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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • jglvsinitjglvsinit Posts: 1
    Recently took possession of a 2001 XJ8.Great car and a great deal.As a long time MB tech now retired and on to other things,I insist on changing my own oil.Does anyone have a reference for oil type and weight for this non-supercharged v8?
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,940
    I concede your point regarding bladder size.

    I find, however, when I am travelling alone, a "bathroom / drink" break is a lot quicker than that plus a "fill your fuel tank".

    And when I travel out of Georgia (lowest gasoline taxes in the lower 48) it gives me a chance to fill before I cross the state line and after I return.

    - Ray
    Adverse to catheters . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,787
    Your point is well taken, there are many more places to empty than to fill up. With regard to the gasoline taxes advantage, I live in California, which doesn't have the lowest taxes on anything. If I lived closer to the Oregon or Nevada border though, this would be a consideration.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv, 2001 Jaguar XK cnv, 1985 MB 380SE (the best of the lot)

  • rap246rap246 Posts: 1
    Living in Silicon Valley is enabling me to take advantage of lease turnbacks. As you can image, with the "boom" "gone bust", I have many cars from which to choose.

    With that in mind, I am seriously considering an XJ8. Trying to decide on the year.

    My questions: Is there significant difference/improvement or problems in the XJs from 2001-2002? (even in the 2000s).

    I need advice and guidance as to what to stay away from, watch out for, etc.

    (I know look for low mileage, etc. ---besides that).

    Thank you for your time.

    You can email me
  • lindsay8lindsay8 Posts: 21
    My car is coming up on 105,000 km(65k miles).
    I live in Edmonton which is the City of Potholes but I am wondering if the noise I am getting from road bumps and train tracks is tired shocks. Is 60,000 miles early for shock replacement? If so, do I look at OEM or is there a cheaper aftermarket option?
  • lindsay8lindsay8 Posts: 21
    How much and where did you find it? I was underneath the car at a lube shop a while back and I noticed the piping is pretty skinny. What about a fabricated system? I know from experience with turbo 6s that as long as you can tap your plumbing to fit the O2 sensors the motor doesn't care what it's blowing into. Obviously with an s/c you have to be selective about the pipe diameter but is there any reason not to build something?
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Must remember to fix subscriptions!

    What did I miss?

    And you sure as heck can upgrade the exhaust on an XJR... I know of a 98 in FL with 100K miles or so with 3" pipes.

    Sounds DAMN good!
  • cat_ownercat_owner Posts: 4
    While I don't yet own an XJR (see post 1696), I did some research on XJR exhaust system upgrades for my eventual purchase. I found several European suppliers which make performance exhaust systems for the XJR, mostly very expensive.

    But Borla, one of the largest American performance exhaust product suppliers, also makes a stainless steel exhaust system for the XJR.

    Good luck,
    Craig in Carlsbad Ca.

    P.S. Welcome back Bill, I've missed your experienced and knowledgeable commentary in this forum.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Good to be back :)

    The Borla is the one to go with.. I had an Arden one and it did Nothin.
  • cat_ownercat_owner Posts: 4
    I've posted this before, but received very little feedback, so I thought I'd try again.


    I have never owned a Jaguar before, but I have always loved (my wife would say "lusted after") the XJRs. Up until recently I couldn't really afford one either, but now it looks like used 99-00 XJRs (or at least some of them) are selling at a price I can afford.

    I recently looked at a 99 XJR at a local Volvo dealer for only $29K (great condition with only 38k miles, but out of warranty). There is also a very similar 99 XJR at the local Jaguar dealer with an asking price of $40K (Select Edition, and recently reduced to $36k).

    I like the lower cost of the 1st car, but I am very concerned about potential problems with a Jaguar that is out of warranty. XJR woes such as those reported by "jlapcat" have me concerned, especially without the new car warranty coverage.

    Any recommendations?
    Do I need warranty coverage or they reliable enough (I know this is highly subjective but I had to ask)?
    What would a third party extended warranty cost?
    What third party extended warranty companies are good/bad?

    My wife has been recommending a new Lexus IS300 instead, which I can get for about the same price. But my heart really prefers the XJR.

    Any and all replies (public and private) are welcome.

    Craig in Carlsbad, Ca
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    There will always be people who claim to have lemons, as they say, you tend to hear from a dissatified owner 10 times and 1 out of 10 satisfied owners.

    I have owned and sold Loads of XJRs.. they have proven to be very well made and reliable vehicles.

    $6,000 for a 2 year extended warranty? HA HA HA!

    If it's low miles and good color, $29K is a good price for the 99.

    99 XJR or 03 IS?

    Well I am a manager at a Lexus store and I am looking for a 1998 XJR myself.

  • cat_ownercat_owner Posts: 4
    Thanks Bill.

