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Ford Focus Owners Tell Ford What you Want!



  • zxwzxw Posts: 10
    Demographics ... ah yes, our ages or our cars, to paraphrase a certain song.

    Focus groups have found that young stay-at-home moms like the Focus wagon as an alternative to the main family vehicle which tends to be an Explorer or Expedition. Older folks like 'em too as they tend to be less expensive than other small wagons, if I dare say so.

    Then there's rogues like myself, who don't fit any category, other than the fact I like the car for what it is. Practical, yet sporty, well optioned & affordable too. Every local Philly area dealer questioned why I wanted a wagon, and kept pushing me towards a Fusion or a Mustang. For me that was the quickest way to lose a sale. I drove down to see "Big Blue" one balmy November Saturday after locating him on line at Bob Davidson Ford, near Baltimore Maryland. The sales manager asked me just once "Do you like the color" as he thought the bright aqua blue metallic might be a tad too "out there". Well, as Bart would say "Au Contraire" !!!

    I have owned 3 Focus wagons now, so I guess I'm aging with the wagon set, or perhaps the mommy set. Don't care ! Live free and drive a Ford and screw the demographics !

    ZXW Robb, and of course "Big Blue".
  • How about design the Focus to fit a baby car seat? When using the latch system, you can't even buckle into either the left or right hand seat in the back. The car seat wobbles violently.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    If your car seat wobbles, confirm that you put the seat belt into "CAR SEAT MODE" by pulling it completely out then letting it ratchet back. If you don't hear the pawls clicking as the seatbelt retracts, it is not in CAR SEAT MODE.

  • Awesome! I never thought of that. Does this mean I can get rid of the aggravating clip by using this method when using the seat belt to buckle the baby seat in?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Sorry, the belt probably needs the clip to fit right :(

    Depends on your seat, if it came with clips, you neeed the clip.

  • slinkzx3slinkzx3 Posts: 6
    note to ford. if you want the focus to compete with honda v-tecs, which zetec sounds like its supposed to compete with, your sporty version needs to be all sport. e.g. not so quiet: engine vroom vs mechanical whir, high revs and good throttle response, torque is nice but impression shouldn't diminish with rpm, egr system is dumb- i hope not completly necesary for emissions, and trick stuff like the dual-stage intake manifold from the svt.

    one little thing: speed sensitive volume knob=dumb. its on my '02 and it can be frustrating. i don't know if its gone yet on new foci or not. if not, it needs to go, just a normal knob is good.

    otherwise, focus zx3 is great. keep it around.

    08 focus might look a little too korean. go for streety look like the new civic. i hate honda but it does look cool.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Since 2005, all Foci come with a Duratec engine either the Duratec 20 or Duratec 23.

    vtec tech is so 1994. Vetec only offers 2 cam profiles. Most other car markers, including Ford, use a infinately varible valve timing setup that is computer controlled. For cost reasons though, the Foci does not have VVT. However, all Foci still have more HP than Civics except for the Civic SI.

  • slinkzx3slinkzx3 Posts: 6
    ONLY two cam profiles. last time i checked, only v-tecs had more than one profile, including cars equiped with variable valve timing. variable timing is great but it does nothing for duration or lift.

    about the duratecs. are they any good? by good i mean zippy, fast sports-compact. the zx3 was supposed to be good, but it was hardly any different from the other granny foci. its really unfortunate that they're getting rid of the hatch-backs. the focus was actually getting relatively popular in the tuner arena for its good handling. ford could really invade that segment if it had a real 'zetec' motor. the japanese cater to tuners, and now there are almost more riced-up civics than suped-up mustangs in the typical high school parking lot. :( ford needs to have something to compete with them.
  • You can't cater to everyone. If you cater to the "I've got chrome tips so my car is faster" crowd then you get no respect from those who by the car for what it is: a reliable inexpensive form of transportation, about $.22/mile to drive plus insurance.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    130 hp 130 lbft. Pretty good stats for a car in that weight range. Its very zippy with the man trans, less so with the anchient 4 speed auto.

    I'm only 35 and in my memory, cars have gone from 3 speeds to 7 speed auto trans. Ain't tech great?

    Incidently, those who want a really sporty compact should check out the Mazda3. Its pretty much everything thats gout about the Focus turned up a notch.

