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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Accessories



  • Thank you Steve, and everybody, for your input. I went to that 1010 site and came up w/this chart as a comparison: (if that works).
    235 measurements 245 measurements in bold, couldn't space 'em out
    Section Width: 9.25 in 235 mm 9.64 inches/245mm
    Rim = 16" 406.4 mm Same
    Overall Diameter: 28.95 in/735.33 mm 29.50 in/749.3 mm
    Sidewall Height: 6.47 in/164.33 mm 6.75 in 171.45 mm
    Radius: 14.47 in/367.53 mm 14.75 in 374.65 mm
    Circumference: 90.94 in/2309.8 mm 92.67 in 2353.8 mm
    Revs per Mile: 718.4 705.0
    Actual Speed: 60 mph 58.8
    Speedometer Difference: ---- 1.900% too slow
    Diameter Difference: ------ 1.87%

    So, my tires are a bit larger by a few measurements here and there, not just in tread that hits the pavement (245mm), therefore giving me less revolutions per mile, I guess my Tribby is working harder to make itself go, which would effect fuel economy. I'm hoping it comes back up a bit after the next o/c, tune up, etc. I liked getting about 20 mpg, however I suppose I really can't tell since my odometer must be a bit off as well?? :confuse:
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    chimpsnest -

    sorry, my comments were aimed towards hybrid owners where there has been a lot of discussion about FE and tire rolling resistance.....from my non-hybrid SUV experience, you have upgraded by going to the michelins and should see several benefits (wet/dry traction, road noise, etc.) for the cost of a few miles per gallon
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,859
    do those michelins have a 700 treadwear rating?
    if they do(ok, they do), i have had the conti's on our escape and have the cross terrains on my explorer.
    my explorer experienced a slight bump in mileage after putting on the cross terrains.
    bear with me a bit.
    go to tirerack and look up how many revolutions per mile for each tire. this will give you the true difference of the size difference if the tires.
    not all the tires of the same size are actually the same size. i just replaced the conti's on the escape with goodyear tripletreads. they are noticeably larger than the conti's they replaced. the conti's are also a very light tire. you can get those numbers from tirerack, too.
    run about 20 miles or so on a highway with measured miles to determine your odometer accuracy. the cross terrains measure 19.8 on the trip odometer over 20 measured miles.
    i have done this several times.
    so are the cross terrains a lot quieter?
    for me, the cross terrains are not that great in bad weather.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • RE: 700 treadwear .... how would I find this out? It looks like you confirmed it?
    RE: Revs per mile, I did the comparison at the site and the 235's were around 718 rvs per mile and the 245's are 705 revs per mile (I believe, I'm going on a turkey rattled memory function right now, lol).

    I did notice a difference in road noise, but my OEM's had 86K miles on them, I think ANY new tire I put on the Trib would reduce road noise @ that point.

    I haven't noticed any slippage in rain and we have not had any snow yet.

    I've got to find a measured mile, my OD and my trip OD never meshed anyway, they were off buy a tenth or two to start with. I'll talk to the dealer about it next time I'm in there.
  • The 4% dif was because I used the wrong diameter, 14 in stead of 16. I was on and they have the equations but not a calculator. The example used a 14 inch tire and I mistakenly used that same number (in mm), thus suggesting a 4% mpg reduction instead of the correct 1.9%.

    In either case, the outside diameter of the tire (not the rim) does change as the width changes given that the profile ratio stays the same.


    Width x Aspect Ratio = Section Height
    Section Height x 2 = Combined Section Height
    Combined Section Height + Wheel Diameter = Tire Diameter

    Example: 185/60R14 85H or 185/60HR14

    185mm x .60=111mm
    111mm x 2=222mm
    222mm + 355.6mm(14")= 577.6mm or 22.74"

    The first number is the width of the tire in millimeters, measured from sidewall to sidewall. To convert to inches, divide by 25.4 In the example above, the width is 185mm or 7.28".

    The second number is the aspect ratio. This is a ratio of sidewall height to width. In the example above, the tire is 7.28" wide, multiply that by the aspect ratio to find the height of one sidewall. In this case, 185x0.60=111mm or 7.28"x0.60=4.36".

    The last number is the diameter of the wheel in inches.

    To figure the outside diameter of a tire, take the sidewall height and multiply by 2,(remember that the diameter is made up of 2 sidewalls, the one above the wheel, and the one below the wheel) and add the diameter of the wheel to get your answer.
  • Question - how do you put a tow hitch on a 2007 FEH? Apparently, this isn't available through FMC, even as an accessory. I don't want to tow anything - just want to mount a scuba tank rest for suiting up in comfort before a dive
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    Lots of FEH hitch discussion at this thread on this forum: r+hitch

    Also check photo at:

    To see how hitch has to be designed to provide access for the HVBattery A/C refrigerant lines.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,859
    the site is good for the basic information.
    tirerack will show you the actual revolutions per mile for individual tires. the treadwear info is available there too.
    like i said, nor all tires of the same size are actually the same size. i did a 30 measured mile run with my michelin equipped vehicle. it still registers 1% under(30 miles registered 29.7 on the odometer) after about 18k miles.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • yeloroseyelorose Posts: 5
    I am hoping to purchase a 2008 FEH, but I will have to install a tow hitch to carry a lift for my mother's scooter. Can anyone give me some basic info about the tow rating for a FEH?
  • im trying to do some cheap and easy mods to both interior and exterior of my car to make it stand out and more attractive...any suggestions?
  • Has anyone installed an aftermarket navigation in the 2008 Escape? I just bought the Escape w/o the nav and I'm trying to find out what the options are for getting a nav installed.

