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Honda Odyssey "Groupon" Purchase In Nor Cal

norcalnativenorcalnative Member Posts: 5
Anyone interested in getting together to buy a new Odyssey in the SF Bay Area? I think if several of us get together to purchase a car, we can get a lower price than we could as individuals. I actually have a dealer I had contact who promised me a price $400 below my lowest quote if I buy with several others.

If you're looking to buy in the next few weeks, please contact me so we can get the lowest price together.


  • rpp6rpp6 Member Posts: 3
    Definitely interested. Interested in the 2013 EX model.

    Though I'm not sure how this works as a groupon.

  • norcalnativenorcalnative Member Posts: 5
    Send me a pm and we'll coordinate.
  • rpp6rpp6 Member Posts: 3
    Sorry, couldn't figure out how to private PM.
    Have you found any more takers for this?
    Are you done with your purchase?

    I live in the East Bay. Still interested.

  • dubyahdubyah Member Posts: 1
    Have you purchased your Odyssey yet? If not, let me know if you still want to do this "Groupon" purchase. I'm looking to purchase an odyssey soon. Thanks.
  • norcalnativenorcalnative Member Posts: 5
    Sorry, we've alread made our purchase. Good luck with your purchase.
  • rpp6rpp6 Member Posts: 3
    Norcalnative, Good for you.

    Can you share on the "prices paid" thread what you ended up paying?
    How much effort did it take to get a good price?

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