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2013 Hyundai Sonata Steering Issue - Vehicle Wanders



  • Almost a month later and I still haven't heard from Legal or Regional.

    I'm going to write a scathing letter right now regarding the initial service center and the safety defect. However/

    Before I did, I just wanted to thank this forum for helping me at least get the EPS changed at another dealership.

    Furthermore, the simple fact that Hyundai has put the EPS button on the steering wheel for the 2014 Sonatas is a clear indicator that they are aware of the safety issue. I believe that they would have scrapped the GLS steering all together were they not padding themselves for potential future litigation. Care to chime in on that theory?
  • Button just proves the point of it's all in driver feel as previous stated...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Furthermore, the simple fact that Hyundai has put the EPS button on the steering wheel for the 2014 Sonatas is a clear indicator that they are aware of the safety issue.

    I see it more as adding a feature for the 2014 mid-generation refresh, at relatively low cost, that was already present on a lesser model in their lineup--the Elantra GT.
  • captivatercaptivater Posts: 3
    edited December 2013
    You are certainly entitled to your opinion. However the statistics from the NTSB or NHTSA might paint a very different picture.

    Yeah, legal research is a real pain. Could that be why the task is delegated to paralegals? Hmmmmmm
  • It's hard to do research on something that's just in your head, legal or otherwise...
  • ni55ni55 Posts: 4
    after months or research, I found out that the problem is NON fixable!! the steering issue is NOT in the settings. the setting only makes the steering harder or softer. at the same time I bought my new Sonata, my son bought a new Tuscon and he loves it. however the steering is the same. I got use to it in away...I do miss the old steering style but there is nothing Hyundai can do about this.
  • joto1000joto1000 Posts: 22
    edited December 2013
    Let me know if you reach legal and if you plan on persuing further, such as a class action. I'd be happy to join in that fight. I want my $$$ back for having to replace my tires at 12000 miles.

    And by the way, Platinumtech, your input is not very useful here since you're just puking up what the morons at Hyundai tell you. If those techs at Hyundai are Platinum certified, then I must be Rhodium certified since I'm the one that has had to diagnose and instruct the techs on what the problems with my piece have been.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    There is something Hyundai could do about it. They could go back to the old hydraulic steering design, rather than EPS, or do a better job tuning the EPS for more road feel.

    I don't have a problem with how my 2013 Sonata GLS steers. Maybe because I "learned" how to drive EPS with an even worse steering feel than the Sonata's on the 2010 Sentra I leased for 3 years. It's not the same kind of feel as a hydraulic system, but it tracks straight and I've learned it's a real good idea to keep both hands on the wheel... which is what drivers should be doing anyway.
  • I haven't heard anyone discuss their cost for having their Sonata's converted to "sport mode" steering...? I called the dealership closest to me with the same complaint everyone else has about sloppy steering, and was told they would change it to sport mode for me but it was not a warranty issue and it would cost $500. Seems to me like a car wandering down the road as well as significant reduction in tire tread life should be covered under warranty....

  • I am so glad I found this forum! I have been having this wandering steering problem on my 2013 Sonata 2.0T. I have just got it back from the dealer for the 3rd time and the problem is not fixed! I now know to ask about the "sport mode" because I am not sure what mode they have it set on or what they tried. They just tell me that they had to reprogram the software and that the issue has been fixed on the 2014 model. They were nice enough to give me a 2014 Azera loaner car for 5 weeks the 2nd time I brought it in. The Azera had NO steering problems! I commute to work 60 miles one way and its mostly on the freeway with a 70 mph speed limit. This problem exists after going 40mph. It started out going left or right, then after alignment it went to the right, but it will not stay straight. Very exhausting as my wrists hurt after I finally get to my destination. I will try ONE more time taking it to the service dept. I will keep posting.......

  • @platinumtech13 said:
    It's hard to do research on something that's just in your head, legal or otherwise...

    I've been driving for 35 years - I can tell when a car wanders on the road, and the Sonata definitely wanders. I suppose the poster who had to replace his tires at 12000 miles - it was all in his head, too?

