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Acura MDX Owners Meet the Members



  • billyakobillyako Posts: 2
    Hi i have an 04 mdx.when i wash it or it rains after i roll down the window and roll it back up,the inside of the window is wet.does any body have any clue of why this would be happening or a fix.the dealeraships tell me they never herd of this complaint.thanks
  • Just realized that there was so many other mdx'ers with transmission problems. Well I have a 2002 Acura Mdx 2nd owner, with 160k and transmission problems. I just found out it was recalled, and tranny was replaced in 2004 when it had 43k. I called acura client services like other mdx'ers did told them about my problem. I was advised to take it into the dealer and have a diagnostics but i will have to pay for it, and if it was for the same reason they would fix it and refund me the diagnostics fee. The dealer calls me 4 hours after and confirms the tranny problem and had already called Acura to advise them of my problem. 3 days later dealer calls me and informs me that Acura cant help me and i had to pay the full amount of repair which was 5600 they offered discount on parts but still was 5400. What am I to do now? is there a class action lawsuit goin on, if so i want in on this.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
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