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Volvo 850 Wagons



  • cap99cap99 Posts: 4
    Thanks Lancerfixer for the advice on the rotors. One other thing. i've also lately been getting the ABS and Tracs Off lights come on the dash from time to time. This happened a couple of years ago on a long trip and when I took it to the dealer, they couldn't find anything wrong. The brakes do their shudder thing occasionally. it all seems totally random. Also the check engine light is on all the time. I have 70,000 on the wagon. Is it true that that light will come on if you don't change the timing belt after so many miles or is it totally bogus?
  • ivyfchuivyfchu Posts: 21
    Just got new rotors and brake shudder problem seem to be gone... Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the advice guys!
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    Did they torque the wheels down with a hand torque wrench, or an air wrench? If it's the latter, prepare for the rotor warpage problem to return. It'd be worth your while (and a few bucks) to have them hand torqued at an independent shop or tire place when you get the opportunity.
  • Personally I never ride in the rear of my 850 but recently a bunch of friends wanted to tour Napa and they all choose the Volvo Wagon over their own PT Cruiser rental and a VW Golf. Ours was the only decent 5 passenger car.

    The problem was that the right rear passenger window would go down no problem when my friend activated the switch but it would not go up unless I activated it from the forward console.

    Any good cheap ways to maybe solve this problem without ripping out the entire interior door panel? I hate doing that sorta stuff cause invariably there are fragile plastic clips that you don't have a clue how they opperate until you break a few. Then the panel never seems to fit back into its orginal position.

    Questions: #1 Can the rear door window switch be easily pulled without removing the panel? #2 What are the tools and tricks? #3 Is it possible to just lie to you friends and tell them you'll bring your Yugo next time they want to go touring in Napa?


  • Looking @ a 96 850GLT in what appears to be very good condition w/ 132k miles on it. The price is about $4000 or so (negoatiated). Also comes with the "Cold Weather" package. Anyone have thoughts on this particular model and price?
  • Start reading @ about post #291

    Your potential purchase concerns will be nearly identical to KCC455's except for the rims.

    I have not comment on the price because beyond price and mileage nothing else is listed. It is within the ball park though.


  • Frederick/Javadoc - Especially interested in your views on the following (anyone else please feel free to chime in too - I appreciate the information):

    I'm considering buying a 1997 Volvo 850 wagon ("S" model? Probably the base model - 168 hp, no sunroof) from an individual (the current owner). Current owner bought the car from Volvo in 1998; it had apparently been an "employee" car before then. I do not know the seller.

    Car has almost 68,000 miles, new catalytic converter, new O2 sensor, new brakes and rotors about 15,000 miles ago, transmission was serviced about 10,000 or 12,000 miles ago, owner claims no electrical or AC problems. Car looks very clean on the outside and my gut tells me it was probably pretty well maintained, but I haven't yet looked under the hood or driven. Owner wants just shy of $9000.

    1) Any general thoughts?

    2) Anything to be concerned about other than the general possibility of big repair bills as the car gets older?

    3) Does the asking price seem fair, high, etc.?

    Thanks very much!

    -- Doug
  • I am looking to buy and 850 Wagon...mid to late 90's. What is all this talk about the transmission problems in these cars? Any year that this was not a problem? What years of the 850 Wagon are better than others? Have found a bunch on the net around the $10-$12k price range...generally under 100k miles. Also, how are the factory CD players in these cars? I would really appreciate any advice and guidance. Thanks!Jason
  • Doug-

    The 97 reads like it is pretty norm in the miles and brake department. The O2 sensor and catalytic converter replacement on top of the brake and rotor job probably killed the "joy of ownership" for this Volvo owner.

    I have not had to replace an O2 sensor or catalytic on my 96 w/ ~84K miles so I don't know what that costs. Probably a pretty penny or two.....or three. Not a happy experience I imagine.

    My guess is that after the last repair bill for this O2 sens., catalytic convert. on top of brakes and rotors this owner got wet feet about the up-coming ~70K mile scheduled maintenance. I don't remember exactly but I think ours was a timing belt on top of the second set of brakes and rotors. Call a Volvo dealership and find out what and when exactly that maintenance is and how much they charge for it. I'd deduct this from the selling price and make an offer.

