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2014 Acura TLX

hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
edited August 2014 in Acura
If the past is prologue, the 2014 TL should be redesigned based on the 2013 Accord platform, and should be all-new. I expect a prototype to be displayed at a 2013 auto show before midyear. Maybe the New Yortk auto show will feature it, since I believe that was where the 2013 RLX was first shown to the American public.

If anyone hears or sees anything, or already knows something they can share regarding the 2014 TL, please let us know here.


  • hi,

    is there any new infomation available on the 2014 tlx? thanks.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    Not yet. Maybe there will be somthing from the Chicago Auto Show this month, or the New York show in April.
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    Latest rumors are TLX will not be shown until January 2014 and released in March 2014. I hope that is not true as TL and TSX sales are in the tank and Acura needs a car that sells.
  • gvbgvb Posts: 45
    No unveiling until Jan'14? Sounds like a major mistake to inform the public of a redesign, then wait through the end of '13 before you can even see it. Who's going to buy a '13 TL this fall, knowing in a few months there's going to be a new generation on showroom floors?

    I sincerely hope we get an inside look within the next 3-4 months. Had my '06TL ruined by some dumb S.O.B. just a week ago and looking to stay with Acura in my next purchase. Not a fan at all of the current TL and can't wait to see what they've come up with in their re-design. If it misses the mark again in terms of styling, then I'm back to the drawing board and may defect over to Audi or Lexus...Here's hoping Acura does it right and does it soon.... A 6 spped manual would be wise for them to keep as an option as well...;-)
  • What are you saying in regards to your comment on release dates?
    Manufacturers do that all the time (release date of new models).
    Perfect example, the Q (I cannot remember the number) is going to replace the G37 in a few months- what does that mean, the G37 sales are going to come to halt?
    Bottom line, that's how the industry works.
  • snow__driversnow__driver Posts: 2
    edited March 2013
    At least that's what the local dealer told me yesterday.

    Who's gonna want a 2014 TL? The 2013 Accord has a lot of great new tech standard. New Earth Dreams engine, direct injection, with an Econ mode, available CVT. Lighter stronger steel. Backup camera. Lot of great affordable options like lane watch and lane departure systems, Hondalink, LED lights, etc. Not to mention the new Accord actually is very good looking relative to it's competition. I assume the 2015 TLX will be built off this platform.

    But they better do a really good job on the appearance (the 2014 RLX flagship is a tremendous looks like a larger ILX at best and is hideous compared to redesigns like the 2014 Infiniti Q50).
  • Who's gonna want a 2014 TL?

    Probably me.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,288
    billy....I don't think there's been any release date set for the new TL. Dealers can say anything they want. But, I believe the manufacturers aren't necessarily forthcoming about what abouth their new releases.

    This is all speculation, but given Acura's history of how they roll out redesigned vehicles, there should be the possibility that they announce a '14 TL-S, with a revamped suspension and massaged drivetrain before a totally new TL is produced.

    Again, speculating about their product line up, the ILX replaces the TSX in '14. Some form of a TL-S becomes a "one year only" sport model of the current TL. RLX is the big news at the top of the lineup. Then, they have their SUV line up.

    Not saying any of the above will happen. But, it's just as realistic as any dealer saying definitively that '14 will be the year for the totally redone TL.

    Acura in particular, has always been tightlipped about new model roll outs. And, they rarely, if ever, roll out more than one total revamp per model year. In '14, that will be the RLX.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • Graph- I am pretty much familiar with Acura's game plan- on my second TL 03 and now 09. I skipped the 3rd generation because it did not offer AWD. I was only replying to the poster who was wondering who would buy a TL knowing all the features the Accord has to offer. To be all honest, I am currently itching for A6 Prestige or probably 535XI or 550 XI. Reality check, new house, 529 plans and beefing up investment and savings accounts.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,288
    billy....economy is starting to come back. Not a bad idea to beef up investments right now. Totally understand that.

    Gotta say, when I take the Audi in for oil changes, they usually put me in an A6. Performance isn't that far off an S4 with the 3.0 SC motor. Plus, for a big car, it handles really well. Not a bad way to go. To get the same thing in a 535 or an E350, you're hovering in that $60K range.

    Not the Prestige, but the Audi dealer says the A6 Premium Plus with Navi, blind spot, Bose, 3.0, would be in that $55K range, maybe less with some work at the negotiation table.

    I saw the RLX at the auto show. I'm trying to figure out where the TLX can go? I'm thinking since the new Accord shrunk (a little), the new TLX will, too. Still, interesting what might be a 2014 TL-S. Would they add a few ponies and the PAWS system from the RLX?

