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Ford Ranger Maintenance and Repair



  • AS is does not apply to hidden info to make a sale, if it was wrecked. check to see if it was totaled. If in NY you have lemon law recourse.
  • Thanks for the advice but i checked it out and that actually a little more than I want to spend on one but if there is anywhere else that i could get them cheaper please let me know

  • I've got a healight that won't let me adjust it and I would like some advice on where i can get the whole headlight unit for a preety cheap price so that i don't have to spend a fortune on my little truck.

  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
  • ign wont quit dinging and message center doesnt work n e more any ideas???
  • my ranger won't shift, i was in 3rd attempting to shift down and it just locked up and skidded to a halt, couldn't get it to go into nuetral, i man handled it into nuetral but it was still in gear, when in nuetral and started if i let off the clutch then it dies, won't go into any gear.
  • I noticed you said it only does it when you turn the lights on or the wipers. Does it only get jerky when it rains or is damp outside? If so, you may be getting moisture in your distributor/coil/ignition system. I have an 88 Ranger and I had a similar problem when it rained or during damp conditions and I had a cracked distributor which was allowing moisture into my ignition system and the plugs were misfiring, creating a jerky, almost backfire condition.
  • Hi. Just got the same codes week 1/2 ago...PO171 and PO174 lean engine run. 98 Ranger XLT 4.0 with 130, found mouse nest under air filter, cleaned out and reset but came back on this AM. Have appointment Wed., ever get any resolution to yours?
  • when i crank up my 1999 ford ranger i hear a click sound around the engine
  • the noise i hear could also be in the engine
  • mojaqmojaq Posts: 1
    Just recently had the same problem with my 91 ranger.
    I have a 4.0L with the mazda 5 speed manual transmission in it. I think the problem is with the syncronizer but I'm not sure. I've been told it will cost between 450-1200 to rebuild or replace the tranny. I was also told it was a common problem. I have had a hard time finding the same tranny in a scrap yard that didn't have the same problem.
    If I come up with a cheap answer, I'll let you know.
  • Our 98 Ranger is at it again. Last summer we had some problems with it idling so rough and low that it barely would run at all. Was not able to be driven so we had it towed to a mechanic. Before surrendering it to the mechanic however, we replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, and spark plugs in hopes that maybe one of those was the problem. Turned out to be the MAF sensor. Once that was replaced the truck became driveable again. Seems that since that repair however it still has had some issues. Some days it runs fine, others it seems to not. Now, it is running so poorly to the point that it cannot go at speeds over 30 mph. It idles fine, but when trying to accelerate there is just no oomph and is just sluggish. Just wondering what next will go wrong with this vehicle, but if anyone has any insight into what could be going on, it would be greatly appreciated. :sick:
  • I took my 93 ranger into a transmission center to have a leak fixed. My cruise control had worked perfectly fine up until then. The other day I was out and put it into cruise and immediately the truck started accelerating and the cruise would not come off. (even in neutral the truck was accelerating in cruise control). I took it back to the guys who did the work and they can't seem to figure out what they could have done. Any ideas?

    Thanks For Any Responses.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    If the truck is accelerating, the throttle has to be open. The linkage/cable is binding somewhere.

    Now, if the problem is that when you are on cruise and push on the brake and the cruise does not dis-engage, the problem is the brake switch on the upper brake pedal is bad. You will also not have any brake lights if this switch is sticking.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I gave my 94 Ranger to my son for his 16th birthday. 285,000 miles strong. Rebuilt tranny and engine a few years ago with around 230,000 miles. Only problem or disappointment I ever had was with the automatic 4x4 front hubs. Problem arose again last weekend, no 4x4. I brought it to my mechanic and they feel the electric motor to front end needs to be replaced, $500 for part. He is looking for a used one at this time for me. Question, are there any options available to me to make this a manual 4x4 and or any other idea. Son brought truck to his tech school and put a new paint job, a lot of miles but truck is very strong with re builds, frame solid. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
  • Have 1987 Ranger. White acrid smoke and "mysterious" coolant loss...assume blown head. Truck only used about 500 miles annually...go to dump, get garden supplies etc. Any idea how long this might go until it truly is dead?
  • Thanks for the response,

