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2000 chevy cavalier stalling problems

kcampbell2kcampbell2 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
So i have a 2000 chevy cavalier (manual) that i've owned for a couple months now. It was working perfectly when i bought it (although the ABS light was on, the mechanic said it was just a computer sensor issue and the ABS would turn back on once it got colder) and it was in really good condition. Since it has started snowing though when i drive it sometimes the rpm will shoot up fairly high and the car will slow down and start shaking, even if you try changing gears it still happens, it will stall out after that (within about 1 minute). Right as it stalls my check oil light comes on, if i start it up after it stalls the check oil light will be off though. It usually starts up fine after that all happens, then when i start driving again it will sometimes do the exact same thing and sometimes drive perfectly fine afterwards. This has only happened about 4 times in the last month, I took it to the mechanics and they claimed that there is absoloutly nothing wrong with it.
Please help me!!


  • I've had this car since we got in new in 2000. Mine started doing this at 120k so I changed the plugs and wires. It started doing it again at 180k so I changed the plugs q and wires and it runs smooth again. Car has 190k and is a reliable old beater back up car
  • Our 2000 cav will not start sometimes as the ignition switch locks you out from starting car thinking theft? No solution found yet. After is sits for 10-15 minutes it will start?

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