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Subaru BRZ Prices Paid

kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 238,953
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    longislander1longislander1 Member Posts: 112
    I'm not shopping for a BRZ just yet, but as an owner of two Subarus, I notice that my dealership has had two BRZs sitting in stock for the last couple months. One very nice blue Premium version sits idle on the showroom floor. My understanding is that these cars were flying out the door when they were first offered for sale. I've driven them on the street and track and they represent great value for the money. However, I'm wondering whether sales have slowed due to: 1) winter weather, 2) reports of early engine problems, or 3) reports that Subaru is planning to introduce a 250-hp turbo model and a convertible. Has anyone else noticed this slowdown? Does anyone have an explanation? My dealer has been selling the cars at MSRP, but it may be time for some serious bargaining.
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    mightymeeplemightymeeple Member Posts: 1
    Wow. I can say that in the Southeast (I'm in NC) these are very hard to come by...especially manual trannies. Still looking at months to get one ordered. Can't even find a manual within reasonable driving distance to test drive.
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