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Oldsmobile alero tachometer and security issues

jgarcia91jgarcia91 Member Posts: 2
edited October 2012 in Oldsmobile
Hello :)

So my girlfriend has been having some issues, suprise! First off, when you start the car the tachometer (rpm gauge) goes all crazy! It starts just fluctuating from 0-7 without affecting the engine. Secondly, the security light is on but the car starts up just fine. The odometer also switched to KM instead of miles. She tried to drive the car this morning and said that it was stalling and cutting out.

I've replaced the battery and checked the fuses thus far and still the issue continues. I heard it could be the cluster ($300 repair!) or possibly the ignition switch? I don't know, so I was hoping someone has ran into a similar issue and figured it out.

Also here's a link to a video of the occrance:



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    stellarexstellarex Member Posts: 2
    Looks like a faulty ignition.

    These things have problems with gauge clusters and ignitions.

    If you are somewhat mechanically inclined its rather easy to replace both. The iginition is a bit more tricky and expensive than the cluster. You can try going to a parts yard and ripping one out of another car (Pontiac Gran Am's have the same engine and same ignition if you need other parts as well).
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    csoanecsoane Member Posts: 1
    Did you end up getting it figured out? I have a 1999 Alero that started doing the same exact thing. What do you recommend that I do?
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    jgarcia91jgarcia91 Member Posts: 2
    Yes we did. We had to replace the whole cluster panel. It works fine now
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