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2006 pt cruiser ac

i have a 06 pt cruiser the ac works up 50 mph when you run at 70 the ac compreser stops and it gets hot slow down to 50 mph and it cools can some one HELP


  • ptnutsptnuts Posts: 1
    I just purchased my 06 PT C. I too am having issues with my ac and it's effect on idling. When I turn off the ac the idling slows down, when it's on it accelerates. I am taking it for an A-Z Chrysler check up on to see if this issue is going to be expensive to repair and if there are other surprises. I've only had it for 5 days. I love the way it looks and it drives ok as well. If it's too expensive I will return it to the dealer and request my $. :( :cry:
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