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Volvo V40 - Information & Experiences



  • akowenakowen Posts: 1
    I just test drove a V40. I really liked it and am seriously considering it for my next car. I am almost ready to go buy one!

    At the same time I do have a concern. I am afraid an 3 adults and a child may not be comfortable on a long trip. I also drove a Passat and liked its automatic better. Next time I plan on test driving the V40 with the automatic in sport mode.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Is the car for you or your daughter? If it is for you buy the manual - she will learn to drive a stick if she wants to borrow the car. :)
  • I drove a V40 earlier this week and was pretty impressed. Adequate size, nice styling, generous standard features. Good acceleration due to the light pressure turbo. My wife has an 850 and it honestly doesn't feel quite as 'substantial' or 'solid' as hers does. Wouldn't say it feels shoddy or cheap, but overall isn't finished quite as nice (carpets aren't as flush, doors don't feel as heavy, etc). But for $5K+ less than a comparably equiped V70, it seems to be good value...and I want one!

    The bad news is that dealers in Mass/Nh seem to be from the few I've spoken to charging MSRP. The few on the lot I've seen are also loaded with the leather/sunroofs/sport packg, etc to come in at $28-$29K. According to the sales rep, come Dec/Jan when the supply is constant and some of the early pent up demand is over, then he would be selling for more like $500 over invoice (or about $1000 under sticker). I guess I can wait 3 more months...but it's going to be tough.
  • I have a question regarding the purchase of a Volvo:

    I have a Driver Edge credit card with some "Ford" credits. Can I use those credits to purchase a Volvo? (Volvo is now owned by Ford...)
  • My wife and I test drove the three today. We found that the Forester was rather cheap in the upholstery, seat comfort and back seat legroom. The OB was definitely more comfortable with better legroom. Then.........we drove the S40(the dealer didn't have a V40, which is what we would like). Wow! What a difference is workmanship, drivability and feel. I currently own my sixth Volvo, and I haven't been disappointed yet. Volvo seats practically sell the car. I did not like the options only being available in a "package". The salesman did say he might be able to get a sunroof, and the TRACS ordered separately, but we didn't get that far, as we weren't ready to actually order. I'd still like to drive the V40 to compare. Anyone out there compare the two? Also, has anyone out there compared the Subaru Legacy (not the OB) AWD with the front wheel drive Volvo? We do a lot of winter driving as we go up to the ski areas quite a bit. Would the V40 be as safe as the AWD Subaru? One more query......Anyone know of any Volvo dealers willing to negotiate in the NW (we live in Portland, OR)? Thanks for your help.
  • Well we just bought the V40. My goodness what a car! We've been searching for some time now, and have really had a fun time, but didn't find everything we wanted till this car. Here's my impressions:

    value -- this car had more standard features on the base model than any other car for the same price. Surprising how we only had to add the $850 weather package as our options (we live in Buffalo, NY). On the Passat and Forester, we would have been adding more options (making it more difficult to find, and a long wait)

    performance -- the turbo in this thing was unnoticeable. Our other car is a Prelude so we have high expectations for performance, especially from a wagon. Well this car met them. The Passat with a turbo definitely has a lag, but the V40 had great acceleration off the line. The sport mode makes lots of fun to drive, but adds a little bit of additional noise in low gears. In economy mode, the noise was gone and the car still accelerated better than the Passat turbo. The car handled wonderfully, had a solid road feel, but with a comfortable ride over the rough roads where I drove it.

    The car looks pretty sharp too, classy but not boxy like the V70s, and definitely not trucklike (I like the looks of the Forester, but I think in 10 years the SUVs are going to look dated)

    Room and comfort: I am 6'4 and find it hard to get enough leg and head room. Sadly the headroom reqmt often rules out moonroofs -- as it did on this car, but the moonroof comes with the leather seats as a package, and we preferred the feel of the cloth seats. Volvo seats are just heaven. Legroom in the Forester S was not good enough to spend $24k to $25k for me. It would've been too annoying for any length of trip. Passat had much better leg room, and the V40 was about equal to it. Cargo room is the same in the Forester and V40, Passat has more, but is a much heavier car--slower with a 4 cyl -- too expensive with a 6. Safety features on Volvos and the peace of mind of knowing how long Volvos last were also major factors in the decision.

