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2003 impala LS electrical problems after installing car starter

I have a 2003 Impala LS, everything worked excellent on it, until i had a remote car starter installed. With the new car starter i was given new coded remote fobs. Right away problems began! My dash lights were not working properly, they would stay on, even after the car was off! My husband got them to remove the remote car starter, and we got back our old remote key fobs, but same problem car lights wouldnt shut off. my husband has to take out the relay switch located on the passenger side and on the side of the dashboard. so in the daytime, he has to remove the relay switch, then at night time, he has to put back in the relay switch in order for our dash lights, and time, etc.. to show up. this is a pain, always having to remove the relay switch in the daytime, so we dont burn out the battery, because the lights will stay on all the time, unless he removes that relay switch. then at night time, nothing lights up on the dash and clock area, unless the relay switch is put back in. It all started when he got the garage to install a remote car starter. We bought the car in mint condition with only 32,000klms, it was all checked, saftied, and etested, and now all because of installing a remote car starter? we have this huge headache. any ideas of what it could be? all fuses have been checked, and all fuses are good. any help would be highly appreciated!! Thank-you kindly.
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