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2012 LaCrosse not good in the desert

wyndwomanwyndwoman Member Posts: 1
I have an e-assist LaCrosse here in the high desert. The chrome beauty ring around the radio blinds me regularly in mid day with the cab forward design.

And even with the A/C on auto set at 68 degrees anything over 90 outside, the car is miserably hot inside.

Glad I have a lease and not a buy, I love GM vehicles but this one just isn't doing it for me :-(


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    tjc78tjc78 Member Posts: 16,083
    I'll agree the A/C isn't that great in the LaCrosse but it kept up for me in 95+ temps. I'd have it checked out be to sure.

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    lacrossesoakedlacrossesoaked Member Posts: 87
    I have leather interior. I spend a few months in the desert. If the veh sits in the sun for 30 minutes or longer, it takes a long time for it to cool down even with the a/c on full blast. My windows are not tinted to fullest extent and that adds to the problem but leather retains heat. Long-time desert dwellers tell me they avoid leather.
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