    I've seen some crazy sketches of what some think it might look like. But, they don't know any more than I do.

    Like you, I have a big soft spot for the TL. Be interesting to see where it's going.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    Acura badly needs a successful sedan on the order of the '99-'03 and '04-'08 TLs. Maybe the '14 TLX will be that car.

    The new RLX got a negative review in a recent issue of The Wall Street Journal. Among the comments, Dan Neil, the reviewer, said the RLX, Acura's flagship sedan, is little more than a larger, heavily contented Accord. While adapting Honda's FWD architecture to a car with E-Class and 5-Series fighting pretensions saved money, the result is a car that doesn't accomplish its mission, in the reviewer's opinion. Further, it's not even an effective competitor to the A-6 Quattro. Was Dan Neil too critical of the RLX?

    Incidentally, Consumers Reports rated the 2013 A-6 best-in-class; better than the E-Class or 5-Series.

    It should be mentioned that the RLX will be available with AWD later this year. The AWD version will also have more power. I hope the WSJ tests that model too, to see whether that will make the RLX more competitive with its German rivals. And, let's not forget Cadillac, which just introduced an all-new, larger CTS to take on the Germans. Plus, Lexus, Infiniti and Jaguar aren't standing still.

    There were many years when Acura cars were important players in the entry luxury car segment, and one level higher with the Legend and NSX, but in recent years Acura's successes have only been in SUVs and crossovers. Or maybe there's still hope for the RLX, once the AWD version becomes available.
  • newcarmannewcarman Posts: 55
    Anyone have any info as to when they think the New TLX will be arriving??

    According to the saleman that i know from Acura he tells me that there will be a 2014 TL in the Fall and then a 2015 will follow
    I hope that hes wrong
    Did anyone hear anything about a New REDESIGNED 2014 TLX??

  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    Yes, just yesterday I read that the next generation TL will be introduced in Spring 2014. It'll be based on the current Accord, as expected. No details were given, other than it'll be a little smaller than the current TL. I don't recall where I read this.

    The 2013 Accord has gotten good reviews, whereas the reviews of the new RLX haven't been too favorable.
  • wendyb3wendyb3 Posts: 1
    I love my 2005 TL and never get tired of looking at it! It's silver, sleek and Acura got it right on this model...why they changed it to perhaps (IMO) the ugliest car on the road is beyond me.

    When are they coming out with the new TL? I am looking at the MB C300 4matic and the BMW 328xi and today, started thinking the 37X might me an option. I would like to buy another TL (this one is my 3rd) but it it's as big and ugly as the current model. I am headed out of the Honda family after owning 5 of their cars.

    Anyone have any ideas about what's happening with the design or when the release date will be?
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    I read the '14 TL will be introduced next summer. It'll be slightly trimmer than the current TL, as it'll be based on the '13 Accord platform. It'll probably be a little larger than your '05, though. Hopefully, it'll look better than the current generation TL (it would be hard to make it look worse).

    Have you considered an Accord V6 EX-L, if you need to buy soon? That's as close to your Acura as Honda makes, and it's less expensive than the near luxury models you mentioned. Of course, the Accord, even a loaded up one, doesn't have the prestige of a luxury brand, nor does it have all-wheel-drive. It may be worth checking it out, though.

    In case you're wondering, I don't work for an auto company, and never have.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,288
    hpm....mentioned earlier, I helped my sister buy a '13 TL SH AWD Advance (that's a mouthful). I owned a 2010 version. The new one is a good looking car....very classy.

    I liked the way my '10 looked, but the public in general did not.

    She also looked at the new Accord. The TL is a significantly better handling car, as is the suspension (Accord uses struts...a cost cutting move, the TL uses more expensive and refined double wishbone). Just feel the controls and compare, back-to-back between the two and you'll see where the TL uses better materials than the Accord.

    Given the deep discounts on the TL, I'd choose it over an Accord right now. Plus, the resale on the TLs are always strong. They come with a stronger engine, and a better warranty, too.

    For the money, you'd be hard pressed to find something comparable to the TL.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • billyperksiibillyperksii Posts: 198
    Grap -as you know I have the 09 and I still get lots of compliments.
    I have been told several times that my car looks brand new after almost 4 years. I still think the refreshed model is a little too soft for my likings, they took away the quad faux pipes which really makes the car look aggressive from the back and several other touches that I will not get into. Have you ever seen the 3rd and 4th generation side by side? I personally skipped the 3rd generation because of the Accordish look and it blended in too much with the Camrys and Altimas-just my opinion. The A6 and 535/550 is calling my name but I am holding on to this TL a tad bit longer.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,288
    edited June 2013
    Billy....lots of people liked the 3G. Personally, I think the 4G was a quantum leap forward ahead of the 3G TL-S.

