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Chevy Silverado Problems



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Does this vibration occur at 1100 rpms no matter what gear you're in? Does the whole body shake or just the steering? If at 100 rpms in all gears sounds like a driveshaft needing balancing. However, the dealer has a vibration diagnostic tool called EVA. It will assist them in locating the source of the vibration. I don't know what the problem is with your service department, but I suggest you talk to the service manager regarding the EVA II. If not satisfied, you could always go to another dealer.
  • jalvisjalvis Posts: 1

    I was interested to read your posting because I, too, have experienced this problem. I bought a new 2002 Silverado regular cab with V-6 on October 30, 2001. Now have about 6000 miles. Vibration has developed since the purchase and seems to have gotten progressively worse. Vibration can be felt in floorboard and steering wheel. Also causes dashboard to vibrate. Mainly noticeable when around 40 to 45 mph at 1100 rpm---just the kind of driving that occurs in slow freeway traffic.

    Took vehicle in to dealer for its initial checkout and service this past week and complained about the vibration. When I picked it up, the service tech advised that he had consulted with GM and was told that this vibration was "indigenous" to the 6 cylinder and resulted from a "harmonic balance (thinkamajig)" Can't recall the exact name. Informed service advisor that it seemed strange since (a) it did not start until after I had put a few thousand miles on the truck, and (b) it had gotten progressively worse. Service advisor said that he would talk to GM some more and get back with me.

    I smell a confrontation on the way. Since my truck is new and under warranty, I do not intend to let this problem go unsolved.

    Will post more information later and would appreciate input from anyone with similar experience or information.
  • thenesthenes Posts: 9
    I bought a new 2001 Silverado extended cab base model with automatic and the V-6 in March 2001. I have the same exact vibration that you described. Two dealers tried several times to fix the problem and never did. They put springs on the exhaust system (not sure exactly what they did here), replaced the catalytic converters, replaced the muffler, reprogramed the computer, replaced the torque converter and flywheel. Still have the vibration. Filed a claim with the better business bureau. Agreed to a free 75,000 mile warranty on the engine and internal components. GM customer service is non-existent. I will never purchase another GM product! There is a technical service bulletin listed on a website that I will post here for you on Monday (it is saved as a favorite on my computer at work) that says it is normal. I also have a rattle upon accelerating. Maybe that's what the TSB addresses? I like the engine's acceleration. It is plenty for me as I am not a speed demon and I only tow a small boat. I also had an oil leak that two trips to two dealers to fix. It was a gasket. If I were you, I would at least insist on the warranty that I got. I plan on keeping this truck forever. Hope it will be relatively trouble free from now on. I wish you success in dealing with GM.

    Your brother in Christ,
  • Thanks. All suggestions are appreciated.
  • nerdnerd Posts: 203
    Gee, I thought I was the only person in the world who had this problem. My 2000 Sierra regular cab with V-6 and A/T had exactly the same problem. The dealer installed a flex joint in front of the muffler - helped a little, but not nearly enough. The dealer worked with it for two more days, including the EVA test which was "inconclusive" and several talks with GM technicians. We all gave up and they made me a good deal on a trade. I think your only options are to live with it or get rid of it.

    By the way, I didn't come out ahead on the trade since the one I bought (a 2000 Sierra ext. cab, 5.3L) has turned out to be the worst vehicle I have ever owned. It is even on its second engine at 20K miles. I tried to trade it in on a new F-150, but found out it is nearly worthless.
  • thanks obyone, the vibration happens when the automatic transmission shifts at slow speeds. Usually at 30 and 40 mph. However if you step on the gas and jump right up to 50 to 55 there is no vibrations. I don't notice the vibration in the steering just at my feet.
  • Recently bought a '00 1500 auto 4WD 4.8L w/ 25k miles

    I notice after I've driven it awhile and shut it off, I hear what sounds like someone taking a ballpeen hammer to metal. Ususally just one time, but it may repeat after a few more minutes. My guess is metal contracting, since it is cooling. My wonderment is if it is the exh. manifolds, pipes, converter -- and if that's "normal"... Just seems a bit loud! Mark
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    it is the exhaust cooling down...most like ly the muffler
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    yep thats normal
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    In high school (ok, 30 years ago), we read a poem "Buick", about the ticks and chirps a car makes as it cools down after parking. Anyone remember it? e.e. cummins?
  • abc246abc246 Posts: 305
    I have a 2k Silverado 4x4 Reg cab V-6 that has no vibration at all. However, if under load in overdrive with the torque converter locked, I can hear the driveline rattling at 1100 RPMs. This is most noticeable when towing around 5000 lbs.

