Brakes and steering shuddering when breaking from higher speeds

kameskames Member Posts: 2
I just purchased a 2007 Legacy 2.5i Limited, and took a long highway trip yesterday. I did notice that when I brake while on the highway or coming off on exits, there seems to be a shuddering feeling, and I can feel the steering wheel shake as well. Is something that's normal for the car? I've never owned a Subaru before, so there's a lot of new stuff for me to figure out.


  • saedavesaedave Member Posts: 694
    That is not normal. Have you checked the tires (especially on the front) for pressure, balance and condition? Wheel bearings are another possibility for certain years as well as brake condition. Have you inspected the brake pads?
  • kameskames Member Posts: 2
    I haven't look at anything. I literally just picked it up from the dealership yesterday afternoon. I'll give them a call today.
  • typesixtypesix Member Posts: 321
    You likely have warped disc brake rotors.
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