    Can't go wrong with an A6 3.0, which is less expensive but a better car than the 5 Series.

    I'm waiting to see the '14-'15 TL (which is usually much better than the RL(X). I should be ready to trade the S4 by then.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • billyperksiibillyperksii Posts: 198
    I am waiting too but more than likely I will go German ( I have been driving Japanese since 2000), the new Q50 from Infiniti seems to be bringing back the same v6 from the currrent G37.
    The TL right seems to satisfy my every need but a little more low end torque would be nice.
  • newcarmannewcarman Posts: 55
    hey people

    I got some exciting news Got it a few days ago from an acura dealer in the NY area

    The all new 2014 Acura TLX will be available sometime in SEPTEMBER Totally Redesigned Thats all i have as of now
  • billyperksiibillyperksii Posts: 198
    Get real- no way that logically makes sense.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,288
    Billy....not seeing a new TL(x) at all rolling out in a few weeks....maybe Sept of 2014.

    The TL SE model (base with some tech features added on) is coming very soon. But, it's identical to the current TL (base).

    I see Acura is pushing the new MDX, hot on the heals of the new RLX (which I'm ambivalent about since I saw it at the auto shows last winter).

    As you mentioned, the Q50, with the same gruff, thirsty V6 and the same old (and complained about) trans wouldn't be on my radar, either.

    I'm liking your thoughts about an A6 more and more. But, I am really interested to see the 2015 TL(x) when it does arrive.

    Size wise, I wouldn't want to go any bigger than the current TL. My Audi (S4) seems to be the perfect size for me, though. I don't know where they'll take it from here, however.

    The new 3 Series has left me underwhelmed. Don't care about the 5 series.

    That brings me right back to the new TL when it's available.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • billyperksiibillyperksii Posts: 198
    Speaking of the A6- My neighborhood dealer is trying to entice me, he said with my mileage, condition of the car and what I owe-7K of equity is availabel right now if I decide to buy this month. I like that bait but I am going to be prudent and hold on until the new TL shows its face- not that I am going that way again- just to see it for seeing sake.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,288 biggest complaint about my Audi is the local dealers. I have only two of them. Neither has been very helpful when it comes to service. I didn't buy it locally, as I made a much better deal (saved almost $4K) when the former GF and I shopped in Chicago (live in Cincinnati).

    Even when I complained to Audi Customer Relations, I had one of their phone supervisors tell me (paraphrasing)..."what do you expect? You didn't buy it from the local dealers."

    That's a far cry from the service I received from my former BMW or Acura dealers. Both were superb.

    Still, if you can find a good Audi dealer, I'd at least test the A6. The times I've had one as a loaner, I've been impressed. Even using the $7K equity, and let's say $3K discount on an A6 3.0 Quattro Permium Plus, you're still knocking on the door of $45K plus for the A6.

    Even the current TL SH AWD Advance will come close in size, tech and performance. You might give up some of the trick Audi tech, and some nice wood in the interior.

    If it weren't for me being seduced by the outstanding performance of the S4, I could be tempted back into the Acura fold, depending on what the '15 looks like and how it performs.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • newcarmannewcarman Posts: 55
    It doesnt make sense Then why then Mr Doubting Thomas why dont you call CURRY ACURA

    Im not going to argue with you Thats the info i received in an email from a representative
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,288
    newcarman.....I'm curious about the '14 TLX. While I agree with Billy, can you call the dealer and ask for the specifics of the '14 TLX?

    I'd love to hear the response.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • billyperksiibillyperksii Posts: 198
    That answers the question- Curry Acura, voted the most sleeziest and deceiptful dealership in my book.
  • newcarmannewcarman Posts: 55
    I can send the representative an email for you and will try to get more info on the car

    Last time i got an email about 2 weeks ago she told me that the car was redesigned and is coming out in september
  • newcarmannewcarman Posts: 55
    What more can i say If they dont have any further info we have to wait
    If you dont believe me then why dont you or billy call curry acura yourself and ask them when the TLX 2014 is coming out The specifics i would say arent in yet Too early ??
    You still wouldnt believe it until you see it in stone LOL So thats all i could tell you
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    I read in Automotive News that the new TLX will be introduced in Summer 2014, or maybe it's Spring (can't remember which now, but it was one of those two time periods).
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