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Ford Focus Owners Tell Ford What you Want!



  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    I am a relatively satisfied Focus owner; have an 04 ZTS that is the daily commuter from home to work, about 500 Km per week. Just over 84500 KM on the clock and really no big issues, surprisingly. Was just on a 3 week vacation in France, in the Nice and Monaco area. Saw a lot of small cars over there, including Focus. Got to be honest, if Ford doesn't make that version of Focus available here, the same as the European version, I'm off to import land for the replacement. Those cars are great looking, lots of variations from the 2 door hatch to the sedan and wagon to a CUV looking version. All with turbo Diesels. Why on earth would Ford force us to buy last century technology when they seem to have the latest, greatest in spades on the books? They have folding mirrors, I'd bet a low washer fluid lamp (why would that not be a standard feature!!!!!!), great looks and performance based on what I saw on the roads; just makes absolutely no sense. For all you buyers out there, try to surf to the European site to see what's there; I'd bet you'll be very disappointed. If you're looking at this, Ford, be ware; I'm sure that I'm not the only one in this camp. They also have a Festiva over there, which is another great concept for urban commuters over here.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    Didn't you know that the exterior of the MkII C-1 Focus is so fat that even the Lexus LS430 is just a little skinnier? I've seen so many of those new C-1 Focus all had their right fender wheel arch scrapped in places such as Taiwan, where lots of residential streets are very narrow.

    The Fiesta may have a slim body (& yes, we'll get the new one w/ beautiful styling, too.), but it's just a low-tech vehicle w/ torsion-beam rear suspension so you'll never get both ride comfort & handling.

    So we are still the only lucky ones getting the 20th-century Focus, which got both a slim body & the comfy multi-link rear suspension. :P
  • markus5markus5 Posts: 102
    I also have an 04 with approximately the same mileage (55,000 miles). I would say that I am somewhat more than "relatively satisfied".
    It was on the strength of my experiences with 2 other Euro-fords that I bought my current Focus. Both of these vehicles were driver oriented and fun to drive and comfortable.
    The first of these was a 1967 Cortina GT, the other car, a 1978 Ford Fiesta was bought used in the early 1980's. The Cortina was far superior to the Pinto which replaced it in the U.S. market.
    In a former lean business period for Ford it was their European operations that kept the company afloat. It appears that it will be that way again according to reports that I know about. The Europeans see a quality performance vehicle for a lower price than the Mercedes or BMW., and they purchase it . I don't think that they believe it is a cheap American product.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    The Ford Cortina/Sierra/Mondeo in Europe was eventually out sold by the more-expensive BMW 3-series.

    It was the Focus w/ the Control Blade 4-link rear suspension introduced in Europe during the late '90's that wowed BMW, who was then immediately interested in buying the whole C-170 Focus platform. BMW changed its mind later, possibly for image reason, but ended up applying the similar principle as the Focus suspension in the new 5-link suspension now used in the new 3- & 1- series.

    But look how over weight these new 5-link RWD Bimmers are -- several hundred pounds heavier than the 4-link FWD Focus!
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Thats like saying that Washington Apples are better than other types of apples because more people buy Washington Apples than Florida Oranges....

    Mondeo is in a different catagory than the BMW 3-series. What that statistic shows is that people who have the money to afford the European taxes on that size of a car want a more expensive car.

  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I am 43 years old and would like to buy a small car in the next 4 years. The Focus needs a 6 speed automatic, a small, powerful, high MPG power plant. Offer substance, nav, heated seats, leather, 4wheel disc brakes, traction control a list of options. At least OFFER them! I know the Focus is considered an entry level car. But is doesn't have to be. There is a market for people like me that would buy a Focus if it had some substance, some options that midsize sedans offer. The 08 is a step in the right direction. Drove one, and it is a big step in the right direction. Keep going your almost there..
  • Not only is there no filter there is no means to install one as in the earlier model years. In it's place there is a plastic box with a wire screen glued into place. Is there any way to back date this on my car? All I need is a part#. I have the ambition and the need for it's installation. Ford says no. I finally decided to buy USA and find the "European designed" car cheapened for the American market.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    of this thing (Yes, extra-long springs will be appreciated):

    but not cramped rear leg room like the V50.
  • llinollino Posts: 1
    I'm having a dispute with Ford in Brentwood Essex with regards to warranty. I have a Ford Focus manufactured December 2000, so making the car 9 years 6 months; the cover is for 12 years on the perforation warranty.

    The issue has been ongoing since Feb 2009. I noticed a strip of rust along the passenger door at the bottom. I took the car to my local Ford Dealer in Andover Hampshire for a Path test whereby the technicians and Manager deemed this to be a manufacturing issue and should be fixed through warranty.

    I tried on numerous occasions to get this put right and was told it was through my neglect (the driver side is completely clean so am I only neglecting one side of my car!!) I then took Ford to court for this cost of approx £340 to put right.

    We agreed eventually March 2010 through mediation that Ford would pay 50% and I would pay the remainder. I took the car to the local franchise and was told the rust had penetrated too far and the car would need a new door costing approx £1100, they told me this still should be covered under the warranty. I was told and have since been told by Ford in Andover, off the record of course, to keep pushing as "The Warranty Department" are not doing anything in this current climate.

    I went back to the warranty department to explain about how the rust had got worse and they still would not help me saying they agreed to pay what they had agreed through mediation even though they agreed that they didn’t think the rust would have evolved as far as it has in a year, they still were not going to help me. I even asked if they could pay me the original 50% so I could try and find a second hand door and replace this myself, but no chance. I then explained that I would take this back to court to claim for the full amount of replacing my car door, I have to start from the beginning again which is looking at another year or so.

    So I don’t feel that I have been treated fair at all and I recently saw a quote from a guy call Scott Monty - Fords big twitter on a website and I wonder if Monty could put his spin on this as to why I am left not a happy bunny. He quotes - "If the brand is well established and has fans, nine times out of 10 that community will defend your brand." - well there is a Ford Car Sales in Andover and I wonder how many times out of 10 the community will not defend the brand if I visit and voice my opinions on a busy Saturday morning, there will be no come back on me as mine is a factual statement. Ford may stand to loose a few thousand pounds so what is £1100 to a European multi billion company like Ford I ask myself and anyone else who has an opinion.

    The facts are warranty means nothing as long as you buy the car the rest goes out the window come on Ford help me and bring back my faith in you
  • amydunne1amydunne1 Posts: 1
    When I first bought my 2003 Focus in 2005, it had transmission problems and was supposed to have been fixed. I just had it rebuilt and it cost me $2400. I think there is a transmission issue in these cars. Also, my truck lock don't always work, it gets stuck and won't shut right and the ford dealership couldn't even fix it, what is up with that? Been dealing with that since I bought it.

    You can call me with these issues anytime or email me at if you really care about these issues.

    Thank You,
    Amy Hendricks
  • wes30wes30 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2008 ford focus from local dealer wanted to buy a new 1 and salesman refused to show me a new car showed me me the 2008 Focus he wouldn't give us a lisence plate to drive it on highway then we were waiting to buy it like dummies and he went to get title couldn't find it then the lady at desk said it was in slot for cars that wasn't suppose to be sold we bought it any way like dummies and we got half a mile from dealership when the wheels were wobbling so bad we allmost lost got in a wreck took it back to dealership and the salesman was laughing thought it was funny he got us good
  • Glad to see that the 2010 Ford Focus was first in J.D. Power initial quality. If that holds up, then there should be little risk in standing behind your product by upgrading your warranty to match Hyundai's 5-year, 60,000-mile warranty.
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