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Purpose of mounting notch, Impreza 2012

jrfarisjrfaris Member Posts: 2
I couldn't find this in another thread because I'm not sure what to call it. There is a notch in the open compartment beneath the climate controls and next to the aux power plug. It's about 3/4" wide and has a tang centered in it. It looks like it's intended for something to slide into it and be suspended in the compartment. I can't find any Subaru accessories that refer to it. Does anyone know what it's for?


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    saedavesaedave Member Posts: 694
    An ash tray seems possible.
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    jrfarisjrfaris Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2013
    I've seen some ash trays on Subaru accessory sites but thought they all used one of the cup holders. I went back through the sites to see if something would fit in this open compartment. Even the ones with a mounting adapter use the cup holder. I'm hoping someone has seen an accessory installed in this open space in front of the the shift lever.
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    dcon9999dcon9999 Member Posts: 1

    Ever figure this out?

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