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Jeep Owners Care and Maintenance



  • Steve: I did a quick cost check based on the Edmunds site. Total cost of Jeep recommended and required services at 6,000 mi. intervals is $359. Estimated cost of 6 additional oil/filter changes @$30 each = $180. Total: required + extra oil changes is $539. Pretty much looks like a wash.
  • Call it peace of mind or whatever. Old habbits are hard to break.Happy New Year.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Happy New Year to you too and enjoy the new Jeep!
  • If you are experiencing high speed driveline vibration in your 4.7 or 5.7 V8 JGC with Quadra trac II, check the following link. It seems that this problem (driveline vibration), was caused by "Excess Grease In Rear Propeller Shaft". in 2005 JGC's with V8 engines. Is it possible that this affliction returned in 2007? You might want to have your Service Tech check it out. I understand from reading posts in the lease questions forum that Jeep service techs have not been able to solve the problem.
  • rkoz1rkoz1 Posts: 14
    I sure wish someone would come forward and admit a problem. All I'm getting with the vibration issues on my '07 is the run around. Last I was told that the vibration is a characteristic of the Quadra-trac II system.
  • Hi Steve. For the record, I just received the formal service/maintenance contract from Chrysler/Jeep. It covers more than just oil/filter changes. Also included is a loaner/rental vechicle for up to five days, if needed, ($35 per day max.), roadside assistance and towing up to 100 miles. Overall, not too bad. I think you get your moneys worth. Like most insurance plans, you hope you never need to use it.
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    Re the Edmunds Maintenance Guide link back on your Dec 31 posting...... I just checked and it seems either way off or perhaps following the schedule A for my 2007 Laredo 4.7L 4wd. The owners manual schedule B (which I agree is excessive but states to use it if you ever drive in < 32 degree weather, short trips, tow, etc) states to flush the front & rear differential fluid every 15k miles. This is needed supposedly to ensure you pass a 5 year inspection and have the coverage of the new lifetime power train warranty, as I cannot see ever needing that type of flush more than 60k miles or so in my occasional towing an little if any offroad (driving through creeks etc) use.

    I read that 15k service info after buying my new Jeep last November and was not happy dealing with the cost of that frequent service, something I cannot do easily being way under the middle of the vehicle. An extra $120 every 12-15 months depending on service & mileage. My 01 Laredo did not even require that frequent of service.

    Any comments on this point? I only have 2300 miles so I am probably a year away from dealing with this. Other than that "gotcha", I am happy with our vehicle; great quality so far, a beaut in the harsh MN winter.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Please send in an email using the Help link at the site - look for the Contact Us tab. That'll get your question to the folks that keep the Maintenance Guide up to date and they can make any needed corrections. Thanks!
  • We have two 1996 JGC limiteds and a 1995 JGC laredo. We are having transmission problems with two of them.

    The 96 has problems shifting after being driven more than 30 minutes. Everything will seem fine until it is necessary to come to a stop or really slow down. When you begin to accelerate again, the transmission keeps wanting to downshift and the engine revs. The only thing I have found that helps is to turn the vehicle off, restart and then manually shift through the first acceleration.

    The 95 does about the same thing, with one added twist. The overdrive will not engage. If you try to drive highway speeds, that tach stays at about 3500 rpm.
    I have checked the O/D switch on the dash and it seems to be operating properly.

    I would welcome any guidance. The last time I took one of these vehicles to the local dealer, they had it for six weeks, I was out $600 and the problem was not fixed.
  • I am assuming that these are high milage vehicles. Have you performed basic maintenance on them such as transmission and transfer case fluid changes. Sometimes, thats all that is necessary.
  • I have changed the transmission filter and fluid on both.
  • Try the Jeep Engine and Performance Forum. Perhaps you can find some assistance there.
  • I have a 1998 5.9 4X4. 169K miles. A year ago I started noticing some minor electrical issues. Interior dash lights will go dim and flicker. The right rear window would just go down when I turn the car off, I had to turn the ignition on raise the window and remove the power window switch to make it stop. The radio died, I've checked all fuses and found no problems.
    Now I'm chasing a cooling fan issue! I have checked the 60AMP fuse, installed a jumper to check it-nothing, I installed a jumper in each of the plugs for the relay's-nothing. Hooked the fan directly to the battery-it ran. WHAT ELSE IT IT! This has been a pretty awesome and worry free vehicle for 10 years, but now this is getting rediculous. I would appreciate any suggestions anyone might have regarding the cooling fan and/or the radio. Thanks
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