    Availability -- Forester and VW were both impossible to find -- dealers quoted long waits and no guarantees of getting exactly what you wanted. With the Volvo dealer we may have just lucked out -- we looked in the showroom at the loaded V40, then described the options we probably wanted and that we'd like to drive one. When the salesperson brought out one to drive, it happened to be the perfect one for us -- options, the blackberry color, interior. We drove it then started dealing. Only thing we didn't get was the CD player but it comes with the touring package and we didn't want to pay for that. We paid about $800 under MSRP after some haggling. We enjoyed the experience with the dealer: they treated us intelligently and honestly.

    Overall this car just was a great value for the money. Compared to other cars that come in with prices $24 to $25k, it just had more stuff, more comfort, fun, and security, and a great reputation. Sorry this is so long... Hope this info can help others the way others have helped me.
  • cheap5cheap5 Posts: 2
    Have test driven all three. The V40 rear window thing is a bit weird, but the pick up and handling are great. Like the list of inclusions too. However, told by dealer that all cars in Northeast are shipped with cold weather package, an $850MSRP option that includes heated seats, TRACS, DSA and wiper washer system for headlights. Seems like it could be tough to get a base car without all kinds of add ons. Price quote is pretty much everything at MSRP. Did not push as still test driving and not ready to negotiate. Do not get the sense they will move much. Has anyone out there found same/different experience with pricing. Was also told that there may be shortage of metallic paint. Orders currently placed cannot be changed to metallic.

    2000 Subaru Legacy is a strong contender because more economically priced, has AWD, cheaper to service. However, ride isn't as smooth, found manual tranny to be awkward and automatic zigzag layout just plain strange. Would serve the purpose and be reliable, but doesn't have the look or the pizazz of the other entries. Ruled out OB, as it's looking too big, but the price comparison to the Volvo is similar.

    Saturn 2000 LW2 was a surprise. The engine supplies lots of power(v6 auto should!)with good pick up. Have to confess pushing it to try to get some hesitation, which I did, but that did not consistently happen. Nice handling with good turning and cornering. Smoother ride than the Subaru. Not the Volvo but close, and from an American car! ABS and traction control would be add-ons, as would leather and heated seats. But all the other stuff from keyless entry, alarm, heated side mirrors, fog lamps, AM/FM stereo/cassette and CD with 8 speakers, etc.etc, are standard. That's a lot of car for a no haggle price of $21,900 - and that includes conveyance! It's a big one though at 190.4 inches long! Also first year of model so unknown on service. Heard mixed reviews regarding the cars overall. Anything to share on this?

    My heart probably wants the Volvo, but my head and my wallet may dictate one of the others, especially with interest rates on loans creeping up there!
  • I called my local dealer today and the V40 is available through the overseas delivery program. You basically get the car for invoice price which includes customs, duty, and delivery to your local dealer. In my area, the car comes through Jacksonville, Fl and then on a covered truck to my dealer in Atlanta. I feel pretty confident that I would get a quality car from the factory because I could inspect the car myself just as I could if I bought it at a local dealer. The question I have is has anyone had bad experiences with the shipping process in terms of damage to the car. I know all cars are shipped this way, but you own the car when it is shipped and are responsible for the damage. Volvo makes you purchase marine insurance which would cover the cost of repairs, but I would not want a new car to be damaged with no recourse but to repair it. This process would save me $1000 to $2000 dollars depending on the deal I could get by the car state side which the dealers are not budging from MSRP.
  • Test drove the V40 yesterday. Dealer olny allowed a brief drive in the city, no freeway test yesterday. I was most interested in the freeway driving to test for road and wind noise. Drove the Mazda MPV yesterday too and heard lots of noise. What can others tell me about the noise on the freeway?
  • Purchased the 2000 V40 a week ago. WOW what a great car!! This is our first Volvo and it is the best. The leather seats are almost as comfortable as my recliner. Can't wait to got a long drive in it.

