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Need help- hate my hubcaps on Malibu

I have a 2008 Malibu that I purchased as a certified used car. It has very blah hub caps. (the plastic kind). The salesman told me at the time it would not be a problem to buy ones I like better. After I bought the car I found out Chevy does not make another hubcap for my car unless I want to buy the very expensive ones- I guess they're stainless steel. i think I have 16 inch wheels. Can anyone help. I want something pretty and sporty. Mine are blah blah. Hubcaps add pizzazz to a car. My Malibu is plain white. Help! My Malibu I believe is an LS. I got it in 2010 for a good deal. I miss my jazzy Sunfire.


  • Every tire dealer sells alloy wheels. If you want to upgrade your wheels go with alloys. They aren't too expensive for 16" wheels. If you want snap on hubcaps look at the auto supply stores like Auto Zone.
  • Thank you so much. Are alloys and snap on hub caps the same? If not, what exactly are alloy wheels? Sorry for my ignorance. I only buy cars when my old one is falling apart and my most of my cars came with really pretty hub caps or whatever. This is the first one that did not and I was led to believe Chevy had many choices. But after I bought it the parts department told me that Chevy did not make one to fit my car, except for the very expensive "wheels" I think they are called.
  • Alloy wheels are the complete wheel. What you have are steel wheels with plastic snap on hub caps. You are buying the whole wheel and the place you buy them will take your old wheels and the hubcaps in trade. Your tires will be put on the new wheels.
  • That sounds rather expensive. Any idea on cost?
  • It depends on which alloy wheels you buy. I'm not a tire dealer. Any tire store will sell alloy wheels and can give you complete price information.
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