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Mazda Protegé



  • dsm6dsm6 Posts: 813
    Has official pricing been anounced? I've heard an un-official mark around $21k.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Just get the paint code from the Matrix and tell them at the shop to use it on the P5.

    Be warned though, it REALLY lowers resale value of a car to have it repainted. Soon as you do that, people think you are trying to hide damage or something on the car, and instantly lower the value. Carmax told me this, when I found out the 1993 Bonneville I had was repainted.
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Good paint job would probably cost at LEAST a thousand bucks (CDN).

    BTW, do a search for Maaco...there's some horror stories from them out there!

    Only reason I'm talking about Maaco is because they are widely known.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    You have to tape up the lights, moldings, etc. YOURSELF when you go for one of those paint special thingies, at least here in the US.

    A good friend of mine just had his car repainted from someone my family knew for awhile for $635, including replacing the passenger mirror, which was also body colored.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Would it be better to put up with the color you don't like until the manufacturer's warranty expires, and then paint the car? It would seem kinda foolish to take a perfectly new paint job and repaint it. Why not hang on to the money and wait five years -- then repaint the car -- and you'll have a car that looks new for much longer than if you repainted it right after you bought it?

    Sorry, just trying to be logical and cost-conscious.

  • meinradmeinrad Posts: 820
    since I never worry about resale value of anything, that wouldn't be a problem. I buy it, paint it, or whatever, because thats what I want regardless of the effect on resale value.

    And I wouldn't be looking for a quickie job, I'd want a good paint shop to do it. $1000 would be cheap enough for me to consider it. To be driving a car with the exact color I want, I think that would be a bargain. Why limit ourselves to what the car makers want to give us?

    I'll have to ask the lady I work with when she gets back from vacation how much it cost them to paint their Vette. They just got done restoring a 72 or something and they had the thing all repainted. I almost forgot about her when I asked the question.

    Posted and saw Meade's post, so this edit....
    But I would look at it as part of the cars initial cost. If it's 17K, but I think it's worth 18K whats the difference to me. I see it as no different than adding mufflers, intakes, enviromental protection plans, sunroofs, new wheels. Why not have the car you want!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The paint warranty is usually much longer than the regular warranty though. I know on my VW, the corrosion warranty is for 12 years without a mileage limit. So I won't be repainting the car anytime soon! :) I like the color I got anyway, so it's not an issue for me.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    That's usually called a PERFORATION warranty (VW calls it "corrosion perforation"), which means you have to have rusted holes THROUGH THE METAL before it'll be covered by that. Bad paint or a patch of rust won't get you coverage. I don't think any automaker really covers just the paint job, since so many things -- acid rain, ultraviolet light, road salt, etc. -- can affect paint. But I'd think it'd be better financially to go ahead and wait until the car could use a paint job before you strip off perfectly new paint just to paint it again. I guess Ray and I just differ on this -- I think there are enough choices out there to find a car you like with the options you like, rather than buying one and taking off perfectly new items to rebuild it for a few thousand MORE bucks a la carte. I guess I'm just easier to please?

  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    There's no such thing as a paint warranty. As Meade has said, there's too many factors that act to harm your paint and the car makers know this.

    Since we're talking about paint and protection packages, I'm gonna post this.

    I was reading thru my parents' CR-V manual at it explicitly states this (or something close to it):

    "Honda does not recommend aftermarket application of rust protection as we (Honda) have already done this and application of such may void the corrision warranty"

    That's why the heck does the dealer sell an aftermarket rust protection package and why did my parents buy it even though I said not to??
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I was not comparing though, I was just stating a fact. And yeah I did do it before with comparisons, but that was the past. If you wanna live in the past, then so be it.
  • meinradmeinrad Posts: 820
    differ on the paint thing, which is good since I wouldn't want anyone to associate me with him anyway, he's a trouble maker!
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Didn't you say your dealer refused to give you a loaner car when you took it in for a warranty problem?

    I'm just asking, because I just found the following statement on MazdaUSA's web site:

    "Take your car in for warranty work at a participating Mazda dealership, and you can get a loaner car at no charge. Just ask. You won't have to arrange your day around a repair schedule, ask friends for rides, or catch up on your magazine reading while you wait. The Mazda Transportation Solution is in effect for every 2001 and 2002 Mazda for the duration of the new-vehicle warranty."

  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    LMAO! Since this is a message board and eveything posted could be considered "in the past" your comment makes little sense.

    However, what I'm getting at is your constant jabbing at your old Pro..whether it's over HP loss due to the a/c or whatever, you continue to make unneeded jabs.