    The dealship in Fort Collins Colorado was the best, even got a free diner out of them!!

    The car is Volvo through and through. The wagon is loaded, all options installed, was able to get them at $300 below MSRP.

    Found the road and wind noise on the freeway mimimal at best.

    Huge glove compartment
    Engine power
    Volvo safety
    Comfortable seating
    Mileage is decent, seems it could be more since it's only a 4 cyl.

    Not a LOT of storage for stuff
    Shallow door pockets
    Steering wheel seems too close to dash
    Stereo is upgraded but still seems to be lacking in punch

    Just my .02. Love the car overall!!

  • strvtstrvt Posts: 12
    Just came back from V40 test-drive.
    Nice, quick and very responsive car. But ... a little bit to small for me. I'm 6'4" and can't fit in the V40 with sunroof. Headroom without sunroof is OK, but it will be hard to put even a child at the back seat after me. And steering wheel to close to my knees. It's look like a toy :). Ride is great, but probably I'll go with Subaru.
  • Am very disappointed that Volvo has brought this car so far only to have dropped the ball on not offering a manual tranny. Having grown up in a Volvo family I would buy one in a minute, but only if I could get one with a 5-Speed. Has anyone heard anything on the grapevine about Volvo rectifying this horrendous marketing snafu? If I were to take delivery of it in Europe, could I order one with a manual tranny? Thoughts anyone??
  • Every review of the V40 or S40 has stated that the Volvo is attacking the "midsize" market yet the dimensions of the vehicle are "compact". The S40 is only slightly larger than a Honda Civic. Forgive me for being naive but the Civic is no mid size. It is definitely a full size smaller than the Passat wagon, Suburu Legacy wagon and Saturn LS series. It's more Audi A4 Avante sized.

    I'm not sure at $30k loaded, the V40 is such a great deal. I'd rather have a loaded VW Passat with a nice 24 valve V-6 and plenty of room for that price.
  • 1702817028 Posts: 45
    I don't think Volvo had in mind to compete on price with Subaru, Saturn or Volkswagen. Then they might as well forget their luxury-brand aspirations. Like I said before in this thread, Volvo NA seriously considered to not release this car in this market so as to not dilute the brand image they are trying to build.

    Comparable cars would be Audi A4 and BMW 323i. BMW is releasing a 300-series station wagon this year I think (model name is Touring).

    If you are looking only at how much of a car you get for the money, I think there are better options. Same thing with wines, you can get a pretty good wine for ten bucks. Some people buy wines that cost 20 dollars, or a 100 dollars. Are they insane? No, different tastes. Undoubtedly the marginal gain of paying a buck more decreases quite a bit when you get up there. A Mercedes isn't twice as good as, say, a Toyota, but some people still find it is worth the money.

    I don't mean to sound patronizing, just pointing out that you have to compare apples with apples.
  • 1702817028 Posts: 45
    I don't think Volvo had in mind to compete on price with Subaru, Saturn or Volkswagen. Then they might as well forget their luxury-brand aspirations. Like I said before in this thread, Volvo NA seriously considered to not release this car in this market so as to not dilute the brand image they are trying to build.

    Comparable cars would be Audi A4 and BMW 323i. BMW is releasing a 300-series station wagon this year I think (model name is Touring).

    If you are looking only at how much of a car you get for the money, I think there are better options. Same thing with wines, you can get a pretty good wine for ten bucks. Some people buy wines that cost 20 dollars, or a 100 dollars. Are they insane? No, different tastes. Undoubtedly the marginal gain of paying a buck more decreases quite a bit when you get up there. A Mercedes isn't twice as good as, say, a Toyota, but some people still find it is worth the money.