  • Honestly, I felt the Focus ST had a sportier "feel" than the Mazda3. The ST felt quicker, more responsive, torquier, and is 270 lbs lighter. The Mazda3 was more refined, but that took some of the fun out for me.
  • slinkzx3slinkzx3 Posts: 6
    The "I've got chrome tips so my car is faster" crowd is not the same as the tuner crowd. Tuners are gearheads who mess with smaller engines. "I've got chrome tips so my car is faster" people are people who don't know any thing about cars and "reliable inexpensive form of transportation" people are just setting themselves up for an expensive mid-life crisis.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757

    Also known as "performance enthusiasts"
  • slinkzx3slinkzx3 Posts: 6
    nice. i guess 'gearhead' is outdated now then.
    "performance enthusiasts" just doesn't ring though.
  • I bought a new 2.0 ses wagon in Aug.05 (in Florida) It is the first new car I have ever owned. As of May '07 It has clocked up 38,000 miles. I am plagued by bad starting (since around 30,000) and it has always returned poor m.p.g. (around 23) I have no engine light on! When I took it into a ford dealership in Monterey ca they did'nt want to know! I have changed the gas filter, plugs. and it is no better.
    Of course! now it is out of warranty. My wife is urging me to trade it in for a Toyota. This car has left a sour taste in my mouth and I will never buy another Ford again. I wake up each morning wondering if it is going to start. I have sent off for a obd2 scanner 'just to see if I have any codes that will help me address the problem, and will write back with the results in three weeks time as of May 1st 07 :mad: Martinturner
  • comp386comp386 Posts: 56
    This may be a dumb question but have you checked your tire pressure. Recommended pressure is 35 PSI. My fuel economy dropped about 10% when my pressure dropped to 25. I thought that was okay until the maintenance group told me that recommended was 35.
    I've had a problem with my 05's starter, but only once and never really resurfaced. The Focus has a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty so I'd recommend that you take it back to the dealer and demand it get fixed. Sounds like you have a pretty lousy dealer.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,861
    i am guessing you have an automatic transmission. what are the epa estimates? what is your typical type of driving? do you run the ac/defroster often?
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • I have a 2006 Ford Focus SES, when the roads are wet with snow and ice my brakes do not work,I slide right through the stop sign or I should say drive through the stop sign as my wheels are definetly turning,also the brake petal goes hard.What is this all about? EKN
  • I have owened focus wagons since they were escorts. 3 in all plus 5 other fords since the early 80's including the 20th edition mustang which I still own. I have just bought my first non ford in over 20 years becaus ford does not have a focus wagon or anything to replace it. when my escort wagon deid and I could not replace with another focus wagon like I did in 03 my problems started.
    I saw why it was the best wagon for countless years. everything in that class is to expensive or underpowered since I pull a 1000 pound pop up camper with it. I hate SUVs and mini vans.
    Totally by mistake I found a wagon they classified as a suv and because of its maker it is easy to see the mistake. When a wagon owner looks at it it is a great wagon but a ok suv. I got a 07 Jeep compass with a 170hp 2.4, 17' tires and double the focus towing at 2000 pounds. Just like the focus you need a 5 speed and stay away from AWD.
    I have shown to other upset focus owners and reviews are great in the focus replacement catagory. Priced at about 16,000 it is in the price range.( cheaper than what ford would sell me a 4 door focus for. )

    Judge for yourself

  • markus5markus5 Posts: 102
    This is an update of this post from Oct. 06
    I have put on 25K miles since needing to replace original Front rotors / pads and Pirelli P6 all seasons. I was not completely happy with FORD on this account. The replacement equipment (not Ford parts) seem to be performing and wearing alot better than original equipment.
    With nearly 50k on the odometer today I am fortunate that I migrated to the dedicated winter tire and wheel set-up. This really enhances the Focus fun-to-drive character to even a higher level, especially when the High performance summer wheels and tires are in place.
    The PZEV 2.3 is a very responsive power source for this car and clean as anything except maybe a Hybrid.
    In my opinion Ford is making a mistake in the marketing strategy for this car. should it not be emphasized that this is a car for the environmentalist that also enjoys the drive ?
    Ford is not going in this direction though. First the SVT, than the ST is gone, performance does not seem to be in the equation.
    Looking at the 08 model, this is more than apparent.

