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Passing inspection with p0420 or p0430 code issues

totaljetttotaljett Member Posts: 26
What's happening Ls folk. Just wanted to share a success story that may help others. For a year I've been getting a p0430 (catalyst inefficiency code) on my 2000 Lincoln Ls V6. I would erase it and it would take a month to come back and I'd just erase it again. I haven't experience performance issues like bad idle but I wouldn't doubt it's throwing off my gas mileage. All coils, plugs and valve cover gaskets (Velcro) were replaced couple yrs back by the way. Anyway, the code started to come back sooner recently, everyday. So its time for inspection and I know the light won't stay off long enough for car to pass. Since I already use Lucas Fuel treatment ( maybe why i haven't noticed performance decline), I experimented. I wondered if I increased the dosage, would it help. I entertained this because I think the Lucas usage has kept the problem at bay to a degree this long. So I put 3 dosages (instead of normal 1) of Lucas in gas tank from the small 3.99 bottle. I only filled gas tank to half, so gas would be completely enriched with Lucas. After 3 days of driving, light was still off. I had to add just enough gas to have enough for work as it's 20 miles one way. No more than $ 10 and never over half a tank. I added Lucas fuel treatment each time I added gas to keep it enriched with Lucas completely. After 3 days light off and 200+ miles, I went to inspection. It passed! I then filled tank up completely and light came on 2 days later. So if ya having a p0420 or p0430 code and due for inspection, give it a try.


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    garthmangarthman Member Posts: 42
    edited July 2013
    Sounds like it's the fuel but that's not a surprise. In CA, we are forced to pump E10 Ethanol and likely very soon, E15 (15% Ethanol) into our gasoline vehicles, motorcycles, ATV's, chainsaws etc.

    Problem is, anything older than 2012 wasn't designed for Ethanol Alcohol additives as they used MTBE for decades. Suddenly, MTBE poisons the ground water they say. I'm not convinced although, who am I to say.

    This is just the beginning too. We're all subject to less power and fuel mileage when using E based fuel as it's less potent than gas is so, E10 will cut your power and mileage about 10% but that's not all. It also is hydro attracting or attracts moisture from the air which then accumulates in the fuel tank. E10 begin to go stale after just 30 days plus, it's corrosive to older vehicles and damages many kinds of neoprene, rubber, seals, gaskets and fuel lines/pumps, fuel injection parts etc. If left sitting for as little as four weeks, algae begins to grow which is not good for metering jets.

    I found that some of the manufactures of motorcycles, ATV's, generators have listed in their warranty pages, NO WARRANTY when using Ethanol based fuels. If this is the case, maybe we need to file our grief with the EPA, CARB, ARB, SCAQM and the many other "environmental" police agencies out there since they are damaging our expensive vehicles in the name of clean ground water while knowing the repercussion to existing vehicles.
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    totaljetttotaljett Member Posts: 26
    Incredibly informative as I was not aware of this.
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