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Jeep Owners: Accessories & Modifications



  • jeepboy08jeepboy08 Posts: 49
    now, i am looking to put some new exhaust on my LIBERTY! Haha, after having it a while, i decided that it needs a little more rumble. :D

    SO I am torn between either A) the flowmaster 60 series, or B) the flowmaster 40 series.

    Which one is going to better benefit me. I am a daily commuter of 60 miles, 5 days a week, and four weeks in a month. As you know, the Liberty doesn't get the best MPG. Hopefully this, along with other minor upgrades can change that. Anything that you guys know is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!
  • zoecozoeco Posts: 18
    I also wanted some rumble for my liberty and I researched a Borla single and double out exhaust system. I put a K&N FIPK system on it, and I thought a new exhaust would complement the vehicle well. The Borla system costs more than Flowmaster, but I fell in love with the sound when I heard one in real life. I think the Flowmaster 40 series would do well. The 60 series might be a little more than what you are asking for, but alas to each his own. I don't want to wake any neighbors or anything, but a new exhaust would be quite cool on a liberty. I recently went to the dealership to test the 07 and 08 Wrangler X. I have always wanted one, but I am not sure if I am okay with losing the foot of space off the back of the vehicle. I am looking at a two door X. I can't believe the prices right now, even with the slow car sales. Any thoughts on this kind of trade?
  • jeepboy08jeepboy08 Posts: 49
    Haha, well, as you put it, the Borla IS a little more expensive, which is why I am sticking with Flowmaster. My budget is $400 for the actual exhaust system, pipe, and tail pipe tip. I am going to Midas to get it installed not only because they are true to their word, but they are giving me VERY good prices. Later on I am going to look into a cold air intake for my Liberty. I like the sound already, but I want something MORE. Haha. That is why I am choosing the 60 series.

    The reason I purchased my Liberty was because I didn't want to spend MORE money on something that was going to be harder to keep up, along with being more expensive. I looked into buying an 07 Wrangler in May, but the deal fell through due to dealership papers being wrong, and overpriced. I left the dealership that day, and vowed to never go back. I purchased my 2007 Jeep Liberty through Greater Birmingham Dodge Chrysler Jeep, and payed $15,990 for it. I absolutely love it, and honestly, after driving one, I wouldn't even trade it for a Wrangler.

    Another question that I would like to ask is... Since I am adding the cold air intake, and the upgraded exhaust system, does that boost the resale value? I don't plan on having it sold, but in the event that something happens, I would like know that it would be OK.

    Anyway, as we were saying, I want the 60 series, because it does give you more of a rumble, and that is truly what I want out of my Liberty. Hell, when I pull up in a gas station, I want people to say, "Oi! There's Trevor, mate!" Until I have that, I am not satisfied!

    Also, don't buy the 08 Jeeps unless they are the ones that have been completely redesigned (e.g. 2008 Jeep Liberty). All you are paying for is the 2008 label on the vin. They are the same as the 07 models, so don't waste your money! Haha. That is what my dealer told me, and i took his advice. Now the money that I have left over from my $20,000 budget, I can use on the Liberty. Hence the exhaust system, and the cold air intake.

    I hope this helps, and anyone who CAN help, boy are you welcome. :D
  • zoecozoeco Posts: 18
    I am not real sure about what the FIPK will do to the resale value. It stands to reason that as long as you take good care of the vehicle, it should resale itself. The Liberty is quite popular.

    As far as the 07/08 debate, I heard that too from a salesman yesterday. I would really like to get an 07, but the prices are still a little high. The Wrangler is what I have always wanted, but I think that I am going to try to wait until closer to the end of this year to make a purchase. They have lots of them sitting on the lot new and 07 so I am hoping time will work in my favor.

    I am sure the flowmaster will sound awesome! Keep Jeepin'!!
  • jeepboy08jeepboy08 Posts: 49
    Well, you have to figure... When the 2009 Jeep Wranglers are released, the 07 models will be considered "old," but the thing is, Jeep dealers will still have BRAND NEW 07 models sitting on their lot. But they will want to get rid of them, so they will have HUGE price cuts. Although there will be good deals, they will go fast. So hurry up when you see sales.

    Also, tonight I am taking my Liberty in to be fixed. The front window is leaking horrendously. They said that it is still under warrenty, the service should be free. I am hoping so!

    I can't wait to get my exhaust system installed, along with the cold air intake! I will keep you guys updated!
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