    I don't mean to sound patronizing, just pointing out that you have to compare apples with apples.
  • Those are extremely bad quality cars which give constant troubles. You wouldn't expect Volvo to produce such bad quality cars but its true. I have taken the car for service 4 times in the first month that I bought a brand new V40. I suspected the car to have an alignment problem right from the start but the dealer refused to accept it. Then they finally accepted it when it started wearing off one of my tyres. They refused to replace the tyres. Then it was the cruise control which used to lock on a speed automatically without me pressing any button. Then one part of it stopped working. Then it was the horn which doesent work on one side. Then it was the power locks which gave a problem. I am fed up but Volvo dosent give my money back because the mechanical parts of the car didnt fail. I'm sure they will in a short while. They shouldve used the same kind of cheap quality materials they used for their electronics. They probably forget that it is the computer which actually runs their cars. That may fail at some point. For me my working times are between 7.30 am to 5.30 pm and I have a very inflexible schedule. When I explained to the Volvo Customer service about my problems they said "too bad Sir, but we are sorry"
    I probably am going to file a lawsuit against them.

    I request readers to please refrain from buying an S40 or a V40 if they dont want to bear the frustration of paying about $30,000 for a piece of junk.
    FOr more details. write to
  • Currently I am driving a 1995 Ford Countour GL with 95K on it. I still have one year on a lease that I really want to walk out of (We all make mistakes in life) I realize I will have to come up with a sizeable down and into another lease in order for it to be manageable. Anybody have any solutions?

    I have a brother who is with Ford so I would qualify for a Ford A plan So I know that I can get the car below MSRP plus any incentives. Would like to keep next car longer and possibly buy out the lease. Not excited about Sable/Taurus.

    Drove a Pasatt GLX sedan and loved it, somewhat pricey and not sure if dealer would negotiate as they are selling fast. Owned a 85 Jetta and put 200K on it.

    Drove the Volvo V40 wagon loved it. My concerns are room, reliability, and cost of maintenance. Want leather,sunroof & CD. No kids but in sales and spend time driving and also need room for the various sporting goods and weekend trips.

    Also considered Explorer, not quite sure I want a sport ute.

    Please help I want to get rid of the Countour later this Summer. Also Would a V70 make sense? There will be a replacement this fall, I am sure there will be lots of incentives on remaining V70's in stock.
  • Just test drove a new S-40 and was very impressed. Tested a new passat the same day and would say they were very much the same, the main difference being that the seats in the Volvo fit me better and had more comfort. The problem being that I can get a 96 or 97 BMW.for about the same price any help on what would be the best buy for a long term hold. I'm talking 10 years and 150,000 miles, depreciation and maintenance are my main concerns.
    Need more responses from current s-40 and v-40 owners. Thanks!
  • mannix3mannix3 Posts: 1
    I have now owned a v40 for almost 6 I happy? Decidely no! Upon delivery the steering was completely out of alignment..the following week I spent a full day, from 7:00 am till 6:30 Pm sitting in a dealership waiting till this minor problem was fixed. Was it fixed, well if you can count a problem being 80 rectified fixed I guess it was.
    A squeak had developed in the passanger door and three visits later still squeaking. I have now removed the squeak by spraying lithium grease through the panel opening. Why was I resorted to this because the dealer can not find or fix the squeak. The cold probably created the squeek I was informed on the second visit for said item. I did not know that Sweden was a tropical country without a winter, I replied.
    Now the headlights are blowing out. Replaced bulbs are going at the rate of one per week. The dealer can get me in (with a loaner) not for two weeks. Here I have bought a pretty expensive car that cannot be used after twilight!
    Would I buy another? What do you think?
    By the way, a slightly used Volvo v40 is going to be on the market this September
  • rlmingorlmingo Posts: 8
    I thought it was just me about the radio fading in and out on my V40. I absolutely love my car, but even with the stero upgrade I am disappointed with the reception it gets. The CD is clear as a bell and sounds great, but FM stations (even local ones) are not so great. Do you think it's the antenna (being so short and on the back of the roof?). If my car wasn't a lease, I'd bring it to an audio place to get a better antenna. I do also agree about the rear hatch button. Too hard to push in. I wish the key ring button would pop the trunk too so you don't have to put your things down to have free hands to push the button it.