    To isolate the problem I would try applying the brake very slight, just enough active the torque converter unlock switch. I bet the vibration will go away even with the engine at 1100 RPMs. If this works it is possible that a software upgrade will fix the problem.
  • I also had a '96 4x4. I sold it with 120,000 miles. I had the following problems

    1. BTSI serviced 5 times under warranty before being disabled permanently. This is the device that stops you from shifting out of park without first pressing the brake. This problem caused number 2.

    2. Intermittant brake light failure.

    3. Rear axle seals once under warranty, once at my cost, $350. Axle seals in 98 and older truck were notoriously bad.

    4. U-joints twice on the rear of the rear shaft and once on the front of the rear shaft.

    5. Shocks at 100,000k these were very worn out but to be expected.

    6. The final straw was leaking headgasket and check engine light whenever in four wheel drive plus the squeaky jiggly interior. Shop quoted $1200 to fix the head gasket.

    Overall I loved the truck, but it was enough to make me buy a non-GM product for the first time in my life.

    My next vehicle, probably a GM truck.
  • cgrehmcgrehm Posts: 1
    I've lived with the vibration for 1 1/2 years that has been referenced numerous times in the message boards. I own the 6 cylinder in a 1500 Chevy (2000). I got an extended warranty on the drivetrain after I told the dealer that I would see him every two weeks during the summer if I wasn't satisfied with their "repairs". The district representative was called and I was given an option--extend the warranty or a rebuilt engine from the factory with the reg. warranty with no guarantees the sound would go away. I took the extended warranty (75,000 miles, 5 years). I was told it was the harmonic balancer and is indigenous to the 6 cylinder mated to an automatic transmission and 4 wheel drive. Has anyone else had this explanation?
  • Wow, $550.00 to fix a problem that I don't think was my fault. But, to be fair, I submit this problem to you to see if it's only me or if others may have experienced this:

    I bought my Silverado in Oct. of 1999. It is a LS1500 (4800 Series engine) with a trailer package. About 4 months after purchase, I kept hearing a scrapping sound from the back rotors. Thinking it was the pads, I pulled the tires off and inspected them, plenty of meat on the pads. I suspected the emergency brakes only because EM peddle in the cab always went to the floor with no resistance, but, I thought, maybe that's how it was designed. And to answer the question that you are thinking, I did not drive with the emergency brakes on! The idiot light is very pronounced and I always check it before I move, a habit. I finally got tired of this sound and put the truck on jack stands and pulled off the caliper and removed the rotor. To my surprise there is an inner shoe that has it’s own race inside the rotor. The EM brake has a star wheel adjuster that was fine but the shoes were completely worn down to the metal, both sides. They were actually laying in the rotor race without any brackets to support them, thus the scraping sound.

    Is this a totally isolated problem?
  • Countryboy/CGREHM- Ditto on the explanation. My daler placed the blame on the "harmonic balancer" It seems to be a regular problem with the V-6. This seems to be such a smooth running engine, except at 1100 rpm. I don't know whether to push for the ext war or a buy back. Does anyone have a clue as to the long term effects of this?
  • jj35jj35 Posts: 283
    Sorry if this has been discussed before in this forum, but have not had time yet to read all of the posted messages.

    We own a 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 with Z71 package. Today the check 4wd indicator light came on (20,000 miles on the truck). We have yet to engage the 4WD and thought it must be a sensor light, but we then tried to engage it and there is definitely something wrong. We have it at a dealer now -- they are backed up on transmission repairs (not a good sign, I guess) and expect it to take at least a week to even get to in order to repair. Gave us a free rental - so far being treated good. Just wondering if others have experienced this problem.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    "We have yet to engage the 4WD "

