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  • kenvkenv Posts: 5
    I was affraid I might be one of the last and there'd be few left here to play with. Thanks for responding. Hopefully, I can contribute some around here as me and my car get further aquainted and broken in.

  • kenvkenv Posts: 5
    Hi, thanks for the info. I read your other messages on the speaker install - very informative and concise.
    A few questions - hope you don't mind...
    Did you feel that the Kenwoods were a sufficient enough upgrade?
    Was the sound/power/clarity noticeably improved?
    I don't need to thump loud, but I would like to crank it once in a while without fear of blowing any speakers. Actually, I think the stock stereo sounds pretty good already. Guess I just like the idea of having better, more durable, speakers in there.
    I've found the two on-line Mazda parts dealers that carry the speakers. Do you think having the connectors was worth it? I have seen the speakers that tboggs recieved on Ebay for around 80.00 for rear and 60.00 for the front. Curious as to whether or not they're the same. The model number is (at least for the rear).
    What was the model number on the front speakers you put in. The back ones are eXcelon KFC-X698, right?
    I think that'll do for now.

    I suppose any further discussions on this will need to be posted in a different section. If it needs to go to the Accessories board let me know.

  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    Actually, I put Pioneer speakers in my LX (TS-A68?? in the front and TS-A6999 in the rear). I still had the stock head unit at the time. They made a big difference in the highs and lows. The highs aren't as clear as with component tweeters mounted by the side mirrors, but they're much more vibrant. And bass can actually be felt, especially when I rest my arm on the door. With the stock head unit, I had to dial it up to 4 bars (out of 10) to get decent volume with the factory speakers. With the Pioneers, I was happy with 3 bars (I obviously don't blast the heck out of my eardrums). The new speakers also have rubber surrounds (instead of foam) and polymer cones (instead of paper), so they should last the life of the car (or as long as I will hold onto it). The stock speakers in my '89 323 lasted about 5 years before the foam surrounds and paper cones gave out. I replaced those with Pioneers too.

    At the time, Crutchfield didn't have install directions and only a so-so connector adapter (designed for some Civic, if I recall correctly), as they didn't consider the aftermarket for Proteges to be big enough (they do now). I had to modify the connectors a little so they fit with the stock connectors, but I didn't have to cut any of the stock wire harnesses.

    If you don't want to mess with cutting, crimping and soldering, you may want to go with the Mazda-custom Kenwoods or go with a reseller like Crutchfield who may (I haven't checked) offer their own adapters.
  • lonestarlonestar Posts: 15
    Wasn't sure where to post this question... Anyone have any comments about how the Hyundai Elantra and Suzuki Forenza compare to the Protege? Obviously the Forenza is new for 2004 so such a comparison may not be legit.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Have checked the Sedans Comparison board? If there isn't a current comparison topic to fit your needs, you can create a new discussion.

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  • Hi I'm jans

    I'm new to this group. I just bought a used 2000 Protege LX. Wanted a Mazda 3 (being my very first car and all) but I'm a little tight on the budget. Why'd you guys chose a Mazda intead of a Honda or a Toyota? I'm actually debating on these 3 makes and ended up with a mazda.

  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    Seriously, my '99 Protege hit just about everything I was looking for (reliability, safety, value, efficiency, fun-to-drive etc.). The only improvement would have been having the P5 body style available in an LX trim at the time I purchased my car.
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  • 11b33t11b33t Posts: 51
    New poster but proud original owner of a 92 LX that's still going strong! :shades:
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    Glad your '92 is doing well.

    My '89 323 was still going good when I finally sold him , and my '99 is doing well (except for nagging bits of carbon sticking my EGR valve every now and then....I think my dealer is getting tired of that too).
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    Waltham, Massachusetts here with an automatic 2003 Protege LX, clad in the sexy laser blue color.

    But but... The clock shows 89998 miles today. The car is 2.3 years old. (my miles over time) I've slowed down, been averaging only 64 miles a day since Jan 2005 (126 miles a day before that).

    The car has been running great... Here's my review for epinions.

