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Jeep Owners: Accessories & Modifications



  • I have a 1991 yj, 4 cyl. 5 speed. I would like to swap in a small block chevy and switch to a auto tranny. Does anyone have any info on this or are they a better swap i should consider
  • dqsmithdqsmith Posts: 1
    Has anyone ever used a programmer on a JGC? If so, does it help?
  • Hey everyone. I had gotten my son a 1990 Jeep Cherokee: manual, 4.0L, V6; for his first car and he got into an accident and totalled the frame of the Jeep but the engine is still in perfectly working order. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I could get a manual Jeep Cherokee body preferably in or close to Western Mass? Thank you.
  • Can anyone tell me if they know of any aftermarket parts/kits for improving the fuel mileage on a 1999 4.0 5spd Jeep Sahara?
  • When I take my doors off of my 2005 jeep wrangler the interior lights stay on while I’m driving and also after the engine is cut off. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to make the light switch think the doors are closed. I would like to find a way so when the doors are back on they will still work. So if anyone knows of a way, please help me.
  • gdh3gdh3 Posts: 28
    You need to check out and look under the door section for something called dome light switch decompressors.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    There's you can also remove a fuse that will kill the lights; check your owners manual for the one to pull.
  • fantom1fantom1 Posts: 1
  • I believe it's number 4??? Anyway, it's the one on the bottom row, farthest to the right. Undo the strap that holds the glove box door on (open the door, and the canvas strap has a "plug" that pulls out). The door will then come off of it's hinge.
    You'll see the fuse box behind it. The bottom row, farthest right fuse is what you want. Pull it carefully with needle-nose pliers. You can tape it inside the glove box or put it somewhere you'll remember. Pop it back in when you put doors and top on for the winter or whatever...
  • Here's a link that will show you pictures and which fuse. And, how to install Quadratec's defeat switch if you want to...
  • Hi....Does anyone know how to convert to daytime running lights for a 2005 Grand Cherokee? I assume since Jeep sells these in Canada where daytime running lights are required, there might be a simple wiring or relay solution to give my JGC daytime running lights. Thanks for any advice.
  • I recently replaced the rear main seal on my '95 GC transmission (42RE). I bought the seal and ATF+4 at my local Jeep dealer - Stillwater Motors - in Minnesota. The next day I decided I better pick up a couple more quarts of ATF just in case. I went to the Chrysler dealer near my work site. Guess what! The price was 50% of the Jeep dealer's. I asked if the had the trans. seal also. They did - it was also about half price. Here are the exact prices for the same part numbers: Stillwater Motors = $7.20 per quart for ATF+4, $13.16 for the seal; Suburban Chrysler = $4.10 per quart of ATF+4, $7.85 for the seal.
    I initially thought that maybe Jeep dealers have a higher mark up on their parts than Chrysler so I called two other Jeep dealers in the Twin Cities area. They both quoted the same price as Suburban Chrysler! So evidently dealer prices aren't high enough - Stillwater Motors even doubles that! Needless to say I am trying to spread the word. Watch out for price gouging out there!
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    I know there are places in Canada that do that. Try googling DRL and Grand Cherokee and you'll probably come up with something.
  • I have a YJ 95' /5spd./ 2.5 L I just put a 4"lift, 33"tires, transfer case lowering plates, and new soft brake lines(steel braided). Needless to say I now have no tiny 4 banger cant spin those 33's. Now my question: Is all I have to get for my re-gearing is a new ring and pin upgrade?I understand I will have to do the front as well. Is there more to getting bigger gears than just the ring and pin gears? If so, what? Do I use the same set for the fronts? I dont believe I need lockers due to Im not intending to rock crawl, or get to crazy....yet ( I can always crack it open and put em in later.)I just want to be able to travel at 70-75 mph, not the 60-65 MAx Im now at with the tires. I just need bare bonz right now.Any help???
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Taller gearing will help, if that little 4 banger will allow the RPM turning all of that stuff. Also, at those speeds with the lift and tires added to the innate stability of Jeeps on the road, it's starting to sound scary. and, whatever you change in the rear pumpkin must be the same in the front pumpkin unless you never use 4WD.

  • I just installed factory fog lights on my 04 Grand it was a simple thing to do the instructions were easy to read and understand yours should be easy to.
  • I am installing a factory cd changer in my 04 got all that is needed want to install an amp but so far have had no luck finding the factory wiring not even at the dealer can anyone help. I have the Jeep parts cd no listing all the manuals no listing whats with the amp. :confuse:
  • timmbojtimmboj Posts: 123
    I've got a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee with standard am/fm cassette sound system. I just purchased a Jeep Infinity CD Sound System on eBay. It is supposed to swap out with my existing unit. I'd like to update the speakers too. Anybody know if this Infinity unit will need an external amplifier, or is it part of the unit? Any suggestions on what type of speakers I should get (mainly megahertz, watts type info, not necessarily brand names)? And should I invest in tweeters and a sub-woofer?
  • Ok, not to worry if the right things are done.

    First, yes, you will have to do both differentials. You won't find a reputable transmission or ring and pinion shop that will only do one. The chances of a catastrophic failure are simply too great not to do them.