    I assume by your laughing at $6000 for a 2 year warranty, that you are referring to the higher cost of the XJR at the Jaguar dealer not being worth it.

    I was of the same opinion, but confirmation is appreciated.

    Are there any particular problems that I should look out for?

    What do you consider to be a "good color"; black, red, BRG, ?

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I like the gold myself.....but you probably can't get the "R" in that color.
  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    I've noticed a groaning noise coming from under the car between the two rear wheels. This noise happens when the engine is turned on, but doesn't seem to matter whether the car is moving or sitting stationary.

    Someone suggested it could be a fuel pump (in the rear?!). Does anyone know what this noise could be, and whether it's okay to drive a few hundred miles with it? I'm planning on driving to upstate NY over the 4th of July from VA and would like to take the Jag. Don't know if there's time to drop it by the dealer for repair before the holidays.

    Thanks for any info.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    It totally sounds like the fuel pump is doing the groaning. It could do that for thousands of miles, or go out on the next start. There's no way to tell or predict. Some pumps are noisy for years, then fail, some fail having never gotten noisy. Take the Jag, my advice, and a cell phone just in case.
  • lyrickylalyrickyla Posts: 7

    I have a 1996 XJ6 that will not start if I wash the car. I have to then disconnect and reconnect the battery. I have taken it to the mechanic and they said there is nothing wrong with car.

    Any thoughts?
  • lyrickylalyrickyla Posts: 7

    Does anyone know of a good mechanic in Atlanta?
  • ford624ford624 Posts: 75
    I test drove a new XJ8. It sure did seem like a very good drive. Have you test drove one yet? What were your impressions. What have the editors said about them?
  • Hello Bill, I am sorry but I do not know who to ask. I have changed the low beam head lights on my XK8. How do you adjust the low beam lights? Do you adjust the low beam thru the wheel well? Where could I find out how to adjust them? Thanks for all your help

  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    ... at the local Jag dealers' "ride and drive". I was very impressed with the updates to the suspension, especially the improvements in steering "feel". I'm comparing the 2004 to my wife's 2001 model.

    If it wouldn't cost so much to step up, I'd do it in a heartbeat!
  • roycecoleroycecole Posts: 9
    i am tired of dealing with a dealer that sucks
    the ford side my family walked away from years and now the Jaguar side
    1 they fix nothing correct
    2 you get you car back dirty
    3 they say well come back and we will get it correct like i have the time
    4 they do not sell at good price anymore and the dealership is to be sold soon because of thier failing system
    bye bye bye bye bye
  • sv7887sv7887 Posts: 351
    Hello all,

    I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything about the reliability reports of the New XJ. Has the new car been spared the gremlins of the X & S Type launches?

    To level with you all, I'm a Lexus owner in denial. I like my car, but every time I see a 1995-2003 XJ8 drive past my head turns. There really isn't anything else that has the flair of a Jaguar.
    I'm encouraged by all the posts here affirming Jaguar's resolution of their reliability issues. Anyone here a long term owner of an XJ8? (5+ yrs)How would you rate your experience with the car?

  • Dear SV:
    I too was a Lexus owner.(3 LS 400s) And when a XJ8 passed, it turned my head too. So I sold my Lexus and purchased a low mileage 1998 Vanden Plas. It was a one owner vehicle in pristine condition,so I pruchased a 5 year/bum to bumper warranty from a Jag dealer. I have learned one thing about owning a used luxury vehicle, is that you buy a warranty. It will pay for itself the first time you use it. I have had this Jag for over 4 years. It still had the factory warranty,( Which I will tell you it is better than the Lexus warranty.)and my dealer fixed everything and anything on the car.( Including replacing the expensive floor mats)Other than the usual wear and tear items(Tires,brake pads, belts etc,) that go out on every car, NOTHING and I mean nothing has gone wrong with the car. We love it. It may not be as quite as the Lexus but it will out handle one. It definetley OUT CLASSES the Lexus and is a wonderful road car. You need to try one. Buy a used Jag with some of the factory warranty still on it. Have it checked out by the dealer while still in warranty. Since this was my first Jag, I did not know what to expect or think at first. But after a while you become a JAG person. I liked the JAG Vanden Plas so much I purchased a 98 XK8 with low miles too. What a sweetheart. Good Luck
  • sv7887sv7887 Posts: 351
      So very tempted..I deliberately avoid driving past the Jaguar dealer, b.c the urge to go get one is increasing daily. I'm just waiting for the older Xj8's to flood the marketplace as the owners opt for the newer model. Since I'm too chicken to buy one outright, I'll probably lease for the first 3 yrs and buy it if there are no issues. Thanks for your advice!