    It sucks though to have that many miles, as I want to get an RX-8 now, and the trade-in value is through the floor.
  • 3demons3demons Posts: 3
    I'm Fawn, I'm 27 & have had quite a few cars and this is by far my fave.
    I've had:
    95 Z-28 Cavalier-dealer sold me a shoddy car. :mad:
    97 Honda Civic-had it 2 weeks then dealer decided it wanted me to have a...
    98 Nissan Sentra SE-that thing rode like a tin can.
    98 Dodge Avenger ES-I miss that poor car, hope it's happy in car heaven :cry:
    01 VW Jetta 1.8T-it was great till the warranty ran out and the car literally fell apart
    and "drumroll please..."
    02 Mazda Protege 5. Zoom Zoom

    I never thought I'd own a YELLOW car. Yet I do & love it. I can find it as soon as I walk out of any store. Which is helpful since I'm usually dragging my 3 demons with me. I can fit all the kids in the back, all in different stages of car seats.
    I do admit, I need a bigger car. I don't WANT a bigger car, but let's face it, I want 1 more kid, & that luggage rack is NOT a car seat holder. Ha ha!

    My kids love it, I'm the only yellow car at school. Hee Hee! I gain notoriety from it.

    I bought it used, loved it like it is new. It needs a paint job, it's faded, Guess it's the Fl sun. It has had a new tranny though. It's gears were stripped clean. Mazda's fault? Previous owner who was like 18? I baby the thing, doubt I could have done anything to stop it.

    Anywho..Anyone know if the MPV is any good? Hubby says it's too small, he wants a Caravan. He drives a 00 Grand Cherokee and won't admit he likes the P5, he just mumbles "yellow" alot. The tranny thing totally killed any love of the car. Meanwhile I drive it like I stole it & love it like a kid.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    I think it's one of the few cars that can pull off that color well. I'd get it in yellow or red.

    Anyway, I like the MPV. I hate over-sized vehicles. They just don't handle well and are a pain in the parking lot. If I had 3-4 kids, I'd consider the MPV or the Mazda5 (based on Mazda3 chassis), which is kind of like a mini-minivan.

    Though it's smaller, the MPV's fuel consumption is about the same as larger minivans. So it's pretty much your call on size preference. I think the 3rd row is fine for kids and small adults (my wife is 5'2" and thought it was fine back there).

    One thing to watch for: automatic transmissions in '04 and '05 MPV models have had problems (new model from JATCO, which supplies ATs to multiple Japanese makes). I'd wait to see what the reliability data is on the '06 units, or find an older used one. I think the Mazda5 uses a different automatic transmission.
  • 3demons3demons Posts: 3
    I was thinking about the whole transmission thing. I worked for a Dodge dealer in 99 & all I saw were Rams & Caravans from the mid 90's come in for them. I mean no car is perfect. Heck my Jetta came to me with less than 20 miles on it, right off the truck & I had alot of probs w/ it after 24,000. (Warranty runs out then..hmmm coincidence?) This next car needs to last 4 yrs or so & will probably be w/out payments. So chances are it will be an 04/05. Found out I can still get approx 7,000 for my P5, plus I'll have cash to pay off the rest.

    I can't imagine why Mazda would stop the P5's. I was literally the only yellow one around here. Then BAM! Within 6 months I saw a ton of them. I'm not so hot on the 06 5's. I wanted a 6 really really bad, found the P5 and grabbed it. Thought it had to be better than the big Buick hubby wanted ;) I hate BIG cars. 3 yrs & I still love my P5.

    Anyways, I guess I'll just have to wait, see what I like & can drive. Not to mention stuff in a mini van.
  • ksteen1ksteen1 Posts: 1
    I bought my Mazda new in 2000. I now have 75,000 miles on it with no problems. I love it. I want to know if anyone else has one and how it is doing for them. Zoom Zoom. Kay
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  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    I think the 3 hatch is pretty ugly from some angles, yet good-looking from others. I can see why the discontinued the Pro/P5 when they introduced the 3, but wish they both had a longer run.

    My wife and I both agree, as nice a car the 3 hatch is, the P5 is a much better looker, and drives very well (actually, I prefer the more intimate feel I get in my Pro to that in the 3, though I admit the 3 handles noticeably better).

    Actually, if they'd brought the P5 over when I got my Pro LX sedan, I'd have gotten the P5 instead (don't tell my Pro that!). I really appreciate the extra utility of the hatch, and the extra headroom in the rear seat. It's much easier to throw my bike into the back of my wife's P5 than to secure it to the roof rack on my Pro sedan (especially AFTER a long, hard bike ride).
  • Heya!! Just posting to say Hey to my fellow Mazda baby girl's name is black betty and she's an 03 Protege 5. Anywho, I'll be asking my fair share of questions as this is my 1st Mazda (have owned a few VW's and an Acura prior to this...)

    Have a great day!
    ~katee ;)
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