    And maybe you don't think you're making a comparison, but you are. When you say, "My jetta does old Pro did that," then you are comparing the cars.

    Sorry man...I don't live in the past, but I do remember it.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    I do have the power to ban you from a certain little group you enjoy sharing your twisted sense of humor and chatting in.

    Be nice to me, my little minion.

    Or I'll start telling everybody about your pool, your "swimsuits optional" policy and where they can find you.

  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048

    The operative words are:

    "Take your car in for warranty work at a participating Mazda dealership..."

    Some dealers might not participate. One of the dealers in my area makes you beg for it. I guess they just participate in their own way.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Don't you think even I caught your little pun against the VW in the following post you made over on the Jetta discussion today:

    Can you imagine...
    Me: "Hello sir, can you tow my car?"
    Towing: "Sure...what's the address?"
    Me: "1234 Jedduh St"
    Towing: "Ok, we'll go get it"
    Me: "Don't you want my name?"
    Towing: "Nah...we don't need to prove who you are or who owns it"

    Yep, I sure noticed. (Actually I think I was the one who coined that little alternative spelling.)

    Well, my crystal ball tells me we're about to get a visit by Pat, who's gonna tell us to stop talking about Jettas here. She just had to post that order in reverse over on the Jetta discussion. Geesh, we're acting like a bunch of 8th-graders whose teacher left the room for a few minutes. Fun, ain't it? Ah, to be a kid again!

    So ... before we get ordered to do so, why don't we drop the Jetta stuff and talk about -- hey, I've got a crazy idea -- Proteges?

    If we wanna go joke around a little, there's the Posse -- anybody been over there lately?


    P.S. to Ted ... Well then, FIND a participating dealer!
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Ah...I was NEVER the one to say this:

    "#6337 of 6384 And again... by vocus Jul 03, 2002 (02:13 pm)
    When did this become the Protege vs. Jetta room? Isn't there another
    forum for that? Can we possibly use that one for this crap?"

    BTW, I liked my Jedduh st. example, thank you very much :P
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    I got carrying on about having to use the heat in my Protege this morning -- first time ever in July because we had a low-temperature record this morning after a cold front came through --

    I made two completely on-topic Protege posts in the FREAKIN' VOLKSWAGEN JETTA DISCUSSION, thinking I was here! I even made one admonishment to Mike to "get back on topic" and discuss Proteges -- IN THE JETTA DISCUSSION!!!

    What a goof I am! Time for a glass of water ... hell, nah -- a beer!

    Meadie the Moron
    (Wiping the drool from my face)
  • townhall9townhall9 Posts: 78
    Please reference - "What you should know before going to the dealer" - on the edmunds home page. In the "old days", undercoating was a good idea (if only for the sound deadening qualities). We have all been ripped off. Thank goodness for the web, and Consumer Reports. "We" are more aware now.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I asked two different dealers about loaner cars when I had my Protege. They told me that was only if they had to keep the car overnight. And they always seemed to finish it pretty quickly when the end of the day came. So they don't provide loaners there. I also called two other Mazda dealers in MD (that makes 5, and that's all in the state of MD), and they told me they would not gimme a loaner either. So something's up.
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Sorry if my post wasn't clear...I do not believe in aftermarket undercoating. I can go buy a can for under $5.00 and do it myself if I want, not to mention that it's already been done by the manufacturer.

    Now, interior stuff...that's for some people. I can understand Meade's logic on's the same reason my parents went for it. If anything happens to the interior, they will fix it.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    I'm pulling the plug for now. Be good and keeping the zooming alive.

  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    You're leaving me to fend off the hordes by myself? Oh well...Have a good weekend Meade!
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    First Dale goes on the Meade? Welcome to the Twilight Zone
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Someday. ;-)

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Sorry for not getting back sooner...

    The est. MSRP is around $21K for the MazdaSpeed....but, I expect most dealers who qualify for the MazdaSpeed will charge over MSRP....let me explain why. Mazda is charging mazda dealers who qualify apx $15,000 for the mazdaSpeed franchise, expected to be less than 100 dealers nationwide. (franchise within a franchise). Most dealers will see 4-6 cars for the whole year. So as you can see, there isnt enough product to cover the cost of the franchise.

    it's a great car, as all proteges are, and it's quick!! I think has some info.
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Thanks for the info! If there's so few in the states, I wonder how many in Canada there will be??
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Anybody who's qualified...
    Does the 2.0L engine in the sedan (non-mp3) and the P5 use a knock sensor or not?
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