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Outback just won't start!

jbrotjbrot Posts: 1
I have a 2003 Outback. A friend of mine took me to the airport and used the car. She did not have the alarm fob and set the alarm off. After a few hours of the alarm going off, she was able to get the fob (long story) and reset the alarm. The car ran for two days after that then would not turn over. My mechanic could not figure it out he looked at the following: Not the battery (new as of this August), he replaced the fuel pump and that wasn't the issue (he did not charge me because he could not figure out the problem-he is awesome!!!) He bypassed the kill switch and still could not get it to turn over. The starter is turning and the plugs are firing. It is now at the dealer and they want to charge me 250 above the 135 to continue running diagnostics to figure out the problem...any ideas? (ll bean 3.0)


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