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Volvo V40 - Information & Experiences



  • bb_lhs_2kbb_lhs_2k Posts: 94
    The tires on my 2003 are the BF Goodrich T/As. Not bad tires really, I've used them before on other cars, but the noise could be because of the suspension not being as isolated as less performance cars (like my LHS). I wouldn't worry about it, it's not an issue.

    As for the program picking up the car overseas. A friend of mine just picked up a BMW 330xi from Germany on a similar program, where he ordered the car here in the U.S., then picked it up overseas and drove it around in Germany for about a week to add a few miles to the odometer, and that's how you save by shipping it Used instead of Brand New.

  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Welcome everyone!

    To nwng & mbfjack - Glad to see you're getting some good feedback here. For additional feedback/ideas, you may also want to check out our Help me select a Wagon! discussion. Good luck, and please keep us posted on your decision. ;-)

    To bb_lhs_2k- Congrats on your new V40, and thanks sharing the details. We appreciate your help/feedback here... and look forward to your future posts. Happy motoring!

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  • bb_lhs_2kbb_lhs_2k Posts: 94
    I got a lot of help on these boards, so it's only appropriate for me to help, if I can :-)
  • mbfjackmbfjack Posts: 23
    Thanks for the welcome. It's surprising there are not more posts on the V40. It seems like it's only a couple of us on here.
    I find these boards extremely helpful. Even though I still haven't decided nor made a purchase, it's refreshing to read information with all types of opinion. It helps a great deal to find out people's dilemmas, problems and solutions.
  • I think this car comes closest to what I want in a car.
    I like it alot and really can't find anything wrong.
    (Well...I don't like the old style door handles...that's about it)
    How long will the $4000 off incentive last?
    Never mind... I just checked... it says 4/30...
    Does anyone know if a new V40 will be introduced by then?
    Is the V50 a replacement or different?
  • bb_lhs_2kbb_lhs_2k Posts: 94
    I think the V50 will be the replacement of the V40, but will be introduced in 2005 (I'm not sure, maybe 2004).

    Here's the spy pics of the V50:
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Thanks for the link! If you have a chance, perhaps you could also share (copy/paste) that in our V50 discussion. Talk later. ;-)

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  • theflowtheflow Posts: 98
    I'm thinking of getting a V40. Any problems experienced so far? And how much does it costs to replace the Volvo brake pads?
  • conradwconradw Posts: 2
    I talked the two local Volvo dealers in the area about the gas grade the Volvoes require, but is still sort of confused.

    Dealer 1: Among the European auto makers, only Volvo requires only regular 87 grade gas. All the others require premium gas. He told me what was shown on the internet, such as Edmunds, was not correct.

    Dealer 2: Although the owner's manual specifies premium gas, you can comfortably use the regular one from any established gas vendor. He himself had been using the regular one and there was no problem. He also said if the regular one did not work, then just went up one notch.

    So the question remains that if the regular one is fine, why does Volvo even specify the premium in their manual to begin with?
  • thomasmithomasmi Posts: 6
    Have any of you V40 owners experienced problems with the plastic trim (integral w/ tail lights)on the rear hatch? Mine has cracked above and below the gate latch, (i.e. between the latch and the glass). Not sure if the extremes in temps. caused cracking or if it's prone to crack due to the narrow width of plastic above latch. Seems like a
    design flaw, although minor, that could have been worked out over the course of the V40's history.
    Thanks for the input.
  • matt108matt108 Posts: 2
    I am a happy owner of a 2002 V40, however, I was wondering if anyone had trouble accommodating a rear facing child seat, and an adult front seat passenger at the same time. I have tried several different car seats, but in every case, the front passenger's seat must be moved far forward, and without being reclined, in order to get the child seat to fit. This makes the front passenger seat uncomfortable, and almost unusable for full size adults on long trips. Has anyone else had this experience, and if not, what type of child car seat are you using that fits with the front seat in a comfortable position?

    Thanks for your responses.
  • zsebbencszsebbencs Posts: 1
    I've been trying to have one of my rear speakers fixed since I bought my car. At fairly high volume, it produces a crackling noise. The particular speaker and the radio already have been replaced but I still have the problem and my dealer tries to convince me that the radio is just not meant to be listened to that loud. As he says, the speaker is not able to handle such a high volume. I find this totally stupid: why would they install these speaker with this particular radio if they don't work well together and also: why only one of my 8 speakers do this? I didn't accept my dealer's explanation and now he wants me to meet a Volvo factory representative. Before I do that I would like to gather some information. So please let me know if you have ever encountered the same problem or just give me some feedback about your experience with your stereo.