  • rysterryster Posts: 565

    I have owned my 2011 Sonata GLS now for almost 4 years. I purchased it new and now have 51,000 miles on it. The car has never exhibited any of the steering issues mentioned here. The OEM tires wore evenly and needed replacing at 31,000 miles. I replaced the OEM Kumho tires with Michelin Primacy MXV4s. I am 20,000 miles into the Michelins and they are wearing perfectly. My 2011 was subjected to the steering recall. The dealer tightened the affected bolts, updated the steering software, and sent me on my way. Car tracks straight and true on the highway. This is my first car with EPS, but it never felt any different than previous cars I owned with hydraulic power steering.

    The car is not without faults, but steering has never been an issue.

  • In my new to me Sonata, I find the steering not sensitive to the tiny corrections we make at higher speeds. It doesn't react to slight pressures, and needs a stronger pulling of the wheel to track back to the center of the road. But before I do a programming change I want to check the toe in.
    I prefer the least toe in possible. Does anyone know the range of acceptable toe in? P.S.. Too much toe in and the tires wear out much faster.

  • andomanandoman Posts: 1

    I have just read through this entire post and I now have the ammunition needed to go back to the dealer to try and resolve the steering issue with our 2013 Sonata. I had no idea this problem was so widespread. I too have been told that I need to put both hands on the wheel and just get used to it.

    Today I almost completed the trade/purchase of my Sonata for a 2014 Optima, but I thought I noticed the same issue during a second test drive of the Optima on the highway. It was not as bad as my Sonata, but still noticeable. I decided to investigate more which led me to this discussion forum. I even discovered a law firm in CA who is starting a class action lawsuit against Kia Motors due to the drifting issue, as well as many examples of 2013 vehicles being "Lemon Law'ed".

    This is definitely a real problem. Just read the industry discussion on EPS and you'll find that there are good systems, and bad systems. It all depends on the amount of $$ and time put into it. And it's not just limited to Hyundai.

    I'm now going to try and get my dealer to take a look at the EPS setting on my Sonata. We have the Limited model and I didn't see a setting for that from platinumtech13 ;) .

  • shudakeptmyxgshudakeptmyxg Posts: 1
    edited March 2014

    I have a 2013 Sonata Turbo Limited and it is a beautiful car .......with that being said I would never buy another Hyundai if they can't fix the steering issue. I had a 2005 Hyundai XG350L and that car was a pleasure to drive. I've been told by the dealer there is settings they can adjust in the computer to make it less responsive, I hope it works. I just want to enjoy driving my car again and have it go down the road straight without constantly fighting the steering wheel. There was nothing wrong with our XG350L, I just thought cars would get better not worse. You can put a dress on a pig but it's still a pig. Hyundai "fess up" and fix the steering before someone gets hurt.

  • Dang it, I just bought a 2013 limited 2.0 and I have the same issue. To me the steering feels like
    it sticks a little in a spot and then as you move the wheel it frees up, tracking is an issue because
    it feels numb and stuck in a track until a slight adjustment then it tracks the other way, so back
    and forth, but loose is not what I feel. If any thing I would want a tiny bit of slop in the steering
    but only if that was positively connected to the wheels turning, not just tracking off left and right
    without responding to the minor adjustments. I will take it up with the dealer and with my state agency and the federal agencies as well and let you all know. I think that a more sophisticated module is in order, one that can better simulate the older steering and not force so many adjustments. I find the feel better if I grip the steering lightly and toward both sides of the bottom. Sadly I bought this car for my wife and now I am afraid to let her drive it, this is my
    5th Hyundai, 2000 elentra, 2004 sonata, 2007 sonata, 2009 sonata, and now 2013 sonata, I am
    horrified to discover this issue......

  • focused9focused9 Posts: 2

    @t_for_tiger said:
    Did many research online regarding many 2013 Sonata wander when drivers drive them on freeway because my barely 4-week-old 2013 Sonata GLS did the exact same thing on freeway. I needed to keep correcting the steering or the car would not go straight.

