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Mazda Protege Accessories and Modifications



  • I posted a while back that my brakes didn't work very well. I found out today that my tires/rims are too big for my little brakes. I'm an 18yr old male working full time. I live in Hamilton (1hr south from Toronto). I'm interested in buying larger brakes. But I don't have much money to spend. I want my brakes to react. But I also want them to last. I was thinking about all wheel disk brakes. I was told approx $2,000. Which I don't have atm to spend on brakes.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    On the stock head unit, there are two cover plates, one on each side of the faceplate. You have to remove these to expose the holes (two under each) for allowing the head unit removal tools (you can use Ford-compatible tools) to enter and disengage the snaps that hold in the head unit. You can just pry these off. They are held in place with light snaps. Be careful if you want to keep them as they are thin and fragile.
  • The ford tool costs a few bucks at autozone. It also removes the bin below the head unit if you want more space to work.
  • hey bro., im a new member and i have a 1991 Mazda Protege W/ 1.8L DOCH engine. i'm very satisfied wit the power my car has but i wanna get more power. Is there any secret techniqes that would help me get more ponies under my hood, or any engine mods i should get. Anything would help. Thanx.
  • how do you change the driver belt on the '91 protege? we cant find the bolt the releases the tension on the drive belt. one of my mom's friends told me he things that there's that bolt and another tension belt that would enable me to replace it. any info, please? :confuse:

  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Why not check the service manual online for all the details? See:
  • thank you so much! it didn't say much at all about the drive belt in the manual and i'e been looking all over the place for something... thanks!
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    it didn't say much at all about the drive belt in the manual
    That's too bad. Did you check pages 01-10A and 01-10B?
  • I just bought a 2002 Protege 5. I didn't get any manuals with it.

    It has (factory fitted) roof rails/cross-bars. The rear one appears to be adjustable (the front appears to be fixed). They are currently to far apart for my ski box. Anyone know how to adjust them ? Can they be adjusted ?
  • You just loosen the two screws on top of the rear bar. The two pieces at the base on each side pop off with a little effort. The bar is held down with a bolt which you can loosen and then adjust.
    I just took off the rack today and it only takes a couple minutes.
  • I have a 2003 Protege5 with a factory installed radio/CD player. I would like to be able to play my iPod through the system but have had unsatisfactory results with a number of the FM transmitter interfaces on the market. Ideally I would like to add a line input to my car stereo or, if that's impossible, a cassette player so I can use one of those cassette adapters (which perform way better than the FM transmitters).

    Has anyone out there done this? If not, anyone know of a source for the service manual for the stereo? Thanks.
  • I believe I have an answer for you that you will really like. The following is a paraphrase of info I posted here some time ago:

    FM Modulator That Actually Works

    I have a recommendation for those who, for any reason, might want to play a MP3 player, CD player, USB flash drive, or other audio output device through their car radio.

    I tried out eight different FM modulators of the type that transmits an FM signal through the air to be received by your car radio. I was very disappointed with the results. Not a one of them was in any way usable at all. The signal went up and down, the background noise was unacceptable. They were all a disaster, and some cost up to $80 (luckily I bought them all with a return privilege). All were of the "wireless transmission" type. I believe this is the important distinction as compared to the device I will now mention.

    About a year ago I came across an FM modulator that plugs into your cigarette lighter and into which you attach a MP3 player (CD player or other audio output unit) via an audio cable (supplied). Or, as an option, you can also insert a USB flash drive directly into a USB port on the modulator. This product is called the "VR3 MP3 FM Modulator", it is made by Virtual Reality Sound Labs and can be seen at:

    I have been very satisfied with both voice and music played through this device via the audio cable. Music played from USB flash drives however seems to lack a little bass. No batteries are needed, power is supplied by the cigarette outlet. This device does stick out somewhat from the dash so you must make sure it will not interfere with your dash controls.

    I bought this modulator at Costco for $26, including sales tax. If you don't find it at Costco I believe Fry's, BestBuys and others now carry it.
  • dan333dan333 Posts: 1
    Would anyone be able to help me with wiring info to install a remote starter on a 2001 Protege. I also seem to be getting conflicting opinions to if this car has a factory security system that needs to be by passed. Any help with this matter will be greatly appreciated.
  • You (meinrad) wrote:

    I found a Honda parts site that has every clip, bold, panel, etc., that makes the car a whole piece.