    Second, make sure to go to a reputable shop. Changing out the ring and pinion is one of the jobs in a driveline that's very subject to experience. Getting things just a little wrong will result in plenty of noise and premature failure.

    Here's a great link that talks about doing EXACTLY what you want to do. I agree with this page at 4.88's to be about right. link 4w4c gearing article

    Also, realize that your speedometer is now off, and your braking distances are going to increase. This is more a function of the new weight of the wheels and tires over the stockers than anything else. Rotating mass and all. Be nice to the terrified Kia's and Scion's in front of you and brake early :P

    Keep your speeds down until you're sure the lift kit is operating correctly as items like the track bar can cause "death wobble" if they're loose or worn, especially in lifted vehicles. This will cause a loss of steering to the point of a bad rollover on pavement. Your YJ handles completely new now, so you'll need to get used to it all over again.

    Lastly, you didn't mention if you have new wheels. You probably do, as the stock offset should not allow clearance while running a 33/12.5. Since the offset is now greater, you might check on some flares, as people are actually getting tickets for tires outside the body (I know, I know, but it's a real law in some states. Seriously).

    I've been through three different jeeps (YJ, XJ, and TJ), so I've sort of done this before. Hit the "Wrangler" message board for more technical questions, as many of the members are total Jeep-geeks and can argue points like the above for days, all while providing great advice or even pics if you need 'em.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I'm happy to read about someone installing factory foglamps on their JGC. My 01 Laredo did not come with them. Where did you buy yours? Did it come with switch to illuminate them? Did you have to cut your bumper to nstall them?
  • Has anyone increased their tire size without modifying their suspension? I put a set of 31" Dueler A/T Revo's on my 04 Wrangler Unlimited, very happy with the tire, and would like to put P255/65R17 Revo's on my '05 JGC. I found them for $173 ea., but not sure if they will fit. Any experience with this would be appreciated. By the way, very happy with my my loaded Loredo.

  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I put a set of 245/75 Yokahoma Geolanders on my JGC Limited 5.7 Hemi and they fit great. Since you are putting on a set of shorter tires, you should have no problem.
  • blkhemi, what do you mean by "shorter tire"? The 245's are the optional size, I am trying to get 255's underneath to fill out the wheel well. Do your tires with the 75 width clear the wheel well?
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    "75" is the number designated in regard to the height of the tire. 245 is the width. My buddy just put 265's on his '06 Overland with no rubbing whatsoever with the factory suspension. I chose the the 245/75 for increased ground clearance. They also make the vehicle ride a bit taller.
  • Has anyone used the tornado air management system on their Liberty to improve MPG. Trying to find out if it is worth the money or just a scam?
  • blkhemi, thanks for clearing that up for me. I bet it looks sharp. I think I will go with the 235/75R17 Revo's.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Good move yellowfin. You're right they do look sharp. I live in a remote area so I needed more of a sidewall than what the factory tires offered. I think the 235/75 Revo's will go great on your Jeep. Keep me posted on the outcome.
  • Popular Mechanics ran a pretty scathing article on mileage adding devices last month.

    I can say on my old Cherokee that I did see an improvement with a K&N filter. However, at ~$50 it will take ten or more tanks to pay for itself.
  • alexa3alexa3 Posts: 1
    What should be the correct tire pressure on a 2002 4x4 Liberty Sport, with a 2.5 inch Daystar lift on 245/75/16 all terrain bf Goodrich.
    The factory recommended pressure for the stock 4x4 Liberty Sport, with 235/70/16 Goodyear’s is 33 lbs. But the BF Goodrich dealer said pressure should be at 45 lbs. however the ride is very “bouncy”.
  • Follow the tire. The factory door marker can only show what the stock standard size tire is when tire and suspension are loaded up for GVWR. Since the tire itself has a different max pressure, and the tire is load rated for that size and weight vehicle, the tire manufacturer should be deferred to. You don't have to run at max pressure, and it's a little easier on the tire if you don't go quite that high. Remember to check when as cold as possible, as inflation pressure rises with temperature from driving.

    Here's some info from that was actually provided by BFG, so it applies. Remember this is pavement. Airing down is a good skill to learn for the dirt. But for best handling/mileage, something like this might be better:

    In the event that you aren't able to find a recommendation for your car, or the tires on your car are so different from those that were originally fitted from the manufacturer as to be incomparable, we received the following rule of thumb from Oscar Pereda, an engineer for BFGoodrich. He calls it a "realistic starting point," saying it has never been just right, but is a good place to start. The rule is:

    (Vehicle Weight in lb/100) + 2 psi at heavier end + 2 psi all around if suspension and alignment are stock.

    Example: Stock 911, 3,000 lb.
    (3000/100) = 30 psi
    Add 2 psi all around = 32 psi
    Add 2 psi to heavy end = 34 psi at rear
    With modified suspension, the result is 30 psi front, 32 psi rear.

    I would agree with the modified suspension comment. I ran 31 x 10.5 on my XJ, which was never available from the factory, in a BFG all-terrain KO. It sounds like the dealer just aired them to the max. Bring them down to 40, and start playing a little from there till the ride eases up. Your lift springs will break in a little too. Since they are a little higher rated in pressure than something like the stock Wranglers, I'd stay at or above the factory pressure unless on sand or rocks in the dirt.
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