    When you get it back after they fix it you may want to engage it every once in awhile (once a month?) just to keep it fresh and make sure its in working order
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    actually feel any vibration but in the 2 yrs. I had it I had three exhaust systems on it. The vibration shook the insides of the muffler loose. The Service Mgr. told me an after market would cure it. That's the only truck I've owned that I never put a Flowmaster on. I was being stubborn! I saw it after I traded it in and the new owner also had a new exhaust system.
  • I own a new (10K) 2001 1500 LT, auto Silverado. I've noticed a chirp coming from the rear drive train during take-off from dead stop. On a couple of occasions when it was relatively new the engine would start to rev, seconds later the back wheels would catch, causing with a large bang. It felt like the trans was slipping or late to engage. Dealer could not find anything wrong. Maybe unrelated is the noticeable clunk when shifting from Drive to Reverse. Dealer said, that is normal and has to do with total stacked tolerance. Can anyone help identify problem?
  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    vibration -- 90 degree V-6; of course it's going to vibrate off idle. Been doing it since long before GM hacked those two cylinders off the 350 and invented the 4.3.
    -- Don
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Go back thru the posts there is a TSB for both those problems that's been posted before on this board by Obyone and others. I had the delayed trans engagement problem which they took care of with the TSB. I don't have it handy so can't give you info.

    Ray T.
  • abc246abc246 Posts: 305
    Do you own one? I have two of these V-6s and think they are one of the most vibration free engines I have ever owned. The most vibration free was my Toyota Supra DOHC I-6. GM has had two versions of these engines, using balancing shafts in the later ones. I don't understand why mine runs perfectly smooth. One thing I have been finding is that all the V-6s that vibrate are in 2wd Silverados. I have a vibration free V-6 4wd Silverado. I don't buy that it is the engine. That engine has been installed in millions of SUVs and vans with no problems!
  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    Not any more, but I put 130,000 miles on my old S-10 Blazer and have had occasion to drive the late model version as rentals frequently. Always notice the low speed vib from those things immediately; compared to 60 degree v-6's and 90 degree v-8s.
    -- Don
  • How long does the "Service 4WD" light stay on? If it's just a second or two right after the red battery light goes out after engine startup, then it's just a little glitch that I wouldn't worry about. Quite a few people, myself included, have had the same thing happen every so often. If it stays on, then I would have the vehicle serviced. Just out of curiosity, why have 4WD if you never use it? I have 10.5k miles and I've used mine for most of the last two winters.
  • jj35jj35 Posts: 283
    The truck is my husband's so I haven't experienced the problem myself. He thought it was just a problem with the light, but when he called the dealer about it, they said to put it in 4WD and check it out. His words were that it did not sound right at all when he did that. We have a message on the answering machine this evening that they were able to fix whatever it was (still under warranty) so hopefully we will be able to find out tomorrow what the problem was. They were able to fix it quicker than estimated so I am guessing that it wasn't anything too serious (we weren't expecting it back until Monday because they said their transmission people were backed up). Thanks for the help.
  • ak4x4ak4x4 Posts: 126
    Here's a common problem. Tis guy is blaming GM on his neglectof normal mantience. 100K on the original shocks??? Dude you should have replaced them at 40K But also look at how any miles you put on your truck in a 4 year period. 35k a year. You need to service the thing. It's not GM's fault that the shocks went at 100K. Up here you're lucky to get 20K out of your shocks. And your leaking headgasket is also due to improper service. This is a 30 dollar part from any autozone and easy to install. It's not GM's fault that you saw the problem with I would guess 50K miles?? Normal service need I say more!! I am not picking on you, just stating a fact.

    he Vibration issues: I hae not encountered this issue yet. Considering I hit snow bank and am aiting for service(Driving the truck) No bumpers and drivers door and 4th door pushed in, and no vibration. Ad I do go 4 wheeling often no problems with the 4x4 system....
  • Hi, I've been reading the posts about the bump/clunk noise. At first mine was a metal to metal noise along with the bump/clunk noise.
    The dealer REPLACED the slip yoke with a nickel coated one. Metal to metal noise is gone but the bump/clunk noise is still there........along with vibrations.
    I have filed with the BBB.......I'm really tired of someone telling me this is normal for 4-wheel drive.
  • OBYONE, I wanted to know if there is someway you or I can isolate just the vibration and bump/clunk postings so I can print them without using 50 cartridges of this possible.
    It would help alot for my up coming stuff with the BBB. Thanks
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Only way I can think of is copy and paste to word or another wp program. I went the other route, having a laser printer I printed the whole topic and gave it to the service manager to read. Course back in those days, edmunds had the option of screening the whole topic. The booklet was about 3/4" thick.
  • Help me compile a list of anyone who has a 2001 Chevy Silver ado Vibration and a bump/clunk noise. I have filed with the BBB and the more ammo I have the better. I cant find to many complaints yet on the 2001's.
    List if you would PLEASE.....the number of times its been in for service, your state and any anything you think might be helpful.
    You can e-mail me also at

    Thank-you All
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