    Nope, I don't have a GM card. I just saw a message from someone on the Cadillac forums with that number posted and I gave it a shot. Glad I did...took all of 5 minutes and they emailed it out to me within a couple of hours.

    Incentives applied were the $800 for leases (I think it may only be on 3.6 but not sure) and the $1000 private offer I received.

    MSRP = $50425
    Negotiated price listed at $45530
    Gross cap cost = $48087 (this includes taxes/title + fees)
    Incentives = 1800 (mentioned above)
    Adjusted cap = $46287
  • neil22neil22 Posts: 27
    You got a terrific deal. Want to do a similar one..However, I am having a problem coming up with the calculation for the monthly payment to match yours.
    Can you tell me the name and location of the dealer that discounted the MSRP by 5,000 or 10%...
    also, what was the term of the lease in months,
    the yearly mileage,
    interest rate and
    residual value percent or the actual dollar amount at lease end.

    your response will be greatly appreciated

  • msheikh25msheikh25 Posts: 15
    Lease is 36 months 12k miles per year
    APR = 1.25% (so money factor is .00052)
    Residual = 60% of MSRP

    As I mentioned in my first post, I had two dealers willing to work that same deal before the end of the month. I ended up buying from Lindsay Cadillac in Alexandria VA because they had the premium build I wanted.

    Jim Coleman Cadillac in Bethesda, MD was the one that had pretty much the same car except in performance. The payments would have been a little lower on that ($470ish) because MSRP on it was $49,835.

    Both these deals include the $1000 private offer I mentioned though so if you cannot get that, add $30ish to the monthly payments.

    I can give you the names and numbers of the the people I worked with if you are interested and in the area. Shoot me an email. I felt really bad not going with Jim Coleman because the guy from there was the most competitive from the start and I pretty much confirmed the purchase with him until the last minute until Linsday told me they could get me the premium for the same deal.
  • msheikh25 .. That premium is a SICKKKKK deal. I'm in NY but would drive to DC for that. Which dealer?
    Also, can you write in the tens? Bank, package etc?
  • msheikh25msheikh25 Posts: 15
    Thanks! My goal was $500 or below and I didn't want to give up any options so I stuck to that until someone finally budged. Getting that extra $1000 private offer is what got me under the 500.

    Sorry, I keep leaving things out and posting bits and pieces. But I think i have everything covered from my last few posts including dealer information. The only thing I didn't mention was that its an Ally Bank lease.

    If you want any specific dealer contact info, feel free to email me.
  • neil22neil22 Posts: 27
    to: msheikh25
    thank you for your offer but your email is please email me with the names and numbers from Coleman and Lindsay cadillac

    my email is

  • Any advice on technique with GM marketing to get the private offer? Do you just have to sound excited about buying GM? I thought I'd give it a try.
  • msheikh25msheikh25 Posts: 15
    All I did when I called GM marketing was tell them I'm in the market for a new car and considering a Cadillac and heard I may qualify for additional private offers or incentives. She asked me a bunch of questions that I think they use to try to qualify you like based on location or loyalty offer. In the end it sounded like I didn't qualify for anything so she said we can offer you 1000 customer appreciation certificate. I'm not sure if owning a competing brand had anything to do with it or not but could be worth it to mention if you do.
  • No worries pal .. How'd you get the $1000 private offer?

    I love the premium, if I can get that around $480 I'm in
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