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Volvo XC60 or Acura MDX

policeman51policeman51 Member Posts: 3
Looking at getting a new car this fall and am torn between the Volvo XC60 and Acura MDX (2013s).

I've test drove both a couple times. Both drive well, goods and bads about both obviously, just wanted to get some opinions.

I think the Volvo is faster, more luxurious, more destintive looks. Only downside is the tech is a bit cumbersome.
The Acura has a great track record, handles so good for a bigger vehicle.
Plastic wood paneling is too much and the 1995 display font in the center stack is dated.


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    lucien4lucien4 Member Posts: 68
    edited June 2013
    The XC60 is really a competitor to the RDX (same size). So I'd check the RDX as well.

    The XC60 is actually slightly slower than both MDX/RDX (0.1-0.8 sec slower). The XC60 handles probably handles bit better than MDX since it's lighter.

    I'd wait for the MDX '14 (end of June) unless you want to take advantage of discounts on '13 models. MDX '14 has much better fuel economy and lots of new features (LDW, 3d Nav, 2nd row seats adjust seat angle and move aft/forward, steering settings control, ...).

    Main downside of XC60 is fuel economy (based on CR test results, not EPA). It's similar to (larger) MDX '13 but much lower than RDX/MDX '14. Also depreciation is bit higher on Volvo as well.
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    jccai1jccai1 Member Posts: 113
    I agree that XC60 is more comparable to the RDX.

    I've never driven the XC60. But I own a 2010 MDX now and previously had a Volvo XC90 2.5T. The MDX has better electronic gizmos inside and is roomier, and hopefully it will be more reliable long term (5+ years). But I much prefer the way the Volvo drove, despite the less powerful engine. The Volvo also had a better designed exterior and interior. Its ride and handling are so much more composed, compared to the whobbly, bouncy and floaty MDX. I imagine the XC60 would drive even better than the XC90, given its smaller size, lower weight and more powerful engine. The MDX is quite thirsty, too, getting 16mpg at best (50/50 highway/city).

    Bottomline, if you enjoy driving, you will be much happier with a XC60 T6 than the MDX. But if room and long term reliability are more important to you, the MDX may be a better choice.

    The RDX, on the other hand, drives better than its bigger brother, though still by no means sporty. I drove one as a loaner for a day and was rather impressed, probably because I had a low expectation from my experience with the MDX.
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