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2011 Hyundai Sonata starting problem

sonata01sonata01 Posts: 21
edited July 2017 in Hyundai
I have a 2011 Sonata GLS, 33000 miles, and recently have had several instances where I go to start my car, it turns over, but doesn't start???
All comments are welcome. I don't believe it is the battery, I don't think it would crank over? There is no certain time it would do this; I've had the problem after sitting for an hour, or two hours; can't remember all the time frames that this would happen. Can't take it to the garage, because you know it would start, and without it happening, money wasted???


  • ajugeeajugee Posts: 1
    Just had the same problem occur. AAA driver thought it was the battery and tried to jump me but it wouldn't start. Having emergency service done tomorrow. Gotta love that bumper to bumper warranty. I know I am, especially as the 2nd owner
  • There is a brake switch that is bad and can keep your car from starting.
  • bhindleybhindley Posts: 1

    It seems that the connector gets old and brittle after time. Becomes an intermittent problem. It is probably common and why there are so many posts about this. It was a devil to figure out.

    I had a similar issue on my 1998 Hyundai GL (stick shift). After replacing the battery, fuel pump and relay, fuel filter, checking all the sensors, checking out the ECU which gave no codes, and paying a lot of different mechanics who couldn't figure it out I decided to try replacing the ignition coil. After that is seemed to work, then went a little funky. I discovered that it was running on just 2 cylinders. When I wiggled the wires to the ignition coil it resolved the problem which then came back. Upon swapping back the original ignition coil to test I found that the connector from the wiring harness was very brittle and after fiddling with it I realized that this was a problem. Not able to find a replacement connector easily I drove it around on 2 cylinders with one of the leads hard wired. It then consistently ran - but on only 2 cylinders. I then hard wired the other 2 yesterday. That seems to have fixed the issue. It was as simple as that. Intermittently bad connection to the ignition coil.

    If you need to replace that connector it is "Ignition Coil Wire Harness For 96-00 Elantra, 97-01 Tiburon 27367 23000" Beware that Hyundai uses the same part number for the condenser part - so verify that. I had to wrong part sent to me twice before I gave up and hardwired it. That part costs about $30 if you can find it. Thought I would share...
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