    But, I think these are two minor complaints for such an awesome car!!! I'm very happy so far.
  • lstehnolstehno Posts: 1
    I bought a V40 in November 1999, it started having problems with the check engine light within 2 weeks. This has been a constant problem! It has now escalated to overheating and not starting all together. The V40 has been in for service 6x for these problems, I have had to have it towed 2x. Any helpful hints?
  • If you look at various Volvo web sites, serious electrical problems, squeaks and rattles are very common. Solution: DON'T BUY VOLVO'S! Maybe Ford will fix these ridiculous problems, now that they own the car company.
  • bgkannebgkanne Posts: 25
    Ford will fix Volvo just like they fixed Jaguar, which Ford also owns. They will develop cars together, reducing costs, improving quality and making the cars more pleasant to drive. A perfect example is the Lincoln LS and the Jaguar S type which are based on the same chassis.
    Ford's overall reputation for quality and reliability is quite good. For example, Ford has virtually all of the police and limo market in the US. Reason? They make the best product for their needs that is both durable and relatively inexpensive to repair.
  • Here's the deal: I have 12k on my Volvo V40 and
    have not experienced one problem. For the money, I
    think it was a great buy - nice power and
    handling. For those refering to a 1998 review and
    slamming performance....I agree, given the old
    engine, performance would have been lacking.
    Slapping in a Turbo for the American 2000
    introduction was a great move. Don't compare apples
    and oranges. Overall, a tremendous value for the
    money and I would advise anyone to buy one.
  • lexi3lexi3 Posts: 1
    I didn't want to be lumped in the "V40 - very bad cars" discussion, because I don't think I'm quite that disgusted with my new V40 yet. Unfortunately, I have had problems, and I've only owned the car for 1 1/2 months. After the first few tanks of gas, I noticed that I was only able to refill the tank when completely empty with about 12 gallons. In fact, each time I refueled, I was able to put less and less gas in the car. Very odd. I too, have noticed that the Volvo dealerships are not "working people friendly", because the dealerships near my home and work are only open M - F during business hours. I used to have a Nissan, and they were open Saturdays as well as from 7 - 7 each day. So, I took the car in for the tank and for some rattles and squeaky brakes. They gave me a rental car, which I had for two days while they had to order a new fuel pump and sending unit. After driving around a Dodge Caravan, I was ready for my little wagon back! Got it back, some of the rattles are gone, but I still have the fuel problem. Anyone have the same problem? I only have 1400 miles on the car.
  • taratara Posts: 30
    Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Tara and I've just started working for I'll be your new host for Station Wagons:)
  • I recently just purchased the V40 wagon and absolutely love the vehicle. For the money, I think the car is an excellent value. The V40 wagon handles the road well and the performance of the car is excellent. I don't have any negative comments to make re: the V40 wagon.
  • Hi all, first posting here, just bought a 2000 V40, dealer loaner, the price was right
    and I like the car, but I have two questions?

    First, can you open the rear hatch without the key in the lock (ie just by pushing
    the button) or does the key have to be in the lock? (Dealer swears key needs to be
    in the lock to open hatch, does that mean the trunk button on the key fob is

    Second, is there any option for a CD changer (not fm modulator) that doesn't cost

    Any thoughts or opinions appreciated...I can't believe you can't open the hatch without the key, and if you can, how in the heck to I get the dealer to fix it. They are sticking to the party line that all is fine even though the lock works sketchy at best!
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