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I do so agree with you gentlemen.......
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I saw an article on an automotive Internet site that addressed the repair-ability of the new aluminum 2004 XJ8.....It was mentioned that only a Jaguar dealer will be able to do most major body repairs....I would hate to be the pawn of a Jaguar dealer for any body damage.

    The article also mentioned that the author saw a 2004 XJ8 with aluminum structural breakage from a moderate crash....I am not citing this article as authoritative, but I am curious if anybody knows much about this...?

    Any thoughts on this?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I doubt that. Aluminum has been used in various panels of a lot of cars, including American ones for years. The Town Car has had an aluminum hood since 1990, I think, and millions of them have had repairs. The aluminum frame can't be that big an obstacle, can it? Maybe at this point, a Jag dealer could do it better or easier, but I can't imagine the rest of the body shops around won't get the hang of it really quickly.
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    ...simple hoods.

    "The aluminum frame can't be that big an obstacle, can it?"

    Oh no, my friend, it is a huge issue...

    The big issues with aluminum repair are that it is VERY different and therefore more difficult to do/requires different skills and tools (at least $10,000 worth per body shop) than traditional steel repair, it is much more time consuming, and that aluminum repair must occur in a fully closed-off facility where no steel or any other contaminants can get to it.

    Believe it or not, one of the most often-occuring and dangerous for the aluminum problems that comes through improper repair is contamination of the aluminum with things like steel flakes from tools or just the general repair area, etc. For some reason, such contaminations cause corrosion and more-often major paint problems to the aluminum cars, which is why there really are only 19 places certified to do big aluminum repairs for the XJ (Jaguar is seeing to it that 26 will be open soon) and an even less 11 sites for the Audi A8. This problem plagues Audi with the A8, which is why Jaguar is trying to double the number of aluminum repair facilities over the next few years and designed the XJ and newest version of the X-type to have fully-replaceable sections such as the bolt-on-front-end and rear, etc. Body panels almost literally hang on the side of the car, and can be replaced easily, significantly lowering labor costs (compared to A8 repair) and the problem of actual aluminum repair - if it's badly broken, they'll take it off, toss it, and put on a new part so no contamination can occur that would cause more problems to the car.

    Another thing is that aluminum can only be worked on once or so; one cannot really go back to fix any little things that popped up during the repair (e.g. - hammered a panel a little too far) the way they can with steel, and thus would have to start over with a totally new panel. Welding aluminum is in most respects, impossible, so holes and areas in need of patches will pretty much mean a new panel or structural piece will be necessary. And it does not blend well with any other elements but itself, so contamination will quickly turn a clean sheet of aluminum into an ugly, oxidized, deteriorating piece of aluminum oxide - aluminum's form of what we commonly call "rust". Mind you, Jaguar uses an aluminum alloy in its cars, not pure elemental aluminum, but Jaguar's aluminum alloy also has to undergo a baking process for hardening and many other high-cost processes in order to make it suitable for its cars. In fact, the alloy Jaguar uses was created just for its cars, and did not exist before. Other aluminum alloys Jaguar tested would not hold their shape or would deform.

    "I would hate to be the pawn of a Jaguar dealer for any body damage."

    Jaguar doesn't actually do the repairs to the cars - they outsource to the few certified aluminum repair shops that are around. I don't know why anybody would not take their XJ to their Jaguar dealer for repairs, as like all the other Jaguars, it comes with a 4-year, 50,000 mile complementary scheduled service plan and a 12,000 mile complementary repair plan for most any damage done to the car. Taking the car anywhere but to a Jaguar dealer for fixes would void the free services and repairs and be a high risk to the car since finding one of the 19 certified aluminum shops for the Jaguar could prove difficult. Using anyone but one of Jaguar's certified aluminum specialist would yield contamination damage, and they can't just be good at hoods; if the article you saw was from Autospies, what happened was the bumper bar of the Bolt-on-front-end (BOFE) took damage in a collision and saved the rest of the car from any damage; that shop could not even understand how the structure of the XJ worked, so even if a certified aluminum specialist is found, they also have to be skilled at Jaguar designs. So despite there being more than just 19 aluminum specialist shops in the U.S. and Canada combined, only 19 so far have the training to work with Jaguar technology.

    See this link for more on aluminum car repair; it tells a lot:
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Wow. My apologies for my ignorance. I appreciate the education. I would hate to see what will do to the insurance industry index for these cars. The repair bills must be frightening!
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    Thanks for the information.

    I meant no disrespect to Jaguar dealers... I just do not like the prospect of being the victim of high priced body and paint repairs if I should buy a Jaguar XJ. Many of us know of body shops that we trust who provide competitive pricing for body work....There is no competition if there is only one guy in your town that can work on your car.

    I hate to think of the pricing, when a group of 20 or 30 shops control the XJ8 body and paint market for the next year or two.......That is a scary prospect.
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