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question about overall quality of t and c 2012-2013

would like to know has the overall quality on the town and country vans in 2012/2013 gotten better .have read a lot on here about brake issues ,i have a sienna and it is on its 3rd set of front brakes in 72000 miles so that is hardly anything to crow about. I realize any vehicle van or otherwise can be a lemon but it seems like chrysler have more then other makes . but i am curious if the town and country have gotten better or are still troublesome.


  • Toyota Sienna Mini Van Spontaneous acceleration Our Minivan spontaneously accelerated. I don't know if you know Toyota has been having this issue with older models, but ours is a 2012 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited All wheel drive mini van. I put on the Brake to let my wife out when the van took off as if I had the gas pedal to the floor, yet my foot was on the brake. We kept moving, so I pushed the stop/ignition button and the van would not stop. I then put on the emergency brake and the van was still moving, I watched the RPM's keep going up on the tachometer. I then pushed the off/ignition button again, still would not stop, my next step was to put it in neutral, but I didn't want to blow the engine, so I pushed the off/ignition button again and the engine finally stopped. We were freaked out we had only read about this not thinking it would ever happen to us. Now the biggest problem is I don't feel comfortable having wife drive the van anymore. I called Toyota of Nashua, they basically said we can inspect it and call Toyota of California. I called Toyota of CA and they seemed nice and talked about giving us a loaner car. Both Toyota of Nashua, NH and Toyota of California both inspected the van and said “there is nothing wrong with the van”. They said you can come and pick it up. There are many YouTube Video showing this problem and even re-enacting the situation, yet Toyota claims user error. I have grown up working on cars for about 35 years, I fixed and driven cars hard. I’ve done things with cars that most people only see in the movies. I can promise you it was not user error and it was not the floor mats FACT!!! BEWARE Toyota & Lexus Owners
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    I just bought a 2013 Chrysler T/C and compared to my 2005 Dodge GC. it's much better and I had little problems with the 2005. Fit and finish is a lot better. With so much new electrical stuff you get with it, I bought the Maximum Care Package for around $2,300.00 that gives me Life Time bumper to bumper warranty to the orginal owner on everything but wear items. The package includes shocks, small dent repair, towing/roadside assistance, with $1,000.00 trip interrupt protection and car rental allowance up to $175.00. With only a $100.00 deductible. I don't know how you can beat that.
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    One source of info is here: You can select the year, make and model of each vehicle you are researching. The 2012 T&C has at least 3 recalls and 10 user complaints as of this posting. The 2012 Sienna (mentioned only because it was referenced in previous post above) also has at least 3 recalls and 17 user complaints as of this posting.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
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    I was wrong on a life time warranty. It's for 7/70, although you can get one for life.

    Must say this Chrysler Touring L is just so nice compared to what I could get 0n my old 2005 Dodge GC. It's hard to believe they were made by the same company. I'm sorry to say the Town and Country doesn't get the respect it deserves by Edmunds and many other people who are evaluing it. I remember them saying the older models had to light steering, to soft a ride that they leaned to much in turns, engine not powerful enough and to coarse, fit and finish wasn't up to par, Appolstry was not nice enough, etc. Chrysler has addressed almost all of these complaints and they still don't get a high rating. They like to point out that the Honda can seat 8 and the Chrysler can only seat 7, but I have had mini vans for 9 years and never even sat 7 in them. The big advantage Chrysler mini vans has that none of the other has in stow and go seating and that has come in handy so many times, helping my kids move, going to park and shop and seeing something I like that would only go in my van with the seats folded. My Mom is up in her 90's and my sister has problems walking. I bought a ramp and fold down the seats and can easily put not just one electric scooter in it, but also an electric chair. I can load them from either the back or the side door. These new Chrysler vans are just beautiful and powerful. The new engine has been rated twice as one of the ten best made and this van can do what no other mini van can do. It's about time people realize it and give them the credit they deserve. These new Chrysler vans are great. That from a guy that has over 500 shares of Ford stock.
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