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Problems: Radiator Water, Engine Oil, Compression

I have a 2003 Kia Carnival in Malaysia which is how the Kia Sedona is known here. It has a 2.5 V6 fuel-injected petrol engine. My car has done about 220,000 km (137,000 miles).

I have 3 problems. I'm including them all in case they have a related cause.

1. Engine oil - I used to use fully synthetic engine oil and change every 10,000 km. Two years ago, I found that the engine oil is almost empty by around 6,000 km. The service centre mechanics suggested that I use semi-synthetic engine oil which is more viscous and needs to be changed every 5000 km.

2. Engine Compression - Towards the end of last year, the service centre mechanics said that the first cylinder of my V6 engine has engine compression slightly below the specification. I didn't do anything about it as there does not seem to be a significant loss in power.

3. Radiator water - In the past 6 months, my engine has overheated 3 times. All 3 times, the radiator water had all evaporated.
The first time, I changed the radiator. I noticed that I need to keep refilling the radiator every 2-3 weeks.
The second time the engine overheated was just after a service when the radiator water had been topped up. I changed all the pipes and hoses leading to the radiator including the heater pipes. Even after that, I had to keep topping up the radiator every 2-3 weeks.
The third time, which was a couple of days after I had topped up the radiator water, the engine overheated when I was about 80 km into a road trip involving a lot of hills. The mechanics say that they can see no signs of a leak.
My radiator fan (dual speed) and air-con fan seem to be working just fine.

The mechanics say that I need to have a complete engine overhaul which costs about RM7,000 here (USD2,000).

Does anyone have any other options that I can try first?

Is the radiator fan supposed to go off when the engine is turned off even though the engine is still hot?
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