CRV 2011-can it have a 2 inch Curt receiver hitch w/o voiding the warranty?

idic5idic5 Member Posts: 18
I have seen a smattering of users who have said that the installation of a 2 inch recvr hitch could void the warranty.

If a 2 inch recvr hitch (class 3) were allowed, then why does Honda OEM only make available a 1.25 class I recvr ?

I just saw that on amazon's part compatibility app the curt 2 inch does NOT fit in the 2011 crv! this despite tons of people who say they have put this in and even Curt (ahem ) itself saying it can be installed on the 2011 V. au_as_r?ie=UTF8&Make=Honda%7C59&Model=CR-V%7C754&Year=2011%7C2011&carId=001&n=15- 684181&newCar=1&s=automotive&vehicleType=automotive
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