    Found the solution online from a post from other forum and gave it a shot at the local dealership and it solved the issue. I found out that there were some people went back to the Hyundai dealerships and requested that their settings on the electronic steering system (EPS) be changed to "Sport" setting. The setting on my Sonata was "GLS", and it was the most sensitive mode for the steering wheel. "Soft" is the next mode for lesser sensitivity, "Hard" mode is even lesser sensitive mode and "Sport" mode is the lowest sensitive setting.

    I went to my local Hyundai dealership, got a very understanding service rep from the service dept. He called in the lead technician at their place and they both listened to me about the safety concern about the steering wheel was way too sensitive. It did take me 5 minutes to convince both of them to hear me out. At first they both gave me "need to get used to it" speech, but I told them I just don't want to kill somebody on the road someday when I over correct my steering wheel due to the sensitivity level. And I showed the lead technician the print-out of those blogs about EPS, he agreed that the EPS setting can be changed and he pulled the GDS computer out and changed the mode to "Sport" setting for me in less than 3 minutes.

    Test drove my car with him and my car doesn't wander on the freeway anymore and I don't have to constantly correcting the steering. The lead technician was helpful and happy about that now I don't have the safety concern anymore. Heard story about people will need to go to many dealerships just to get the EPS setting changed because those dealerships refused to do such thing. I must be very lucky that I can convince the people at the dealership at my first attempt and resolved the steering issue.

    Tested my car for another 50 miles freeway run the next day and confirmed that the problem has been eliminated.

    To t for tiger, where is that technician located, id like to change my eps setting as well. No one in NYC wants to do it.

  • focused9focused9 Posts: 2

    To t for tiger. Where is your hyun dai tech located. Id like to change my eps setting as well. No one in new york city wants to do it.

  • T_for_tigersT_for_tigers Fremont, CAPosts: 1

    @focused9 said:
    To t for tiger. Where is your hyun dai tech located. Id like to change my eps setting as well. No one in new york city wants to do it.

    Hi, focused9. The dealership that resolved the steering issue for my 2013 Sonata GLS is Dublin Hyundai in CA. Sorry, not close to where you are. I wish you good luck and be safe on the road until you can get this dangerous steering issue fixed. Hyundai needs to do a recall or free software update on all of their cars with EPS. Someone is going to kill or get killed in them.....!

  • My problem was with the Elantra 2013 I bought this car on May 30th of 2014 "NEW" 54 miles on the car. I bought the car to take a trip as I did not trust my 2004 Sebring to do the trip. On July 7th I was outside of Paducah, KY and going the posted speed limit with the cruise on and a Semi behind me. All of a sudden the car went across 3 lanes of freeway then back across 3 lanes and then one more time before I regained control of the car. The Semi behind me had his brakes locked up and smoking his tires to avoid hitting me. At the time this happened I had just over 4000 miles on the car. I went to the dealer in Paducah and they "found no issue with the car" but said my routers needed cutting. 4000 miles and my routers need cutting, now I know I have a lemon. They did this and I drove it home at much less than highway speed as now I was afraid of the car. I took it to 3 more dealers all of which said"we have never heard of this problem". I took it back to the dealer I bought it from and ended up having to trade it in on a 2014 Elantra and having to pay $4500 to boot to get rid of the car, as now by the time I get it to the dealer it has 5400 miles on it. After reading all these postings about the Hyundai I am going to start making noise about the danger of the Hyundai steering issues, the steering issue is not only with the Sonata. Now I question my trusting the dealer telling me it was a road condition or if it is a problem with the car it is only that car as they never have problems with the Hyundai. And I QUOTE "The Hyundai has the highest safety rating, they would not have that if the cars ran off the road all by themselves" . I have been driving for 55 years and as for road conditions you name it I have drove on it, I have NEVER lost control of a car until this Hyundai nightmare.
    BTW my NEW Hyundai also is starting to Float, not as bad as the other one did but it also does not stay true on the road.