    Thank you.
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    Then sign the petition at:
    so far, there are 87 signatures. Add yours and maybe Volvo will build the car. Also join in on the Volvo S100 conversation under Future Vehicles.
  • pzp1pzp1 Posts: 2
    Apologies if this is off topic. If you are in the DC/Baltimore area, stay away from Koons Volvo in Owings Mills, MD. They agreee on one price for a V40 with us, then upped it by $1500 when we were ready to sign the paperwork. We walked out and they lost a sale. The experience was similar to the worst nightmare "used car saleman" tactics.
  • pzp1,

    Did you purchase your V40 yet? Drop me an e-mail.
  • I will appreciate any help on this decision. A colleague has a 2000 V40, 45k miles, fully loaded (premium sound, sports, leather) in excellent condition for sale at 10K. It has the usual brake issue, dead battery, fluttering noise from moonroof, noise from right front window at 60mph, etc. But it is in excellent condition. Should I do it? TIA.

  • "It has the usual brake issue, dead battery, fluttering noise from moonroof, noise from right front window at 60mph, etc. But it is in excellent condition."

    I guess if you can get those things fixed before purchase (or get a hefty discount due to those items) it wouldn't be bad. Otherwise, I'd pass.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Price is 2k below Kelly Wholesale.

    By brake issue I take it you mean the Volvo Soft pads, no big deal there.

    Put a new battery in the car.
    The car might still be under warranty so the window and roof could be fixed by volvo
  • pzp1pzp1 Posts: 2
    We have just bought our new V40 (everything possible except the child booster seats). Got a great deal--$700 under invoice! Obviously, too early for any conclusions, but so far, the car is great. I am particularly impressed by gas mileage. This comes from someone who has been driving a Honda Civic up until now. Most of my driving is highway and I have been getting up to 33mpg.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and congratulations on your new Volvo V40! We look forward hearing all about your ownership experience.... ;-)

    Host of Hatchbacks & Wagons Boards
  • When I bought my V40 it was very good. It ran well, accelerated well and so forth. Now, after 4 years and 52K+ miles I can shed more light on the V40. First, the running lights. I had to replace the bulbs every 6 months until I had the
    local dealer turn the running lights program off.
    No problem since I had this done. Then, innumerable rattles started making their presence
    felt. My lowly Mazda Protege does a better job here. Virtually everything made out of plastic in the interior of the car has broken and virtually every part in the interior is made of plastic! The car is noisy. Noisier than my Mazda Protege. The windshield wipers are a cruel
    joke. It does have adequate power and adequate
    passing power. It is spacious. Considering that I use high octane gas, it is really not that
    economical to run. Plus, the brake pads need to be replaced frequently. And consider this: it takes a lot more money to maintain a Volvo than even a Lexus (comparisons with my friend's RX300). Would I buy another V40? No.
    Would I buy another Volvo? Probably not. So, to those of you who are considering a V40 - there is much better value out there for the same money!
  • I am seriously considering the purchase of a V40, BUT am having second thoughts after reading some of the negative comments above. Any advices pro or con would be very much appreciated.

