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2008 CX-7 GT w/ Sunroof.... Ceiling microphone?

I just bought this car. I now know that the little blue light in the overhead ceiling is for ambient lighting. Mine may need replacing as it is very weak...need info about doing that. :)

however, there is a small speaker or microphone or similar (about 1 1/2" by 2" rectangle) about 5 inches to the right of the blue light.

What is that? What's it for? How is it used?

Thanks in advance!


  • The microphone is for the voice activated navigation system. The top left button on your steering wheel activates it. If you have music on, it will mute for a few seconds while you give a command. If you don't have the manual for the NAV, you can prob find it on line. There are many basic commands you can give, like 'Go to preset destination # 3' .... Etc.
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