  • I am considering downsizing from an Expedition to an Escape Hybrid. A 2008 4WD FEH is a good size for daily use, but it is a tad small for hauling my family on trips. So I looked into rooftop cargo boxes from Yakima/Thule, but even with the smallest box there would be only 1/8" clearance between my garage door and the box (according to the Ford & Yakima specs).
    So -- what about lowering springs? I've seen some advertised for Gen 1 V6 Escapes that supposedly lower by 1.5" (eibach, for example).

    Obviously there a weight difference and probably a spring rate difference in the Hybrid. Does anyone know if these aftermarket springs would fit, and what the spring rates/dimensions are? I did have my Expedition XLT lowered and it improved the handling but it had truckish torsion bars instead of front coil springs.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The fuel econ penalty you will suffer from a box on the top is HUGE don't do it. Also it will substantially raise the center of gravity. Not something you want to do on an already tall narrowv vehicle with no stability control.

    You probably won't find a FEH at a dealer anyway.

  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    Mark is right. You will negate a large amount of the Fuel Economy of the FEH by using the roof top box. Unless you do what I do and use the box only for trips......the Yakimas are designed to go on and off rather quickly. In this manner you would not have to drive the vehicle into the garage with the box on top (?).

    If you need the room in the box most of the time...I think you need a larger vehicle - Highlander, Explorer, etc.

    If you only need the box room for trips (every other month or less ?) then perhaps an FEH with the box taken on and off for the trips.

    If you are going with a smaller vehicle with a full-time box on top - might as well go with a Subaru Outback or Forester or similar - they can get in the mid-20s mpg. (however, also lowered somewhat with the box on top)

    The FEH will save a lot in exhaust emissions!

    Depends on your priorities. Good Luck! :D
  • I don't plan to drag it around all the time, maybe for a couple of weeks a year. I don't want to take it off just to park the truck. Lowering the truck with shorter springs (with proper spring rates, of course) would more than make up for a plastic roof box.
    Reduced ground clearance is not an issue for me

    BTW, there were 6 2008 Hybrid Escapes and 5 Hybrid Mariners on the dealer lots in Sunnyvale CA last week, with more on the way.

    Anyway, my question is more about fit and specifications of lowering springs -- has anybody done it?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    I put in 2 orders, lets see if the get scheduled.
  • Hey Steve,

    On my stereo there is a button that is listed as "MP3 DIR" - what is that? Is there a connection for an MP3 player that i haven't found? Please email me at if you have an answer. Thanks!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Can someone help Ylclarence? I don't own an MP3 player (or a Tribute/Escape). :shades:
  • I have a 2008 Mariner and there is an input for an MP player on the dash (lower right of center) to connect an MP3 player. maybe they use the same radio on the Escape ??? :)
  • Can somebody tell me why Ford didn't include a simple
    water temp indicator or oil pressure indicator on a $ 30K automobile? :mad:
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    I had the same complaint when I first got my FEH. I believe we don't have a water temp gauge because they did not want to re-design the instrument cluster so they replaced the temp guage with the charge/assist gauge.(lazy) I believe we don't have an oil pressure gauge because it would be distracting to see it go up and down and up and down every time the ICE went off and on.

    I eventually got used to not having them. Then I bought a "ScanGauge II" it was well worth the $ can program in any gauge you want because it reaches all the sensors in the FEH.
  • Is the "ScanGuage" a PC application? or did you do something to reprogram the instrument cluster? I'm in the hunt for either a MMH or FEH, and took a dealer drive the other day. Agree with previous that Ford didn't spend a lot of money there, but frankly the rest of the vehicle was pretty spiffy. Still really pricey for the moderate increase in economy.
  • try going to best buy it for a pioneer avic-z2 or go to and check fit
    for your ford secape 08 the cost is over $2200.00
    this is were i'm going to get my gps for my ford escape 06 xlt
  • Yes the Escape has the same exact one. Plug your ipod in, put stereo on aux....enjoy!
  • New guy here. I have a 2006 Tribute 2wd 4cyl Automatic. I was looking at the after market performance/mileage booster chips and the air intake vortex products and wanted to know if anyone has tried and had any luck with them increasing MPG's.
    Thanks in advance!!!
  • I've been trying to look everywhere for this and cannot figure it out and it's not in the FEH manuals either.

    I have an 08 AWD/Limited FEH and bought it with the 2 crossbars on top ack right next to each other so I obviously have to move them/spread them out to put my surfboard rack on it...I cannot for the life of me figure out how to adjust these though, as what I THOUGHT would be the little rubber bolts you twist/unscrew to loosen the crossbars on the rack to adjust, they don't move - at all! and since they are rubber they begin to give way when I try and force it with a tool or something so i don't want to break anything.

    Any ideas? Help would be seriously appreciated, thank you!!
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    edited September 2011
    Strange, mine just unscrewed. I took them off when I got the car, maybe they get harder to remove as time goes by. I keep mine behind the rear seat; I just checked them and it does screw in and out.

    I also have the 2008 AWD with the premium package (I did not realize they had the "limited" package in 2008).
  • Hey stevedeb, thanks for the reply.

    i'm not sure where the 'screws' are, but I attached an that knob that you see on the right (where the arrow is pointing) where you are supposed to twist to loosen it up?? that's what seems to be jammed for me but i didnt want to start too hard to break something...what did you unscrew it with? :confuse:

    and you may be right, i'm not sure if they called the 08's "limited" i know it's not labeled on the car - but neither is the AWD for some reason! it's the leather seats, sunroof, navi, etc - probably the same thing? i believe the dealer labeled it as limited but maybe it's just more easily known by that because of how they label the newer models...

  • Are there any suggestions for tapping into a Switched Circuit? I use an auxillary outlet splitter that runs a number of accessories. I would like to set it up so that they shut off with the key rather than miss one power button and find a dead battery. Sure do miss the days of tracing simple circuits!
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