  • First let me say I've owned both a Toyota Tacoma and a Corolla and frankly you couldnt give me another one! If you get one you'd better hope it's one of the "good" ones because getting anything but the most prefunctory service is a joke. Having been an insurance adjuster I know a bit about cars and kept telling them what the problem was, but they kept throwing "stuff" at the vehicles trying to put a bandaid on the problem instead of doing a suitable fix. Finally, after no less than 7 trips for the same problem, Toyota told me it was just something that was normal to the vehicle and to quit worrying about it because they werent going to spend any more money on it--not mechanical so my attorney told me would be hard to go under the lemon law. On both of mine and a friend's as well, rattles, weird noises, and really cheap paint jobs were the norm. The real problem with Toyota though is that there are so few dealerships to get work done and, as is the case where I live, one is so bad, you only have one other within 30 miles. One Toyota mechanic told me it is hard to really fix problems because they are only given the "book" time and if they cant fix it in that time, they should just put they cant duplicate the problem and move on. As for your poor mileage, try getting the full fuel system cleaning--including injectors, throttle body etc. Runs anywhere from $140-$160 and is good no matter what car you own. A poor injector spray pattern or heavy carboning of the throttle body will seriously affect mileage. I routinely make this "fix" a part of my 15k service and have never had problems. Also try larger diameter plug wires and the better K and N air filter. And have you had the fuel filter replaced at l5K intervals as well? These often will make a noticeable difference in your gas mileage as well as not doing jack rabbit starts. BTW, I love my 06 wagon. Good luck!
  • With so much available as extras, it surprises me that there is only the one interior light up forward and not one back in the cargo area of my 06 Focus wagon. But I guess if they wont do rear head restraints why would they do a rear light?
  • My 03 ZTW does have a rear cargo light--wonder why they got rid of it in later model years???
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 570
    My 2006 Wagon had a rear cargo light. Are you sure the switch is in the right postion?
  • I don't own a Focus. I was sitting next to a new 08 at a light and thinking... "If they have the money to burn putting useless fake chrome fender vents on the car, how come they can't include an important safety feature like rear seat head restraints"?
    Not to mention those cheap side view mirrors that break off instead of fold.

    Just about every other car now has rear head restraints or at least a hump on top of the rear seat. Just because the government does not require it here, doesn't make it right... it makes Ford look CHEAP!!!
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Folding side view mirrors are not to prevent breakages, the are to make the car skinnier when it comes on a ship from Japan. Focus doesn't come on a ship, hence no folding mirrors.

  • "Folding side view mirrors are not to prevent breakages, the are to make the car skinnier when it comes on a ship from Japan. Focus doesn't come on a ship, hence no folding mirrors."

    Wrong. I lived in Japan for 8 years and owned a couple real nice cars with folding mirrors NEVER to be exported out of Japan (and thus never to be put on a boat).

    Limited parking and narrow roads are the root cause for folding mirrors; the result of the folding mirror is to keep them from getting snapped off.

    They are also cool and have utility.

    Wish I had them on my ZTW (knock on wood) and will have them on my C30... :shades:
  • really?

    but what about all the cars made in this country that are not exported out?

    Like my Subaru Outback... or a Buick Lucerne or an Accord?
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "My 03 ZTW does have a rear cargo light--wonder why they got rid of it in later model years???"

    The '03 had everything! It's the only one w/ available AdvanceTrak (ESP) &, at least in California, the macho-size (PZEV) 2.3 4-cyl, which rest of world can't even get!

    But why should buyers in this country deserve the best? They are the biggest cheapskates that forced this poor German-engineered Focus to be sold at the lowest price in the world.

    The ESP (stability program) is more effective than any other safety device when comes to saving lives. The Focus gave us a chance, but the low demand screwed it. Now it's discontinued. & my Focus ST cannot be equipped w/ it thanks to you! :mad:

    I only wish there's a mechanic out there to retrofit this Euro-tuned non-intrusive ESP into my Focus ST.
  • "The '03 had everything! It's the only one w/ available AdvanceTrak (ESP) &, at least in California, the macho-size (PZEV) 2.3 4-cyl, which rest of world can't even get! "

    Copy that. My ZTW had EVERY option except the sun roof. Dropped in value so fast it was amazing. You know what you gotta do when that happens...KEEP IT :shades:

    FWIW, I've had ZERO issues with the car, it sticks on curves as well as my '86 GTI (It's shod with Falken's), constantly gets called a Volvo, and looks pretty sweet with a nice dark tint.

    Matter of fact, Momma decided NOT to get a Lincoln MKX, so she could drive it...(oh, I'm getting a Volvo C30, hoo ya!) OK, she's getting another piece of jewelry and I played the guilt card on her...
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