                           Bill H.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    Honestly, I'd say wait until the redesign next year, if you can. I've heard much good press about it. As much of a Volvo fan that I am, I really don't see where the V40 compares favorably to a Legacy GT or a Passat (or even a CPO Saab 9-5.) But, drive what you like.
  • I agree with lancerfixer. The passat is a much better value. If you want a luxury car, buy a Saab, Lexus, Infiniti - I have colleagues who own these and are very happy...unless, of course, I can interest you in a used, but very well maintained 2000 V40 from sunny CA!
  • I also am considering the V40. In searching the Volvo website and looking through the on-line brochure, I did not find anything about recommended fuel for this engine. Is anyone running on regular gasoline? If so, do you notice a difference in performance between that and premium fuel? Thanks for any comments on this.
  • wez88wez88 Posts: 1
    I bought my V40 (1999 model) 2.0 litre petrol engine 2 years ago, now the milage is 30K+. A strange knocking noise started to appear from the rear wheel when I drive over speed bumps or road pits.. I took the car to my trustworthy mechanic (not the volvo dealer who is a rip off) and told me there was nothing wrong.. he checked everything.. I am not convinced yet.. anyone experienced the same problem? could it be the anti roll bar? the axle? suspension/or anything else ? and what about the cost? Help please...
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    sounds like either the suspension or sway bar bushings are worn or cracked.
    Tell your tech to take another look under there.
  • I have a 2001 V40 Sport Edition on 3 year lease and was initially happy. My Volvo dealer experience is less than satisfying. The car itself has too many problems compared to other makes. 2 of the Goodyear Eagles had slow leaks from the beginning and wore badly requiring replacement at 15,000 to 18,000 miles (15 inch V rated tires are not always immediately available). There are only 3 dealers in San Diego and only 1 with Saturday hours. The Saturday staff is never right for the service required on the V40. The 15,000 mile service is over priced compared to other brands. The lights do burn out frequently and you will learn to change them. As I found out the hard way, the rear brake bad life is criminally short (Yes, gone in 15,000+ is Ok with Volvo Customer Service - mine 23,000). I have never replaced pads on other brand (Honda, Nissan, VW, Jeep) 3 year leases. I am quoted $460 to replace rear pads and rotors 2 months before car return. Ordered the parts for 25% less than the Dealers Part quote online and will have the local mechanic install. The air conditioning unit gets mixed up and surges full blast in the off position. The cargo bed floor covering the spare is flimsy and permanently warped by carrying a carton of paper from staples. It is some type of cheap plyboard 3/8" that does not even set flush when new. I almost forgot the Oil Pan gasket leaks terribly at 23,000 and covers the garage floor. Basically, a lot of small problems, issues, $'s and time consumption that has not been required with other cars and brands. Thanks and good luck!
  • alexhalexh Posts: 1
    I am a dissatisfied 2000 V40 owner. I bought the car used from my local Volvo dealer about 2yrs ago and have had nothing but problems since the beginning. Some of the chronic maintenance issues are well documented such as: Check Engine light, Premature Break Pad wear, Ratteling Noise issues in the cabin, Bulb replacement every 6 months and poor customer service at local dealership. But, what has prompted me to write this message is my latest problem of the car sporadically not starting. Luckily I have an extended warranty on the car and road side assistance which I have now used twice to tow the car to the nearest dealer. The dealer clamis it is a faulty immobilizer chip inside both ignition keys but won't replace it until it's completly ruled out. I have been going round and round on this issue now for 3 months, and finally today they agreed on changing a relay in the ignition system to see if it solves my problem. Any one have similar problems??
    This is a real shame, the car only has 17,900 miles and is in immaculate condition. As a first time Volvo owner, this has been the worst car experience I have ever had. So new buyers be aware.
  • I have a 2001 V40. The lease will be up in Nov. 04. I like the ride, layout and looks. I am very unhappy with everything else. Had to change dealer for better service. Had dealer playing Volvo against me etc. on the unresolved transmission problem (shifts, frequently, into false neutral when upshifting 3 to 4). Never had such an unreliable car. Makes my son's 1993 3.8 L Taurus look like a winner. Towed twice, would not start. One week per year extra service visits while waiting for diagnostics and/or parts. UNSAFE car when electric brake booster pump dies (no indication) and one tries to brake right after cold engine start, there is no boost support at all. So far 2 pumps failed, the 2nd one after 4 weeks.
    List of problems: 12k front oxygen sensor failed 14k rear oxygen sensor failed 20k brakes had to be done 25k driver seat frame back broke 30k, 60k, 90k headlamps burned out (like clockwork) 45k driver side mirror fell apart on highway 48k car out for 2 weeks, would not start, waiting for engine speed sensor shield and cable even though a bulletin had been issued for those in summer 2001 (before car built date) 80k car would not start, again, engine speed sensor and cable assembly 9.at50k lost plastic center inserts in several rims 10.original tires dead at 30k, replacements still good at 95k (same tire make and model, go figure)11.since 45k transmission shifts into false neutral, occasionally, when upshifting; reproduced by dealer but never fixed as Volvo and dealer play me against one of them to first invest over 1000$ in transmission flushes, software updates and other BS 12.at78 k had to buy extended warranty as I would not be able to afford all thsoe repairs, $1800 down the drain 55k check engine light, thermostat had to be replaced (warmed up too slowly) 14.brakes are very good performance wise, but last only one winter after which, specifically the rear rotors and all pads, are grovved, worn, and garbage; brakes all around $1300 at Volvo dealer 15. at 97k the large rear door plastic piece (plate holder, lamps etc) cracked around rear center latch, will need replacing 16. I forget the rest (and am happy about it)
    Since Volvo does not fix the tranny I use avery opportunity I get to drive people in my car and point out the crappy tranny as "acceptable to Volvo". My comeback to Volvo is to talk as many people as I can out of buying one, so far succesfully done 4 times.
    First and last Volvo ever. All I really wanted was a nice, somewhat fast and solid car, and pay a small premium if needed. I sure paid the premium. Seven months left on lease...and feeling better every day.
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