    I discovered while looking at it that the cable had been frozen (We are having temperatures around -40 celsius up here saskatchewan Canada) so it was binding. The cable actually snapped which will cost me somewhere around 35-40 Canadian to replace. No big deal.
  • My 98 Ranger (94,000 miles) blows a fuse when the brakes are applied while the cruise control is engaged. Back when Ford was recalling all those vehicles with cruise control problems, I called them. They said my truck wasn't involved in the recall (missed out on the tire recall, too}. For $75.00 they will diagnose the problem (not fix it - just diagnose it). I figure I can buy a lot of fuses for $75, so this is my plan. Does anyone see a problem with this or have another idea?
  • 99 ranger 2.5L 4 cyl manual, wipers go on randomly, some days more than others. Has anyone ever heard of this? Suggestions?
  • frohrsfrohrs Posts: 17
    I have a 1995 Ford Ranger XLT 2300 motor. I bought this new in 1995. 266,000 miles on it & still going strong. replaced starter & had head rebuilt. Not bad. However my door chime & dome light stuck on. Driving me crazy. I can pull fuse but the fuse runs the wipers & speedometer. I here it's the switch in the door??

    Please help. Going to get to that switch this evening & clean it.

  • The phantom wipers is a known problem with Rangers. I think it's due to a bad wiper switch, but do a search of past posts with keyword "wiper" or "wipers" to make sure.
  • I here it's the switch in the door??

    You hear correctly -- the switch that senses whether the door is open is in the slot visible along the side of the door when the door is open near the door handle; it mates to the fixed silver tubular latch in the door jam. Spray the switch with contact cleaner (WD-40 works in a pinch).
  • Thanks much, searched the problem, found a great, free, do it yourself solution. I'm going to just post it in case anyone else has this problem. Thanks again!

    The following is based on observation of my 1999 Ranger, other years may be different. I fixed the phantom windshield wipers myself, you can too. It turns out all you need to do is clean the switch up.To clean the switch does NOT require removing the turn signal from the steering column and takes about ten minutes.1. On the turn signal lever, remove the end cap with a small screwdriver.2. Remove the phillips screw located under the end cap.3. WATCH IT! there is a spring to push back against the wiper rotating knob. Hold in the wiper switch so it won't go flying.4. WATCH IT! again. When removing the wiper rotating switch there are two detents that are pressed against the inside of the knob (with another small spring pushing against each other) to give detents to the different levels of wiper delay when you rotate the knob.5. Inside you will see the switch wiper mounted to a white plastic piece that you can just pull out. It looks kind of weird with 4 arms and an elbow wiper coming out of it.6. After you pull out the switch wiper just gently clean everything inside, a sort of circuit board looking goodie with rings for the switch wiper to rotate on.I used a rag and a small (jewelers) screwdriver to clean the board inside and very carefully made sure the gaps between the traces were clean. There is quite a bit of grease in there.I reassembled the switch using lubriplate (it was handy) and it was very easy to disassemble and to reassemble.I have had no re-occurrence of the phantom windshield wiper and I don't miss it a bit.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Usually the 'multi-function switch' is bad. The one that controls wipers, turn signals, washer, etc, etc. Whatever is on that stalk.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    It's near the latch itself. Sometime spraying electrical cleaner or WD40 into the latch will get some on the light switch and free it up. Otherwise the door panel must come off.
  • phisherphisher Posts: 175
    Anyone have any ideas on this problem. My 99 ranger 4x4 left blinker light stays on continuously with the lights on and when there off and I use the blinker the radio read out dims every time the blinker light goes on. Any advice appreciated
  • frohrsfrohrs Posts: 17

    Thanks for the info. I took the door panel off & unplugged the switch & cleaned the switch with some electric contact cleaner, didn't work! I assume the switch needs to be replaced so I'm going to check with my Ford parts dealer. In the mean time I just left it unplugged. I don't here the beeping in my sleep anymore!!

    Thank You
  • frohrsfrohrs Posts: 17
    Thanks I took the door panel off and unplugged the swithc & sprayed with electric contact cleaner, didn't work! I'm going to order a new switch from Ford. In the meantime I just left the switch unplugged. No more beeping in my sleep.

    Thank you.
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