  • eminaemina Posts: 1
    Well . I bought sonata 2011 new at first week I discovered that it pull to the right and resist the steering wheel correction .
    They refuse to change the car and deny the error I made many complains so they try to fix it for 3 months Without any result tell the head office send some one then they ordered parts with deferent sizes and alignments
    With changing the angel of the rear wheel .

    It was OK then after 10 months the drifting return back the same as it was
    Tell now they refuse to fix it and denying that the software has presets for soft and sport and high .

    But I found this I hope it will help

    Check the tracking recall . that Hyundai never send us
    Any recall about it .

    I think we should get a lawyer .
  • bharmbharm Posts: 1
    I've got a 2013 Sonata. I've experienced an issue where the steering wheel sticks just left of center (at 355 of 360 degrees). It is barely noticeable at city speeds, but at interstate speeds it requires constant (annoying) babysitting to keep the car between the lines. The steering is smooth everywhere except just left of center. I brought it in and the tech couldn't find anything wrong... So I took a service guy out to the shop and was able to replicate the issue, but it is very slight unless driving at 65-70mph. They changed my steering to SE Soft and the overall steering is better in town, but the sticking issue is still present. Tomorrow, I'm bringing it in and they are replacing a $5 steering coupler, which is covered by warranty, btw. The dealer thinks the coupler is bad and is catching at just left of center. I'll let you know if it helps. Coincidentally, this is the same issue Hyundai had in 2011 and what GMC has had with their 2013 Terrain models. 
  • magnolia_52magnolia_52 GeorgiaPosts: 1
    I am and have the same problems with Sonata. The dealer replaced the steering column for free, which helped for a while. After several months the problem came back, this time the dealer said it was the Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit (HECU). After I paid $1600, I drove it home and no change in the steering. It was still all over the road, and the wheel kept sticking in one position. Taking it back today! So glad I found this site, but I wish I had found it before I wasted my money.
  • I have a 2012 Sonata Turbo SE that has recently developed what I call a sticky spot in the steering. At any speed, even stopped if the steering is not moved for a couple of second such as going down a straight flat road, the car will eventually start to drift left or right. Most normal cars will respond to a slight adjustment to the steering wheel to guide the vehicle back straight. In my vehicle, I can start gently turning the wheel and there is no correction relayed to the wheels. As I continue to increase force on the steering wheel, all of the sudden the power steering responds and then over corrects the vehicle direction to which I then start to correct the steering wheel back the other direction with no response until enough load is applied the steering wheel and again the power steering kicks in and over corrects in the opposite direction. I demonstrated the "sticky" response of the steering wheel to the dealer even when stopped, but the tech drove my vehicle 37 miles (!!) and said it was fine. They did do a $109 alignment which made no difference, and it is now getting more pronounce and dangerous at highway speeds.

    I asked if they could set the steering to a firmer setting to which they responded with "can't do that on your vehicle model". I mentioned that there was a technical service bulletin to do this to my specific vehicle. They said the TSB was a wrong.

    Dealers do have the ability to perform the technical service bulletin TSB-14-ST-001 to adjust the steering tightness/feeling, but good luck getting a dealer to do it (especially for free or warranty). I've attached the TSB for your enjoyment ( frustration).

    I love my Sonata (except for the new problem with the steering), but would never buy another Hyundai just due to the poor service I have received on 5 occasions so far. A lot of it mirrors the attitude from platinumtech13 - "Pesky dumb @$$ customers. What do they know. We're the experts"
  • did anybody was able to solve that problem.. I got a sonata 2010 and it horrible loud tires so I replaced those with comfy tires.. Here I got stocked with the wandering problem.. :( I am getting better tires performance tires hope those help to minimize or eliminate this problem.. May be that this cars need specific tires.. I hope Hyundai would care more about their cars.. looks like many problems. This was my last Hyundai car, I don't like the new look anywasy... !
  • tonyg2016tonyg2016 midwest, usaPosts: 397
    new tires are what brand? proper size, etc.
    perhaps you need an alignment?

    new tires should not cause the wander issue
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