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2008 Escape XLT Leak driver side floorboard

banddflbanddfl Posts: 2
edited May 2013 in Ford
Hi all,

We are selling our car next week and obviously just before handing it over we have a problem. There is water pooling on the drivers side floorboard.

We took out the plastic piece on under the windshield wipers, and took out all the leaves (our parking lots is under trees that leave A LOT of leaves on the car since we bought it - almost 6 years). I've read that it could be drains in the cowl area, does anyone have pictures of this area??

Also, the windshield seal has and very small crack close to the upper corner drivers side. Not sure if it could be that?

If anyone can give us detailed instructions to making sure any drain/evacuation is clear of debris we would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.


  • Just wondering if you ever resolved this issue before selling it? I'm having the exact same issue with my 2008 escape XLT.
  • banddflbanddfl Posts: 2
    Yes! We Did!!! One of the seals where the wires pass through metal was bad and water was coming in through there. the leaves probably rotted it. Look under the black plastic thing where the wipers are, clean out any debris. We then pulled back the carpet on the drivers side, poured water and checked which side the leak was coming from on the top. Found it was coming from there, sealed it up and or was good as new!!
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