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Better:2005 Accord EX(auto) at $9.5k or new LX(manual) at 20k?

fonduefondue Posts: 5
The 2005 EX has leather seats, auto trans, 165hp, a moonroof, and--most importantly--my trusted mechanic looked it over and said it was a "very nice car." But it has 96,000 miles.

The 2013 Accord LX would be a new car with cloth seats and no moonroof, but with newer additions to all Accords like the rearview camera, 185hp, and an mp3 player output (not a big deal, but a nice little feature).

What do you think is the better deal financially?


  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 665
    Wow - you are talking an 8 year difference here. Hondas are great cars but you may still face some major maintenance/repair costs on the EX. The 2013 LX now comes standard with many modern features people like to have in their cars these days. Depending on your finances, you won't go wrong investing in the 2013 - 1.9% for 60 months if financed. Depending on how many miles you drive, the LX will still have good value when paid off. The first 100k miles on a Honda doesn't require a lot of maintenance - mainly oil changes, transmission drain/refills, engine/cabin filter changes, tire rotations, etc. If I was presented this choice, it's the new LX. Good luck!
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