    Can you share the web site's name?
  • Yo check out cork sport for any mazda parts
  • Does anyone know where I can get a pair of clear side turn signals for a 2002 protege5? I hate the orange ones that come stock. They should definately be clear like the headlights. I've searched everywhere but can't find them. I know they exist because i've seen one with them driving around once in a while.
  • rdejohnrdejohn Posts: 1
    My daughter has an 02 Mazda Protege LX and the dealer tells her she needs a 400 Alarm kit replaced to solve her problem that when she locks the car, her headlights turn on and stay on. Can anyone tell me where this kit is located and if it's readily available? I own my own repair shop and could probably change it, but I really have no idea what component I'm looking for. Thank You
  • civiletticiviletti Posts: 86
    Try or EBay
  • brb588brb588 Posts: 1
    Hey... did you do anything special? I bought everything you did, installed it myself and it didn't work. Then I brought it to Best Buy and it still didn't work. I got the parts swapped and it still doesn't work. Can anyone help? Is it my factory radio?
  • rgoodlettrgoodlett Posts: 2
    I need some help removing roof rack. I have a 2002 Protege 5. I got the two bars off. Do the black plastic rails attached to the roof come off? And if so, will i need to plug any sort of holes left in the roof? Thanks for any help anyone has.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    You could remove them, but you'd have to remove all the hardware bolted into the slots and get the trim pieces that are fitted into those slots (as the ones w/o roof racks are fitted).

    If your P5 came with a roof rack, it also should have come with some plastic pieces that plug the "holes" that are left when you remove the cross bars. It's much easier to just snap these into place than remove all the hardware.
  • matqc20matqc20 Posts: 2
    Hello. i have searched everywhere for the speaker depths on a 99 mazda protege. The reason is that I am buying a whole new audio system for my car ( about 4000$). I am wanting to put 2 x 6,5" component speakers in the front. Now in mazda protege's the speakers are 6x8... so I am going to have to make some mdf baffles so the speakers stay in place. I wanted to know the mounting depth of the factory speakers so I can choose some good 6,5" that will actually fit in the door. Thx.
  • alternatoralternator Posts: 629 shows 2+7/16" as the largest depth speaker they say will fit the front doors in a 1999 Mazda Protege. That web site will show you many speakers that will fit your Protege.
  • matqc20matqc20 Posts: 2
    The speakers I am getting are 2 3/4" .... do you think they will fit? If not... well I need to make a mdf baffle anyway.. so I could make the baffle like 1/2" so the speakers wont touch the door panel and will fit. I am also putting soem deadener and some overkill to kill vibrations and distortion.. that will also take about 3/4 of an inch if not more. I think the speakers should fit
  • alternatoralternator Posts: 629
    I took a second look at Crutchfield and found that they offer two speakers with 2+5/8" depth that they say will fit 1999 Mazda Protege front doors. But that's not to say that there may actually be more depth than that available. Good luck.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    A national news magazine is looking to interview college students who has “pimped” out his/her ride Have you tricked out your car with big rims, outrageous stereos, wild paint jobs, spoilers, ground effects, neon lights, nitrous, the works . Please send an e-mail to no later than Friday, June 9, 2006 by 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET containing your daytime contact information and the make and model of the car you’ve “pimped” out.

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  • el_bagadorel_bagador Posts: 28
    i just bought a protoge5 ('03) with a stock stereo and 6-disc changer. i want to toss in an aftermarket unit with a digital input, so i can use my ipod effectively in the car. when i get a unit, will i also have to replace the changer? that would be annoying.

    i also have another question: i tried to remove the stereo myself with the din tools, since it seemed easy and i wanted to see if i could plug in a digital line to the back of it, but the din tools didn't work. i talked to a car audio guy, who told me the clips or whatever were probably bent, which is why the din tools didn't work, and that he'd have to "get creative". i think what he really meant was "get creative with the labor costs to see what you messed up". has anyone ever encountered this issue, and is there another way to get the stereo out? ugh.
  • el_bagadorel_bagador Posts: 28
    ok, well i figured that out...i needed another set of din tools. so that's all set.

    now another question: how do i get the silver mazda badge off the grill? i either want to replace it with a black one, or replace it with a black one.
  • i wonder if you can help me out. i am a novice at this, and am trying to see if i can get a digital line run from my ipod into the stereo.

    i cant get the stereo out..what are the "din" tools. where can i get them? how much should they cost?

    and, when i get them, will i be able to run an audio out line from my ipod somewhere into a stereo input jack?
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    You can find these at any auto parts store, or even in most auto departments of discount stores, like Wal-Mart, Target etc.

    Look for ones that are compatible with Ford/Mazda factory stereos.

    On each side of the faceplate, there's a small plastic cover you have to pry off to expose the holes into which you stick the removal tools. Push each tool in until you feel clicks. You can then simply pull out the factory stereo, but pull it out slowly, as the cables attached to the rear don't have much extra length to them.

    For use with the factory stereo, you patch into the connector for the optional CD changer or cassette player. I don't know which pins they are - hopefully someone else here can provide the pin configuration?

    As for myself, I just put in an aftermarket head unit with a front AUX input jack. I connect my iPod with a stereo patch cable.

    Some aftermarket head units offer an accessory that lets you control the iPod from the head unit. This accessory usually plugs into the CD changer connector on the head unit.
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