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How much is the fuse box for Camry 2012

brjoebrjoe Posts: 1
So guys I really need your help. I guess my repair body shop is trying to rip me off. I had an accident and ask them to change the bumper and left headlight. When I picked up my car everything was ok but after I drove it for like 1 mile I found the weird stuff. My headlights and fans won't turn off and they opened the fuse box. I can see the wires melting inside the fuse box but the chips seems to be ok. The repair man told me I need to change my fuse box because the chips are broken, which I can't see anything wrong by my eyes. Also I need to change the wires connected to it. They said that the price would be 600 dollars for a used fuse box and 2100 dollars for the new wire set.
Omg I'm a college student and this would make me broke. I can't tell my parents,,just don't want to disappoint them...
Guys, any suggestions will be helpful!Thank you!
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