    The 168 HP engine is the "base" non-turbo engine like my 96. If the car U R looking @ has leather, dual power seats, in trunk CD player, moon roof, alloy wheels, third row seat etc. then the $'s U state R maybe close to market value but still maybe on the high side.

    Best Wishes,

  • J-

    If you are gonna spend $10-12K, may I suggest you spend a while and read maybe half of the prior postings. The tranny problems mostly relate to 93 and older models. In the late 90's the 850 Wagon became the V70 and that is a slightly different bird.

    In the 850's the CD player was only a single CD w/ an up-grade remote trunk unit available for multiple CDs. The system won't blow your sock off if you R an audiophile but it works pretty well.

    94-97 is the 850 you want. 97 is the last year it was called and 850. After that it became the V70.


  • I own a 1997 850 s/w. It came with a factory cassette radio. I can exchange it for a Volvo in dash CD player for a couple of hundred dollars. Anyone know if this is the way to go?
    Also check engine light is on. New O2 sensors and major tune up were done. I also changed the mass air flow sensor. I'm thinking it is a vacuum leak. Comments? (90,000 miles, auto trans, non turbo.)
  • I own a 1996 850 GLT. Recently my ABS/Tracs Light came on. After changing the ignition switch the dealer told me I needed an ABS Module $550.00. I pulled out the module myself and sent it to Victor Rocha.

    $130.00 later everything works fine. He was prompt and I would recommend his service.

    Swapping out for a single CD player unit should be no problem. I'd get one out of a junked 850. Seems like only the base 850 came with a cassette only unit so U should have no problem locating a since in dash CD unit.

    Happy New Year,

  • Hello Volvo people. I'm new around here. I looking at a 1994 850 GLT w/122,500K. Price is $3950.00. The car looks brand new from the outside. Color is almost Candy Apple Red. Told me he had it detailed. He also says the horn doesn't work, and the timing belt was done at 75K. My wife saw it coming home one day. She drives a 1993 940 SE, 106,500K. I would appreciate any help. Also, I'm looking at 1994 960 with 76K, $5500.00. Thanks again. Charles.
  • klarckklarck Posts: 8
    What kind of options do these cars have?
     On the 850 I would check the following:

    1. Timing belts should be replaced every 70,000 miles; $260.00. At the same time you’ll put on a new serpentine belt, about $75.00.
    2. Brake fluid flush? $105.00.
    3. What is the condition of the brakes?
    4. If he has not replaced the ABS Module, chances are it will go bad in the next 5-10,000 miles. Cost at dealer about $550.00.
    5. I would pressure test the A/C.
    6. Why doesn’t the horn work?

    I would try to get the car for as close to $3,000.00 as possible.

    I’m not as familiar with the 960.
  • klarck: The 850 GLT has all the options. The car was bought with 24000 miles on it in 1995. The horn stays ON, so it was disconnected at the horn itself. The ABS Module has not been replaced. The brakes have been done in the last 12000 miles or so. I drove the car on the highway and there is a little shimmey or chatter from the front end. The brakes stop the car real smooth. There is a static noise in the volume dial of the radio. He told me he replaced 3 or 4 bulbs in the dash board. The transmission lights do not work (P,R,D etc) on the shifter. The a/c seems to work. The outside temp was 25 degrees at the time. The interior is leather and in great shape. Bottom line. No less than $3800. Thanks again for your help. Charles.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    Is the 960 a sedan or wagon?
  • I test drove it and is smooth as silk. The only problem is the switch for the reverse lights is being replaced. Is there any thing else I should look for? On the ABS, VICROCHA says on the 94 850 GLT & 94 960 Wagon are not prone to faliure, again any help would be great. Chazmatic.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    ...all things being equal, if you don't mind the RWD (I prefer it, personally, and I live in a snowy climate) my personal preference would be the 960. It's all up to what you like best, really. I think maintenance and repair costs will be about the same. One of the things to check on the 960 is the condition of the rear self-leveling shocks (Nivomats)...the replacement cost for those is pretty frightening. Of course, make sure other maintenance (especially the timing belt) has been done. I think you'd do fine with either wagon.
  • dwinerdwiner Posts: 13
    My '96 855T also "hums" at times when braking, yet the hum lingers a bit after the car has stopped. This only happens when the cabin blower is on. I figure it is not brakes at all, but the bearings in the blower starting to go. Load on the motor shifts when braking, putting different strain on the bearings. Thoughts?
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